23 Jokes From Early '00s Movies That We Didn't Get Then, But Sure Do Now

Remember when you were a kid, and you would be at a sleepover watching a movie with your BFFs and their older siblings, and the big kids would laugh at a moment that had you wondering what was so funny?

Yeah, same here.

There were a lot of jokes that went flying right over my teenybopper head...until now.

1. In Scary Movie 2 when Cindy is being chased by a skeleton and Brenda says this gut-buster. 

Tumblr | rogueholmes

We now know that this was a savage and totally rude jab at the Ally McBeal actress' thin frame. Hilarity ensues?

2. How Puss in Boots was so nervous about being caught with catnip in Shrek 2 because it resembles another illegal substance. Ohhhhh!

Imgur | TheWolfyPrince

Whose catnip was it, then?! Let me guess, you were "holding it for a friend."

I can't wait to have kids of my own one day and laugh at the innuendos in their movies that will fly right over their heads.

3. In Scary Movie, James Van Der Beek pops up in the window and says, "Wrong set," which is LOL-worthy since they start playing the Dawson's Creek theme song.


This was also the way Dawson would get into Joey's room. Do you get it now? Do you?!

4. When the girls are talking about "touching one" in Crossroads. What are you referring to, Britney? A puppy?! 

YouTube | Movieclips

Narrator: "It was not a puppy."

As a kid, it went right over my head. When I re-watched it a few years later, things clicked and that was the day my innocence was lost.

5. When Priscilla tries to diss Janey in Not Another Teen Movie and basically lets everyone know why she's being a bully.  


Her immature comebacks are all one big defense mechanism, and I now know what those words mean.

6. Pretty much the entirety of Superbad, from their escapades trying to get laid to Seth's mysterious "stain" on his pants. 

Tumblr | bob-belcher

This was basically the only line I understood, and I continued to repeat it on the regular.

7. The fact that the parents in How the Grinch Stole Christmas were full-on swingers.

Imgur | ilikeoatmealwithraisins

Those keys in that fishbowl didn't make sense back then, but oh my god, do they ever now.

8. How the truck stop in Cars had an added bonus that is wrong on so many levels. 


I mean, this is a kids' movie. Come on, Disney — clean up your act.

9. The very dirty magazine that the Wolf is reading in Shrek 2 that I actually can't believe I missed. 

Shrek Boards | that guy who's absolutely pissed off

So Shrek 2 should officially be rated R. I'm going to write a strongly worded letter expressing my concern, and...oh no, I'm adulting.

10. How Shaggy gets way too excited about meeting a certain Mary Jane. Before, I was like, "Oh, yeah, that's a pretty name," and now, I'm like, "Wow, Shaggy. Your stoner is showing."


Let's take a chill pill there, bud.

11. In Sugar & Spice when they all pass a box under the bathroom stall until it gets to pregnant Diane who, "doesn't need one."

I legit thought they were candy and Diane couldn't eat it because she was pregnant.

12. In Bring it On when Jan gropes Courtney when he has her in a cheer lift. Straight-up thought he was just tickling her. But...nope. So much "Nope!" going on instead. 

YouTube | Movieclips

No, thanks, Jan.

13. The whole tampon up the nose scene in She's the Man. I was just like Channing and had no idea what those bad boys were for. 


When they brought them out in health class, I was like, "I know what these— oh, dear god, no!"

14. When Coach Carr is warning about the dangers of sex in Mean Girls, I was all, "What is klah-mid-ee-ah?! Is it a salad?"

Yes, I know. I'm an idiot. Shut up.

15. Also, when he hands out "rubbers." Here I thought he was giving out a bunch of bouncy balls. I mean, really!


Seriously, how did I even function as a tween?!

16. There's a scene in *The Road to El Dorado* where you can hear certain...um,sounds coming from Chel andTulio.

Then, all of a sudden, she pops up, and her head is nowhere near his face. Yeah, I didn't quite get that as a kid.

17. In Madagascar, there's a scene where Marty yells, "Oh, sugar honey iced tea!" as he's running away.

YouTube | Sridhar Reddy

As a tween, I didn't think twice about it, and I would never have thought that the first letter of each word was spelling out that word.

18. I know Toy Story 2 is from 1999, but it's too good to exclude from this list.

YouTube | MarissaEvans1987

After Buzz sees Jessie do a pretty iconic maneuver, he stares at her, jaw wide open, and his wings pop up, complete with a perfect "boing" sound that meant nothing to me at the time.

But it's everything now.

19. Is The Emperor's New Groove seriously not one of the most underrated Disney movies of all time?

Imgur | ByGrabtharsHammerByTheSunsOfWorvanYouShallBeAvenged

There's that scene where Kronk quite literally "pitched himself a tent," and yeah...they went there.

20. Remember Robots? I totally forgot that Robin Williams was in this movie.


Anyway, there's a moment when one of the robots says, "Making the baby is the fun part," and then she pulls out the "Build a Baby" kit. Nice.

21. Shrek really was full of innuendos, wasn't it?


Like when he sees Lord Farquaad’s castle and says, “Do you think he's compensating for something?"

I see what you mean, Shrek. I see what you mean.

22. During a deleted scene in The Incredibles, we see Syndrome talking to the babysitter about the "S" on his chest. He lies and tells her is stands for "sitter."

YouTube | Screen Rant

He says that he would have "BS" for "babysitter" but mentions that couldn't walk around with a big "BS" on his shirt.


23. Osmosis Jones doesn't get enough love, does it? 

YouTube | Screen Rant

As a kid, I definitely didn't notice the sperm statue that reads, "Our Founder."

Looking back, I have to say that that's pretty clever, is it not?

24. The Bus Driver’s Comment From ‘Hocus Pocus’


At first, we as kids were all like "What? He's going to help those evil witches kidnap children? Why, what a horrible, horrible man!"

Little did we know he just wanted to impregnate all three of them. How is that somehow even worse?

25. Timmy's Father Loses Hope


This line is as funny as it is soul-crushing (maybe because it hits a little too close to home for some of us?).

When we were kids it went over our head though, we couldn't even picture being anything but the apple of our parent's eye (and not a soul-crushing leech).

26. The Horoscope


While we might have once assumed this was a harmless joke about stars and aligning planets, we now all know that she's talking about a very different kind of "'hor'oscope".

27. Now That Is Too Much

Cartoon Network

Animaniacs was always chalked to the brim with dirty jokes, but this one takes the cake. And how the heck were we supposed to know what fingering was when we were kids?

We knew nothing about detective work, let alone snitching!

28. Robin The Accident

Cartoon Network

From this Powerpuff Girls joke, we all just assumed there was going to be a fourth Powerpuff Girl.

I mean, if she was made as an accident in a lab as well, who knows what her superpowers could be!

29. Playduck


This is a scene from Looney Tunes where Daffy is reading a dirty magazine. What is with cartoonists and giving their characters dirty magazines?

And are they in a theatre in that shot? Is Daffy reading porn in public? Daffy you dog!

30. Grandpa Goes To Woodstock

Cartoon Network

When we were kids we must have thought that Woodstock was some sort of brain-melting event where you lost a bunch of your memory.

To be fair, we weren't all that far off.

Please raise your hand if all of these jokes made you say, "Wait, what?" as a kid.

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