16+ Simple Solutions That Should Be Common Sense

We live in a complicated world that's full of all sorts of problems, from big to small.

That's no reason to get frustrated, however. Human beings are smart, ingenious creatures. Sometimes there's a quick, easy, and elegant solution — one that was there the whole time.

Sometimes low tech is best.

Reddit | Doxep

Millions and millions of balls are poured into this reservoir in Los Angeles. Why? The inexpensive balls reflect the water from UV rays cast by the scorching California sun.

This prevents the water from evaporating or getting too warm, which discourages harmful bacteria.

The solution to leaky ice cream cones.

Reddit | jonnyload3

This ice cream shop simply puts a mini marshmallow in the bottom of leak-prone waffle cones to keep things neat and tidy. No reason you can't do the same!

This is a million-dollar idea.

Reddit | junn0

The example here appears to be a DIY, but for people who travel with small children, the idea of luggage with a built-in seat for kids must be pretty appealing.

It would certainly make cross-terminal treks more bearable.

That'll slow 'em down.

Reddit | Plebsplease

This intersection in Iceland looks like a modern art installation, but that mindbending paint job serves a practical purpose.

The idea is that a trippy-looking crosswalk will cause speeding drivers to slow down and act more mindfully as they move through the intersection.

Best theater ever.

Imgur | steve699

There's nothing worse than needing to use the washroom while you're at the movies. This theater understands that moviegoers still want to follow things on-screen, even if they're in the loo.

This is how you kebab.

Reddit | Cerberus1349

It's so simple that it's embarrassing to admit I've never thought of it...but adding an extra skewer to kebabs makes them much easier to move around and flip.

For the socially anxious restaurant patron.

Reddit | Ratonhnhaketon

This restaurant lets you do interactions your way, by pressing a button. You can call your server, request the bill, or tell them you're done — all without having your server hover over you.

The elegance of simplicity.


Maybe you're a minimalist. Maybe you just don't have a binder lying around. But it's good to know that three zip ties pretty much creates a quick and dirty binder.

If you must refrigerate your butter, here's a solution.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

You really don't need to refrigerate it, but if you do, you know that cold butter is basically rock-hard. Here's a quick way to soften it up.

Solar power can be beautiful.

Reddit | BunyipPouch

Many buildings have been retrofitted with solar panels on the roof, but this stadium in Taiwan was designed with solar panels in mind from the ground up.

The ultimate leash.

Reddit | ratsquealy

Yes, it's just two leashes twisted together, but think about it: This way your dogs stay more or less aligned and your hand will never get squished between two leashes.

Restaurants have wheelchair ramps — why not braille menus?

Instagram | @will_ent

More than a million Americans are legally blind, but we rarely see braille available for people who have trouble seeing. Braille restaurant menus are a great start.

Ikea clips are one of the best investments you can make.

Reddit | slamedoodwie

You can use these clips for a variety of purposes, but one of the best ones is using them to squeeze out the last of the toothpaste.

Keep your fingers clean.

Reddit | thewinedrinker

Use chopsticks when eating messy snacks like cheetos or chips. No one likes having cheesy fingers.

When your friends won't help you move...

Reddit | Knight_One_Fox_Three

When you've got heavy stuff to move around the house, save yourself some effort by utilizing a skateboard, which can easily accommodate a couple hundred pounds of weight.

Magnets to the rescue.

Reddit | heisenborg3000

This restaurant installed a magnet in the trash bin to catch any falling silverware. Why didn't I think of this?

Never lose small items again!

Reddit | clubfungus

Place a bright Post-It note underneath small objects when you set them down on a table. You'll spot them right away!

This is seriously awesome.

Reddit | dominicdomma

This toilet paper roll is actually made out of toilet paper as well. No waste, and you'll have a few squares right to the very end.

Smart and safe solution.

Reddit | woolso

This daycare has a second hand-rail placed at a child's height. Genius!

As someone who wears glasses, I need this.

Reddit | zdemerchant

This shirt has a small lens cloth sewn on the inside if you ever need to wipe your glasses while you're on the go.

Keep socks together in the wash.

Reddit | myopinionstinks

These socks have one with a button and one with a buttonhole. This way, you can attach them together in the wash and never lose one of them.

This USB cable can be plugged in either way.

Reddit | [deleted]

I know that this isn't a common thing because having it plug either way means double the components, but a bit of extra cost would be worth the frustration in my book.

Next time I upgrade a shower, I'm getting one of these.

Reddit | [deleted]

Imagine how much irritation would be saved if you could just set your favorite temperature and then get in. None of that checking the water, then making tiny adjustments until you get fed up and just take a slightly too cold shower.

Public charging stations are awesome, but you have to sit around and wait.

Reddit | uncru5h3rplus

Instead, Universal Studios has a vending machine for portable chargers. You can charge your device without waiting around and later on you can even swap out the one you've used up for a fresh one.

This park lets parents get their exercise while their kids play.

Reddit | brickhaus

Yes, that is an elliptical machine, which is kind of genius.

If a brand of dish soap switched to pumps like this, I would happily buy them.

Reddit | mtbguy1981

But for now, take this as a PSA that the pumps from shampoo or hand soap bottles will fit your dish soap bottles too.

Use a pocket knife to make a hole for a straw when drinking bottled beverages in the car.

Reddit | clag

If the drink is for your kids, this can prevent spills. Just don't give them the pocket knife to do it themselves.

If you like the idea of pill cases, but don't need to track things daily, a tackle box can give you more space.

Reddit | GolfinDolphin

This won't help if you use a pill box to make sure you don't forget a dose, but if you're just trying to avoid so many bottles, this is great.

Just be sure to keep it out of light/moisture exposure.

Turn your door stop into a multitasker by installing it at the top of the door.

Reddit | waldo06

That way, it can double as a hook when needed.

Of course, if your door stop currently multitasks as a cat toy, this might not be for you.

Magnetic tape is useful in so many ways.

Reddit | pfcfillmore

You can use it to hold kitchen knives, obviously, but a strip along your workbench can hold nails and screws.

It would be great in a craft or sewing room too.

More places with a lot of dog traffic should have complementary poop bags.

Reddit | crisdolmeth

Yes, some people will take advantage, but most dog people are familiar with the horror of forgetting a bag or already using the one you brought only for Fido to squat again.

This gets bonus points for recycling a plastic jug.

This is a reminder that your selfie camera doubles as a mirror.

Reddit | VagabondVivant

Yes, you can use it in a pinch to check your face, but it also comes in handy if you need to see something at an awkward angle.

Some phone models even have a zoom feature.

Wii to the rescue.

Reddit | Strongashluna

If you have a phone (and who doesn't?), you're going to drop it. That's a given.

Attaching a Wii-mote wrist strap might look kinda dorky, but it's lifesaving, and might also save you from a busted screen.

You can see your screen again!

Reddit | Dr_Schrunkel

Laptop screens can be tough to see when they're in direct sunlight. So if you want to do some work while enjoying the sunshine, rig up a simple hood using cardboard. I can't believe I never thought of this!

When every second matters.

Reddit | God_is_Goood

These medical-grade gloves are writable, giving workers an easy place to jot down important vitals.

This isn't a high-tech solution, but it shows impressive ingenuity. Medical gloves are already functional, but adding de facto whiteboard capabilities makes them even more functional.