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24 People Who Just Got Smacked By The Hardest Clapbacks

As much as it sucks, sometimes, we all need a good reality check. Getting put in your place isn't always comfortable, but a lot of the time, it's just what we need to get out heads out of our asses and back in the game.

And ultimately, isn't that what everybody wants?

Here are some clapbacks I definitely wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of.

1. This kid probably has grill marks on him now.

Twitter | @Wendys

Wendy's is no stranger to clapbacks, as you'll see throughout this article. Honestly, I'd like to shake hands with whoever runs their Twitter account — not because I respect them, but because I want to make sure I'm on their good side.

2. Apparently EDM stands for "extra disrespectful musician," AMIRITE?!

Reddit | riotistx

Seriously, though, it was a pretty gutsy move of Dedmow 5 to step in all high and mighty like that. Don't worry, though. Diplo was there to have Lil Yachty's back. Frankly, I had no idea that the EDM community was so tight-knit.

3. It's as if he is directing his anger towards some kind of efficient and well-organized group of powerful people.

Reddit | ehalepagneaux

Almost like he's "raging" against "the machine," if you will. Whatever he's doing, he's hella qualified to be doing it, so let this be a reminder to do your research before calling someone out.

4. These things are a waste of money.

Reddit | Gohan_Sebastian_Bach

I checked the ingredients online: not a single drop of moon in them. I'm pretty sure this is false advertising, but when I called the police, they told me to take it up with NASA.

5. Whoa, wait...we can do this?!

Reddit | Thumbs0fDestiny

This is a complete game-changer.

In that case, I have longed to be a WWE superstar and have always felt unseen in this regard. Wrestlemania has always been hard for me because I had never actually claimed the title as the WWE Raw Women's champion. But now, I know that I can rightfully step into that ring, despite what Vince or security or anybody else says because I am a WWE champion, and I belong there.

6. I guess this explains why she's over 28 and still single.

Reddit | Hdalby33

For real, though: If you're gonna be the kind of girl that does this, then you're gonna be the kind of girl that remains single.

7. I love how Netflix keeps it real.

Reddit | donfelicedon2

What I don't always love are their show choices, though. They have every season of Deep Fried Masters, but they don't have a single episode of Home Improvement. What gives?

8. That's one customer I think they're happy to lose.

Reddit | fifuro

It's not often that a company is so willing to let a customer go, but in this case, it's clearly best for everyone.

9. Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us.

Reddit | time_wasted504

I know you think that being a millennial is all relaxed language and avocado toast, but you know what? It's really hard sometimes, like when we have to listen to some baby boomer with a minion meme addiction go on about our work ethic. We're just trying to do the best we can in the economy you destroyed, okay, Deb?

10. Girls like this are the reason that the rest of us get a bad rep.


What kind of next-level ridiculous is this? If this is your approach to relationships, you need to start by loving yourself more because no self-respecting person is gonna go for somebody with this mentality.

11. I'm a firm believer that cheesy pickup lines can't be bad because they're always too funny.

Reddit | Danny_YouTube

I am wrong. This sucks, and this guy sucks for sending it.

12. Is she suggesting that she has a videotape of Jesus walking on water?

Reddit | onedollalama

What the hell? Why isn't that shiz up on YouTube yet? She could be making bank off the ad revenue!

13. Wendy is just saying what we're all thinking.

Twitter | @Wendys

She truly is the voice of the people. I guess when you have an entire social media team behind every letter, it's easy to seem cool on the internet. That explains my Twitter page.

14. He kind of set himself up for that, to be fair.

Reddit | ZBGT

At least he's the one exploring himself and leaving everybody else alone. Good luck with your experimentation, dude!

15. Hopefully, she took a good hard look (through her glasses) in the mirror after this.

Reddit | godsafraud

For real, I think some self-reflection is in order because that is some seriously flawed logic.

16. Didn't Carly Simon write a song about this?

Reddit | emoposer

Okay, maybe not this exactly, but you get the idea. If you're so vain and/or insecure that you think every Facebook status is about you, then maybe it's time to get off the computer and go get some fresh air.

17. Ethan is straight-up savage.

Twitter | @Ethanissavage

But you knew that already from his username. You can't just call yourself something like that and not put your coworkers on blast. It's not ethical.

18. The office had a discussion the other day about which was cooler, smoking or vaping.

Reddit | InthegrOTTO87

The answer became very apparent when someone said, "Imagine if they replaced all the cigarettes in Mad Men with vapes."

19. Wendy's is back at it, and I'm so here for it.

Reddit | redditname4455

You're buying fast food. What do you expect for, like, five dollars? If you really wanted to pay for ethical and sustainable food, then you'd be at a local organic bistro and not a restaurant whose Twitter account is known for making fun of people.

20. TIL that famous astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson doesn't know how rhyming works.

Reddit | still_futile

There's another few lines to that poem, champ. Maybe you should stick to astrophysics.

21. Nice try, McDonald's, but maybe you should leave the tweeing to Wendy's.

Reddit | TheLunaLunatic

I know you tried your best, but it never seems to fare well for you.

22. I can understand her concern.

Reddit | allrandomtelevision

She's probably just worried that once he starts studying and learning about things like manipulative behaviors, he'll realize all the tricks she's been pulling and run for the hills.

23. At first, I thought someone was insulting her.


Then I realized that she's the one letting them know what it says. What a beautiful necklace. I wonder if she got it from her grandmother.

24. You heard the man.

Twitter | @lilyachty

On second thought, I just Googled the price of a Nautica shirt, and I think he can probably afford to buy a new one or, at the very least, pay for the shipping and laundry charge to get this one back.

25. It's true — someone can't unfollow you if they never followed you in the first place!

Instagram | @commentsbycelebs

There are many people on the Internet who want to create drama for no reason, and beauty guru James Charles sure has had enough of that.

26. People should really know by now that they can't mess with the Kardashians.

Kim really didn't hold back on her clapback, either.

Who really got burned here, Mike Sington?

27. Netflix clearly isn't immune from showing off their sassy side to even the funniest comedians.

Touché, Netflix, touché.

They're almost as savage as Wendy's. Almost.

28. "Maybe if you practice coloring in this turtle, it will help with your parking."

OUCH. She might need some ice for that burn!

29. Men should really know better by now.

Instagram | @commentsbycelebs

Did this guy really expect women not to reply?

Whitney Cummings really nailed that one on the head.

30. Isn't the whole point of dating apps like Tinder to make connections, not ruin your chances?

Reddit | mattypanda

Even though the sender said they couldn't come up with a great comeback, it definitely is a great sly comeback.

31. There's no trash separation here, people.

Reddit | BAD_BRID

It's 2019. We're not about gendering horrible people.

Trash people are just that. Trash.

32. As if she's never overslept before.

Reddit | dapper_enboy

This guy won GOLD and she wants to question his work ethic?

I'm pretty sure he most likely worked really hard to earn that, no?

33. Sometimes, your own personal clapback is a clapback at others in and of itself.

Instagram | @commentsbycelebs

Anyone fit this description? Definitely @ Diplo next time.

34. Who would have ever known that a dictionary could be so savage?

Note to self: always check the dictionary first for quirky words before complaining about Merriam-Webster.

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