23 Heartwarming Pics We All Kinda Need Right Now

If you can't see the good in the world, you're looking in the wrong place. Good folks are not nearly in the short supply you might think. Kindness is not in any danger of receding from the world.

The only sad thing about seeing all this love and affection for each other is that there are so many situations where it's needed. But, thankfully, the good, kind hearts are out there, ready to step up to the challenge.

A land surveyor found somebody's lost car key in a park, so they staked it out to make it easier to find.


And yes, the owner did indeed find their lost key.

This young man with autism took an interest in stocking shelves while out grocery shopping.

Facebook | Delaney Edwards Alwosaibi

And so a kind grocery worker allowed him to help out, spending more than half an hour showing him how he did things and letting him stock some shelves on his own.

When vandals hit an Indiana synagogue with hateful graffiti, people from all faiths turned up to fill the hall in a show of solidarity.

Reddit | thenewyorkgod

You have to love when people come together like this!

"One month ago I challenged one of my campers who had just been diagnosed with dyslexia," wrote Reddit user RevWoo. 

Reddit | RevWoo

"I told her that if she could read 10 chapter books in the month of July, I would let her choose any color she wanted to dye my hair. Well she finished her challenge and alas I now have pink hair."

When an avid quilter was laid to rest, her loved ones brought all of the quilts she had made for them over the years to the funeral to show how much she had meant to them.

Facebook | Christina Dux

What an amazing display of love.

When the owner of this home noticed that lots of people were cutting across his property, instead of building a fence, he built a path.

Facebook | Your Everyday Canadian

You have to admit, that's a wonderfully neighborly solution!

Set up by a kind person, this plank acts as a bridge for squirrels so they can get from one side of the street to the other without endangering themselves.

Reddit | memomemito

And it looks like it works just fine!

This restaurant invites the area's homeless population to swing by late at night for a free meal.

Reddit | BNE_Jimmy

You can't ask for a better way to reduce waste than by making sure people don't go hungry.

This good boy is a lifesaver, for real.

Reddit | connor1744

He alerted his owner to the fact that the other dog in the house had been stung by a bee and had gone into anaphylactic shock. "If it wasn't for him, we would be a family member down," his owner wrote on Reddit. "We seriously don't deserve dogs."

When a woman's car broke down, not only did a cop stop to help her, but a nearby mechanic brought his tools over to help out as well.

Reddit | Reddit

Looks like they took the opportunity to top up her wiper fluid, too.

This police officer rescued this little fawn from the Carr wildfire burning in California.

Reddit | kibblenbits

It's always uplifting to see some good like this happen amid tragedies that destroy so many lives.

Among the many people helping out with Carr fire relief efforts is celeb restaurateur Guy Fieri.

Twitter | @chefjoseandres

He helped organize volunteers and set up a kitchen to help feed hundreds of evacuees and firefighters alike.

Also on the scene to hand out much-needed meals and smiles to firefighters is this little girl.

Facebook | Chelsey Lutz

Nothing keeps spirits afloat in trying times like a hearty meal and a smile!

On a 105-degree day in Las Vegas, this bus driver noticed that one of his elderly passengers seemed dehydrated, so he grabbed a bottle of water from his own lunch for the guy.

Reddit | BL42024

Love it when people look out for each other like this!

This store also wants to make sure that those having trouble making ends meet don't go hungry.

Reddit | Reddit

So they will provide food to people who can't afford to buy it, according to their sign.

It's always a good day when a tortoise is rescued from rush hour traffic.

Reddit | He_is_legend86

Don't let Mr. Tortoise's grumpy face fool you. He's totally grateful to his new policeman friend.

Well, this is the most wholesome poster ever created.

Reddit | jalerre

I think I need a copy of this in my life. I'll hang it right beside my bathroom mirror so that every morning I'm reminded that there's always been good in the world.

"Grandpa teaching Great-Grandpa how to play Chrome's Dino game." —captenchaos

Reddit | captenchaos

I love this so much. Next time I get the Chrome error screen, I'll be less annoyed because I'll remember these two men bonding over a silly hidden dino game.

According to Reddit user humanidonearth, their mother spends all year knitting hats.

Reddit | humaniodonearth

At Christmas time, she donates them to the kids at the local hospital. This is how many she'd completed by summer. How amazing is that?!

We often complain about cops who don't bother getting to know the people in the neighborhood, but this is one of the good ones.

Reddit | sammy_leigh

She was new to the force and wanted to meet people. She ended up having a great time with the local kids.

"My dad was in a road bike accident a week ago that left him paralyzed from the waist down," wrote Reddit user jordanekyler. "Here's a photo of him [showing] his favorite coin 'trick' to a young boy at the rehab facility."

Reddit | jordanekyler

"It's the little things that keeps him/us going."

I love how this grandmother is helping to get the perfect Instagram pic.

Reddit | overrated_lover

It shows that older folks can still be involved in the new fads of this generation. She's using that fancy camera like a pro!

These good dudes from the local car dealership are going to repair his wheelchair-accessible van for free.

Reddit | steightst8

I have a friend who drives one of those vans and they are ridiculously expensive to maintain. This is a really good deed!