45 People Who Snapped Pics To Share The Laughs

I love Snapchat. For someone like me, it's the perfect vehicle for stupidity. It lets me act a total fool in front of whoever I decide, without the fear of people using those pictures and videos as blackmail, and it also encourages this behavior with filters. What more can I ask for?

I know I'm not the only one who appreciates Snapchat. In fact, I'm confident that the people in these photos would agree with me entirely. Enjoy these pictures that we'll all be happy stuck around for more than 10 seconds.

I wish. I would save thousands on therapy.

Reddit | questionsgalore55

Okay, maybe I'm reaching, but in my defense, we have sunglasses you can listen to music through, watches that help with weight loss, and don't even get me started on cell phones. It's not that far-fetched, is it?

Every teacher's biggest fear realized.

Instagram | @hoedity

The bad news is that you're never going to live this down. The good news is that since you've done the one thing you're not supposed to do while teaching teenagers, it's all uphill from here.

What more can a guy ask for?

Reddit | canyewknot

She's got a milkshake, a yard, and enough common sense to market herself over Snapchat. Damn right, it's better than yours. I'd be optimistic if I were her too.

If you're gonna do this, at least only charge him for a hamburger.

Reddit | scottishsteveo

If they truly thought he only wanted ketchup, why did they include the bun? Should've just handed him a few packets or just squirted the ketchup into the wrapper.

Honestly, I'd watch this.

Imgur | WouldYouJustLookAtIt

You could tell me the entire story of The Shining in emoji form and it would still be a better experience than The Emoji Movie.*

*Full disclosure: I haven't actually seen The Emoji Movie, but it seems like an easy bandwagon to jump onto.

What are you, a cop? Leaf it alone, bro.

Imgur | AkuTheEvil

Nobody likes a narc, dude. Just let it go, man. You need to relax, bruh. You have, like, zero chill, guy.

Self-awareness is a blessing and a curse.

AcidCow | AcidCow

On the upside, you're painfully aware of your flaws, which means it's easier to change them. The downside is that you're painfully aware of your flaws and probably won't change them.

He was right.

Twitter | @AlecPloof

She looks great, if you ask me. I mean, I don't know why you'd ask me since I don't even know these people, but regardless. Issa look.

Me as a parent.

Imgur | Imgur

Let's not be too quick to judge. Maybe the baby is sleeping and he just doesn't want to wake it up. That's quality parenting.

Lunch is canceled until further notice.

Reddit | TheLoralae7

It's bad enough that this guy's gotta buy his lunch out of a vending machine, but then this happens. Hopefully, he's like me and has a supply of snacks on him 100% of the time, or it's gonna be a long afternoon.

I think he did a great job.

AcidCow | AcidCow

Are you home safe in bed? Did you get your assignment in before midnight? Were you safe from head injury on your bike ride?

This, my friends, is what we call a good old-fashioned burn. 

Tumblr | worldwar2chainz

I would like to know if the person sent this out to multiple people hoping to roast many friends, or if it was directed at one particular individual. Because dang.

If you're not reenacting popular Disney movies from the '90s with Snapchat, then you're absolutely doing it wrong. 

Tumblr | sonnavafitch

Don't worry. I doubt a stampede came and killed this cat. At least I hope not.

Now ya gotta cut loose. 

Izismile | Izismile

I wonder if this skeleton was workin' so hard, punchin' his card, eight hours for what?

Now he can kick off those Sunday shoes because everybody cut footloose.

Doesn't that mean you get three wishes, or am I getting my magical creature murders mixed up?

Reddit | ausmus

If Harry Potter taught me anything, it's that you definitely don't want to be drinking that unicorn's blood. Stay away!

This person was really able to perfectly capture how I spent my Saturday. 

Reddit | Darklyte

I am seriously relating to this shark on a deep, spiritual level, and now I can't breathe.

You know the loneliness is real when even your imaginary friends don't want to hang out with you. 

Imgur | Imgur

Pfft. I don't need you guys anyway! *Starts to draw even more friends*

All we need is the girl on the right to turn around, and then it's like she is looking into her future. 

Reddit | kavino

I remember the days when I would dress up for a party. Now I consider jeans part of a "nice" outfit.

Thou best move, thou best prance. 

Tumblr | tisbaylee

I don't know about any of you, but I personally prefer ye olde Kesha remix.

FYI, it's also solely played on a pan flute.

Girl, why you upset? |

He's out there so drunk that he doesn't even know where he is, and yet he's still thinking about you. Get him some pizza, a bottle of water, and a bed to sleep in, stat.

Forget what you've heard about extinct species.

Reddit | NoM_NoM_Sn1p3r

Dinosaurs live, and they're right in front of us. GASP!

Bernie is gonna lead the revolution, and birdie is gonna guide him to the win.

Imgur | TedRob

Bernie is a free bird, and so is Birdie. It's a match made in revolutionary heaven.

Oh no...

Imgur | Bills_busty

I'm all for funny puns and accidentally hilarious signs, but I feel like this one might just drive business away...

This is cruel.

Imgur | Vezhven

But also very sweet and potentially the cutest, most polite doggo you'll see all day.

Some of us are just born to do great things.


What's in a name? Well, I guess her profession is. To be fair though, how iconic would it be if you got sued by someone named Sue Yu?!

Fine art is all up for interpretation.


In this case, the beholder of this beauty wrote some pretty beautiful dialogue for these sculptures. Feels right, doesn't it?

What's worse than showing up to class in the same outfit has someone else, unintentionally?


Showing up to class lookin' like a damn highlighter...when you're the teacher!

I'm guessing this person is treating these berries like jewelry because no set is fresher than this.

Reddit | Spaced_Out_Guy

Although, it's also good to remember that the best way to completely destroy the freshness of things is to stick your fingers in them.

Of course, Snapchat isn't just for overlaying your text on ridiculous situations.

Reddit | malonerz134

As we see from what was probably an adorable that's now been turned terrifying, it's also for messing around with weird filters.

When it turns out Harry really DID put his name in the goblet of fire, and the wizarding world shuns him for it.

Imgur | Sassafrassing

A security guard is the muggle equivalent of an auror, right?

One thing to beware of, though. Some of our friends will make some terribly tortured puns.

Reddit | iqbalxo

But let's be honest, are we going to act like we've never been in a mood when this would totally destroy us no matter how little our other friends understood why?

This one takes a little context to understand, but it'll all make sense once it clicks.

Reddit | kalesalad

This Chick-Fil-A worker was doing a little reconnaissance behind enemy lines when Popeyes first launched its spicy chicken sandwich.

And while it's impossible to argue with that sandwich's popularity, he was able to come back with one little customer service victory.

I don't know how important the life skills this guy is passing down to his little sister are, but he's definitely a good teacher.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I guess the earlier you become familiar with this, the less likely other kids at the daycare are to think you're lame.

I don't know, this way of ordering water just seems like it'll make a barista's eye twitch.

Instagram | @kalesalad

After all, I can totally believe that they've seen customers so demanding that they expect people to get their order right down to the molecular level.

While a lot of Snapchat filters are silly, it's legitimately kind of eerie to see what the gender swap one can do.

Reddit | D1sCoL3moNaD3

If this guy didn't leave a clue in this caption, it'd be hard not to think people found a random nurse's selfie really hilarious for some reason.

If this seems a little dad-jokey, then that should give you a good idea of who sent it.

Reddit | cannabiscouple252

The uploader's 65-year-old stepdad decided that this was perfect for his Snapchat debut. He was probably right.

The only real advantage to being a girl with size 10s is how easily you can find shoes in the men's section.

Instagram | @___memes

Or so I thought until I saw this photo. He's rocking those sandals!

I mean, you could always ask.

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

In fact, he might appreciate it. Chances are, he's sending a snap of you to his friends with the exact same caption.

When your momma adds you on Snapchat.

Reddit | Drea-Nor

Hey mother! We are just chillin' with the boys, doing bible study and getting 9 hours of sleep every night. Love ya.

This is...a lot to look at.


Imagine pranking someone by screaming and slamming on the breaks — they look up and see this false oncoming car. Ah, sweet victory.

Free things from your day job kinda working a little better.

Tumblr | snowydae

But not when you misinterpret the make of the tiny gift and bite into a full bar of soap. Lol.

Despite the orange and black picture that Netflix has painted, prison isn't all stray chickens and bad mustaches.

Instagram | @scottiepiffen

Sure, Red may have done her best to make sure the inmates received decent food, but in the real world, you're choking down this:

This person didn't even have to finish their sentence. We understand completely.

Reddit | K9Dude

If you've ever left work and just thought to yourself, "They're lucky I showed up at all," then you can probably relate to this hard.

Anyone who's actually flopped face-first into bed without incident is luckier than they think.

Reddit | Junopoped

We all know the movies look walking away from explosions seem less dangerous than it is, but who knew they were lying to us about this too?

This isn't creepy at all.

Tumblr | ferqua-licious

Just kidding, it really is. Taking a picture of a stranger without their consent is up there with staring at strangers while on public transit and hanging out at playgrounds when you don't have any kids.

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