13 People Who Got It So Right And 12 More People Who Got It So Wrong

The first half of this list will make you so proud these people exist. The second half will make you question humanity as a whole. It's all about balance. These people have either gotten it so right that I want to give them high fives and be best friends forever or gotten it so wrong that even if I did know them, I would never admit it publicly.

1. This person who has flying all figured out

Twitter | @Playing_Dad

Seriously, she has it down to a science and her priorities are so right. I have never related more to a stranger in my life.

2. The owner of the very best boy

Reddit | mjmesco

Are you tearing up or is it just me? Just look how happy the dog is after hearing the right thing from his owner!

3. Whoever made this genius display

Reddit | GunnedOutlaw

This person deserves a raise. They saw an opportunity and they rose to the occasion like no other. I truly wish that every bookstore did this.

4. This sassy boss who isn't wrong

Instagram | @will_ent

I mean, it does not look yummy and I would not eat it. But at least he came through with some sort of option?

5. This duo and their perfect recreation  

Reddit | peanutgonuts

10/10 would go see this in theaters, basically because I see no difference between the two as they did that good of a job.

6. A mom who knows exactly what's up 

Reddit | Timmytimtims

And this, folks, is how you parent. Not totally a fair battle 'cause water guns are clearly superior, but still. A+ mom, she did good.

7. Whoever wrote this headline 

Reddit | elsewhere1

The best wording. Also, props to the editor who let this title make it to the screen. Basically everyone involved with this news channel totally nailed it.

8. The dad who gifts his children $100 in cash every Christmas in the most creative ways. 

Twitter | @ElenaRehberg

This year included an umbrella with the bills attached. He literally made it rain.

9. Drunk Kath, who makes good choices

Instagram | @officialthebestoftumblr

Drunk Kath knows exactly what to do when things get crazy. And Sober Katherine really deserves this. I wish my drunk self was this thoughtful.

10. This brother who knows that impressions matter

Reddit | MoonwalkerD

Okay, I know that the baby will not remember this. But it has to be the most thoughtful idea and he is definitely the best uncle because of it.

11. Whoever realized that product placement is so key

Imgur | KingDeathstalker

I feel like I would roll my eyes at how much of a smart-ass this person was, but I would also be buying all the chocolate, so they really did good here.

12. This person who is surely about to make someone's day 

Instagram | Instagram

I think that buying a person a treat is enough to make them smile, but throwing in $100 puts you on a whole other level of awesome.

13. Honestly, I don't know if this person got it right or wrong

Twitter | @JacobAlfieri

They're riding the line, that's for sure. Cereal is never a bad idea, and they surely made it portable. But there are so many other ways to make this happen! Like a thermos with a spoon.

14. But at least they didn't get it as wrong as this person

Imgur | Imgur

Really? I just don't know how you make it that far in life being totally clueless. It's slightly admirable.

15. This person who was so close, yet so far

Reddit | burn23notice

This is just cruel. If these were my numbers, I would not be showing them to anyone out of pure frustration.

16. Whoever tried to bake these BFFs

Tumblr | demotivatecubby

A tasty idea gone horribly wrong. This is enough to give kids nightmares about their fave show. And it's enough to prove that fancy baking should be left to the Food Network pros.

17. The designer of this mug

Reddit | ArticulateHobo

Okay but also the person who bought it.

18. This budding nail artist, who I'm not even sure tried

Reddit | kaypricot

Well, if you squint and don't look directly at the nails, I'm sure they look great. But I would recommend they start over.

19. A person who really should have read the product description

Instagram | @cohmedy

The chair looks exactly like the picture but reading the size of it would have saved this person from this fail of a situation.

20. This chef in the making 

Twitter | @Cparros

One man's trash is another man's dinner? It could be so much worse, but I do think it's quite a stretch to call this a meal.

21. This person who immediately regretted this method of bathing their cat 

Reddit | travisjpope

I don't know how they thought this would go, but I don't think they really thought about it at all.

22. Whoever was driving this limo and created this mess

Reddit | bkmgtpe

Surely there was another route they could have taken that wouldn't have ended in such a disaster. I truly wish there was a video though, because I'm confused on so many levels.

23. This mom who did try but still got it so wrong 

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

She did exactly what was asked. My question is who helped take the photos and why didn't they stop her from making this mistake?

24. Anyone who eats a cheese string like this 

Twitter | @doggurly205

I don't care what your reasoning is, because you are wrong. This is an abomination to cheese strings, if you ask me.

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