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15+ Clever People Who Beat The System

Let's talk about "the system" for a second, shall we? What is it? Where did it come from? Who's responsible for this?

Well, I don't know the answer to any of those questions, but I do know that if you say "the system" in a sentence, pretty much everybody knows what you're talking about, so let's not get into semantics.

The system sucks, everybody hates it, and these people are the heroes we need. How's that?

This restaurant that doesn't have time for your silly rules.

Reddit | Lawful_Lazy

Apparently, this bar also owns the attached restaurant next door, but that doesn't fly with a bylaw that requires food to be served. At least if someone buys it, they're making a good chunk of change!

These friends who can't be bothered to pay for dessert.

Twitter | @bathemeinnudes

I mean, sure, the ring probably cost more than the dessert did, but they can do this repeatedly at every restaurant in the city. One ring. Many desserts. A lifetime of happiness.

This pup that cares not for your rules.

Reddit | [deleted]

And it shouldn't, either. Look at its little face! I dare you to try to look into those puppy dog eyes and say that it's not welcome somewhere. I don't trust anyone that could pull it off.

This guy who's trickery just somehow made him more attractive.

Twitter | @heyzziq

Okay, maybe not actually, but I'm sure that those inflated numbers have convinced a person or two that they need to get their eyes checked. I wonder what the numbers would look like if he really asked that question.

This kid who just wants some snacks with his YouTube.

Imgur | OctopussStevenTwo

Don't we all? That is literally me 90% of the time when I'm at home. I'm glad he was able to pull it off because speaking from experience, it's a pretty legit way to live your life.

This person who refused to fall prey to Lego.

Twitter | @mrnickharvey

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by a rogue Lego. *raises hand* Just as I thought. This man is the hero we need.

This burrito-loving vodka drinker who's just not down with buying venue drinks.

Twitter | @jodiekinzzz

Can you blame her? They're horribly expensive, and all of those plastic cups are terrible for the environment. This is revolutionary.

This lonely guy who needs a hug, but will settle for a high five.

Reddit | keto4life

As an added bonus, you get to eat the delicious hand-shaped toast when you're done validating yourself, too. Snacks and validation are the way to my heart.

This dude who earned the extra percentage for how clever this strategy is.

Twitter | @WORLDSTAR

This is textbook reverse psychology. Even if it went poorly, his grade still would've been decent, so I'd say it was worth the risk.

This gift giver who has had enough with the indifference. |

It's about time someone stood up to this kinda silliness. It's as bad as asking someone what they want for dinner and getting hit with "I don't care."

This lazy dude who clearly doesn't own a dishwasher.


Somebody should really let him know that paper plates exist. I bet his whole world would be flipped upside down.

This kid who has pretty much won school.

Daily Edge

Which is pretty impressive considering I didn't even know you could do that. I like how he was already right, but he just wanted to be double sure.

This vendor who has opinions on the festival rules.

Reddit | Mic_Harmony

No one should be able to regulate water, that's absurd. Luckily, this place has figured out how to circumvent that.

This kid who just wanted to have some friends over.

Twitter | @KevinMieles11

Surely this dad knew that something was gonna go down while he was away, but I don't know if he expected his kid to come up with something so clever.

This guy who just wants to party.

Reddit | Mcmevin

Parties are dope, who doesn't wanna party? Why let a silly little thing like a formal invite get in your way? Honestly, I can't believe that worked.

This student who's passing his test on a technicality.

I hope it was a science test and he got bonus points for using a Möbius strip to take notes on because this is brilliant.

The marketing team who decided that honesty was probably the best policy.

The Chive

Why pretend that it's butter when all we care about is the taste (and how cheap it is)?

These surfer bois. Who says dogs can't surf?

They can do whatever they put their minds to, OK? Frankly, these sea hounds put my one attempt to surf to shame. (It didn't go well.)

This lifehacker...maybe.

Reddit | TheAnomaly123

I mean, it's 2018 — I can buy my own snacks. But if I'm going to see Shakespeare in Love at the classic movie marathon, you'd best believe this is my outfit.

This lonely genius. Who says you need to be dating to be totally sappy?

Reddit | magutek

The Snapchat game on this dude is only going to get better once he starts shaving half his face.

This beach-goer who wants to stay as emo as possible.

Reddit | GuyFromVault

Probably got depressed after seeing some surfing dogs and realized she'd never be that cool. I know that feeling, fam.

This kid and his mannequin doppelgänger. 

Reddit | aseht_

I used to break my brain as a kid trying to figure out ways to ditch my parents and live in the toy department at Walmart.

Turtles: I mean, they really got it all figured out, and I didn't realize it until today.

Reddit | rightcoastguy

No rent and you sleep wherever you want. Can I just go ahead and get reincarnated already?

This dude is an inspiration for those of us who don't like being told when to smile.

Yo, if you want me to smile, bring me some pizza. Works every time.

The easiest way.

Reddit | zero_td

It's tough to lose weight. It's also tough to get good at Photoshop. But all things considered, it's definitely easier to just doctor your photos.

Sauce boss.

Reddit | KamelMedia

This restaurant specializes in the kind of wings that get sauce all over your hands. But you can stay one step ahead of the sauce with these specialized gloves that come with every order.

Do technicalities count?

Reddit | NotScaredOfFrisbees

Lots of people can legitimately say they briefly "died" when something caused their heart to stop, and this inmate is taking things to their logical conclusion. It's a shame for him that the judges didn't see things the same way.

A bag's a bag.

Reddit | Sumit316

Because of a recent ban on plastic shopping bags, people in Thailand have been scrambling to find things to put their groceries in. It seems like they're doing pretty well.

It's a strong statement.

Reddit | Winter-icey

This is great. By simply mowing his lawn in a specific way, the owner of this house has made it perfectly clear how he feels about his neighbor. And unless his neighbor regularly looks at satellite imagery, they're none the wiser.

A home for wayward boyfriends.

Reddit | nielsica

Even with the advent of online shopping, every boyfriend knows what it's like to spend an interminable amount of time in a mall while his girlfriend shops. This boyfriend deposit corner looks bare-bones, but anything's better than endless shopping.

Technically the truth.

Reddit | Dittestark

This bar could find themselves in trouble if they advertised free beer and didn't deliver. But they've found a way to advertise free beer while guaranteeing that it won't be free. Well played.

Practical effects.

Reddit | sassafras711

Look, I don't know why you'd ever need a picture of your partner inside a dryer. But if you ever do need such a pic, take solace in the knowledge that it can be faked.

Does this only happen on leap years?

Reddit | ittiwi4ever

The customs agent who stamped this passport must have had an absolute blast in 2019, because apparently they're not willing to accept that a new year is upon us.

Beep beep, it's the grandpa express.

Reddit | Butterfly504

This granddad has a whopping ten grandchildren to ferry to and from school. Since cars don't have that much space, he's done the logical thing and bought a full-on school bus.

Surely that's illegal.

Reddit | morallycorruptgirl

"I prepaid $7 in fuel & beat the system by ¢3," wrote the Redditor who posted this, the aptly-named u/morallycorruptgirl. She'd better watch out, because the police must be after her now.

How to avoid repairs.

Reddit | psgenius

Some guy punched a hole in the wall of a public washroom. Rather than fixing it, the proprietors framed it and titled it "Fragile Masculinity". Not only did they save on repairs, they may have created valuable art.

Sinks on sinks.

Reddit | money_matthew

Soap dispensers have a way of accumulating soap gunk underneath. But when the soap dispenser by your sink has a tiny sink of its own, we all win.

Because you know you'll lose one.

Reddit | Accelerate4

The end result might not look pretty, but this deck of cards includes a blank, customizable card. You could use it to replace a lost card, or create an all-new card that guarantees victory.

Careful, they get wily.

Reddit | greyhound93

If there's one thing I know about coyotes, it's that they'll go to elaborate lengths to catch their prey. This ski club is staying one step ahead of things by anticipating their every move.


Reddit | molokomoloko

Urinal users know that it's kinda gross to flush the urinal using their hands. This washroom offers a foot pedal to ensure that the only thing that gets gross is the soles of your shoes.

What kind of black magic is this?

Reddit | TheEtherBunny8

If you find a decently-sized mirror and play around with panorama mode, you too can create a creepy photo where mirror you and real you don't align.

A trailer 65 million years in the making.

Reddit | yo_gabba_gavin

This horse trailer is clearly not being used for horses. They're not even being secretive about the fact that they're transporting velociraptors down the highway.

Shred the gnar.

Reddit | ditto_ditto__

I usually just resign myself to tears when I'm cutting onions, but if I followed this lady's example I could avoid the crying while looking like I'm about to hit the slopes.

Either way, give us money.

Reddit | TwoBitesAtTheCherry

This tip jar draws you in through the Friends reference. But, truth be told, the employees probably care more about tips than whatever happened with Ross and Rachel.

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