19 Inspiring Pics That Prove There's Still Plenty Of Good In The World

Every now and then, we need a reminder that good people do exist, don't we? Somehow, the ugliest sides of humanity seem to grab all the headlines. But the folks doing good work for their fellow humans are the ones who are really deserving of that kind of recognition.

So here we go, pointing out the people who want the world to be a better, nicer, kinder place, and who actually do something about it. Kudos to them!

Just before a neighborhood's first school was about to open, vandals tagged it with graffiti.

Reddit | LuckyDaniLV

But when one of the locals read about it, they brought out their heavy-duty power-washing rig to clean it right up.

On a rainy day, this guy decided to do a nice thing for a homeless man.

Reddit | 92ishalf99

He pulled his truck over, loaded the man's cart and possessions into his truck bed, and gave him a ride so he wouldn't get soaked.

When someone's dog ran away, it lucked out by being found by Seattle police, who sent out a delightful tweet to try to find the dog's owners.

Twitter | @SeattlePD

Seattle police don't get to make a collar like this too often, so they made the most of it! And yes, the pampered pup did get reunited with its owners.

As part of a community outreach program, police in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, have put their own ice cream truck to work.

Facebook | Officer Darren Derby

They call the program Operation Copsicle, and they hand out free frozen treats to kids in the community as a way to break the ice, just so they know they can talk to police.

In Russia for the World Cup, this paralyzed American fan saw an opportunity to donate a refurbished wheelchair to a Russian fan in need.

Instagram | @whatpushesyou

"His drive, his ambition, and his hunger for life made him the ideal candidate, and inspired us all more than any victory on the field," he said of the recipient. The Beautiful Game has some beautiful fans!

The Japanese team at the World Cup made waves both on and off the field.

Reddit | tofuyuki

When they were eliminated, they left their locker room in sterling condition, with a simple note saying "thank you" in Russian.

When a bird decided to set up its nest in a tree at a big box store's garden center, staff went out of their way to make sure the little birdies weren't disturbed.

Reddit | kayemgi

For this town's Fourth of July parade, residents respect an unspoken rule — if you mark off a spot to reserve it, everyone will respect it.

Reddit | antishay

Even when the streets are full, nobody will take your spot.

After major surgery, this guy just wanted to feel a bit more human, but needed help from a buddy to apply some deodorant.

Reddit | introvertical_gal

It's a small thing, but it's always nice when friends step up!

After some particularly harsh thieves took off with a lady's wheelchair ramp — I know, who steals a wheelchair ramp? — a police officer spent his day off building her a new, temporary ramp.

Facebook | Euclid Police Department

Working with her family, he made sure she could at least get in and out of her home until a permanent ramp could be installed.

When a truck covered in racist graffiti rolled into a local auto shop in Buffalo, "all the air tools and employees stopped and shook their head in disgust on what they saw."

Facebook | Collision Masters LLC

Collision Masters's owner said that his employees "dropped everything and attacked this truck like a pit crew and got the job done." And they did it for free.

This young cancer patient in Britain, who happens to be a huge soccer fan, was given his own little World Cup trophy to celebrate completing six weeks of radiotherapy.

Reddit | Reddit

The smile on his face says it all.

When this guy's Guatemalan coworker didn't have anybody else around to celebrate with, he knew he had to do something for the guy.

Twitter | @Eeenesto_

So he got cake, candles, balloons, the whole deal, and called up the guy's wife to sing Happy Birthday together.

On a scorching hot day, this woman noticed a bird in need of some relief, so she shared her water with the little guy.

Reddit | kchek

Always nice when folks look out for the animals!

When these two mischievous doggies got into a delivery guy's truck and ate his lunch, he wasn't mad.

Reddit | Reddit

He did leave a note, however, detailing what was in the lunch just in case it didn't agree with the doggies' tummies.

A server working on the Fourth of July received a big tip and a nice note from a couple out celebrating their first anniversary.

Reddit | badbradmtl

It always feels good when others notice your dedication!

When an amusement park had to shut down its rollercoasters due to lightning, staff brought out sidewalk chalk to keep the kids occupied.

Reddit | TrevTech_

And they even sat out and drew alongside them!

Amazingly, this is this guy's second baby deer rescue in less than two weeks.

Reddit | Dalo600

The first time, the baby deer was stuck in traffic. This time, he saved a baby deer that had gotten itself into trouble with his neighbor's dogs.

And the day after the Fourth of July, a neighbor who had a fireworks display noticed that his rockets had left a residue all over the neighborhood's cars.

Reddit | dj1964

So he bought a bunch of car wash gifts cards and handed them around.