36 Design Fails That Are As Funny As They Are Unlucky

I ordered something online recently — and what I ordered was not what I got. What I thought I had purchased was a cute, strappy top, but what I got was a bunch of leftover black strips of fabric sewn together. They weren't even all the same shade of black!

I want to say that they're at fault, but in this scenario, I think the epic failure is me because they have my money and no refund policy.

1. Soap that tastes like sweets.

Reddit | Silvar1

This was either designed for moms who wash their kids' mouths out with soap when they're too sassy or some kid who is just gonna go to town eating it.

2. Except for Allison, it would seem.

Reddit | sockmonst3r

I understand this was probably an oversight, but come on. Did no one look at this and laugh at the irony?

3. How could this ever go wrong?

Reddit | ezdridgex

I gotta say, this is pretty cocky. Like, how good at basketball do you think you are? You're just asking for that window to break.

4. This was so helpful! 

Reddit | bookbock

Said literally nobody ever. This doesn't even mean anything. I don't want to look things up! This is the internet! Why isn't it doing what I want?

5. So, picture this:

Reddit | LeyendaV

Kid wants to be a writer (or whatever) and his parents are like, "No! Be an architect!", which is also not a real job, btw, and because he hates it, this is what we get.

6. These stairs would be next to impossible on a good day.

Reddit | Peeped

And then you gotta go and put stuff on them?! I see many broken toes in the future for this person.

7. Except that this is a pen... and what's a "penil"?

Reddit | topheavyhookjaws

To be fair, "pen case" doesn't sound the same. Remember the first time you used pen instead of a pencil in school? I was in grade 10.

8. This is a literal representation of what it's like to talk about feelings.

Reddit | politikamusic

Overall, it's just a trash experience that no one ends up wanting, so it gets discounted and eventually, everyone settles.

9. Do these people not know the rhyme?! 

Reddit | MeatballPeanuts

Never Eat Shredded Wheat! That's how it should go! Right now we have "Never Shredded Eat Wheat." Actually useless.

10. Oh, I wonder why the black Post-its are on sale!

Reddit | R005T3RK1NG

For those of you who are gonna sass me about how cool they'll look with a metallic sharpie, I ask you, how many of those do you have lying around?

11. It ain't pretty, but I suppose it's functional.

Reddit | vvribeiro

Because carefully painting the pole to look like a clock is way easier than just moving the clock three inches to the right.

12. I want to know where these stairs used to go.

Reddit | dylangleit

What was so bad or useless that it was just wiped off the face of the planet? Or at least this building?

13. Sounds so delicious!

Reddit | luckyluke07

These aren't your typical vers ass ass worms. No, these are exotic. I'm afraid to know what that even means. Also, what would not-exotic ones look like?

14. Fingers crossed no one needs assistance...

Reddit | stormwarrior12

Maybe they just don't want to be disturbed!

15. The typo arguably got the point of this ad across better than if it were spelled correctly.

Reddit | FifeeBoy

16. It took me a minute to realize there are two right feet. 

Reddit | Dylpooh

So, I clearly failed biology — and so did whoever made these tights (which are otherwise pretty cute!).

17. So, this is a thing, apparently.

Reddit | Beanboy100

It doesn't even look good! It isn't like practicality was sacrificed for style here! They look like fun house mirrors.

18. This escalator and my life have a lot in common. We're both going nowhere.

Reddit | [deleted]

19. Camo is the only color in my wardrobe besides red, white and blue.

Reddit | Thedaveabides98

Good luck ever finding your ball again after you hit it off the green, I hope you weren't too attached to it.

20. Like this shirt, my worry always gets in the way of my being happy. Not sure if that makes this a fail or a win.

Reddit | zapsquad

21. Tired of homeless people smelling up the walk to your local coffee house where a social arts major serves you your favorite $5 coffee? Not anymore!

Reddit | PaulSharke

22. Failure in action.

Reddit | bog_warrior_ie

Back in my day, men were men and fasteners fastened. There's no way we would have tolerated unsecured fasteners anywhere at all, let alone in the very aisle from whence they came.

23. That flamingo is gonna fla-sink-o.

Reddit | ArkadiusBear

That's it! This is the last time I trust a cheap inflatable flamingo toy that comes in dubious packaging with writing in a language I don't understand.

24. Lots of fun — just don't lose your head!

Reddit | ani625

This playground toy looks like it would be an absolute blast for any kid...for about half of a rotation, at least.

25. A bridge is a bridge.

Reddit | silence_hr

Look, if you don't tell the construction guys exactly where to put the bridge, that one's on you. It still has a view of the pool, right?

26. Ehh, fair enough.

Reddit | Sprayer93

Sometimes the truth is a bit harsh, but it sure beats sugarcoating, right?

I want more companies to advertise what they won't do, rather than brag about stuff they'll probably never do.

27. Surprise stairs.

Imgur | GolfBravo

Normal stairs, with their predictable and well-marked steps, are so bland and boring. If you're a daredevil, or just like a good challenge, there's nothing more thrilling than these brain-breaking stairs.

28. The paradoxical cookie.

Reddit | Vexced

To truly be all things to all cookies, you must be gluten free while containing gluten. It's a zen thing, way over the heads of lesser cookies.

29. With slats, things are 50/50.

Reddit | ani625

When you have a 50 % chance of getting things right, who needs to put any real thought into which way they're installing these things?

30. Restaurant logo not found.

Reddit | babygaterrr

Thankfully, the good people at Discover Card don't have to settle for "Insert credit card logo here". I wonder what generic placeholders the menu could contain?

31. What is it about giraffes that make them so unique again?

NavyHM18700 | NavyHM18700

The designer knew there was something that makes giraffes special. And when time's a-wasting and stuffed animals need to be made, there's no time to consult Wikipedia.

32. I don't even know where to start with this one. 

Wish | Wish

I guess it could be exactly what she wanted, depending on her objectives. The cinched fabric literally looks like a very uncomfortable wedgie, though.

33. Cute! Oh wait.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

How could they not plan for when you actually wear the socks?

The designer is almost as bad as the schmuck who bought them!

34. Tony Hawk's Pro Wheelchair Ramp.

Reddit | OlivierDeCarglass

Gain some speed on the downhill portion, olly your wheelchair into a railgrind, then get some air for a sick 900 tailgrab for the high score.

35. This is like the fail that keeps on giving.

Reddit | crazydachshund

This is the water fountain with zero aim — there's gonna be water everywhere. And guess where that water goes? Directly into an electrical socket.

36. Nope, you read that right...

Reddit | Zodai_13