Teen Fat Shamed By Customer Buys Every Cupcake In Bakery As Payback

You know how there is the Golden Rule: "Treat others how you want to be treated." There's another really good rule I wish more people followed. If someone can't change something in five seconds, don't say anything. So if you are judging someone for their height, weight, or anything that is something that is a part of who they are, just keep your mouth shut.

That's what one teen wished a fellow customer at a bakery had done, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself when others are trying to tear you down.

19-year-old Vega Blossom was in a bakery in Valparaiso, Indiana on the weekend.

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She was standing in line, waiting to order a yummy treat. The bakery had posted on Facebook that they were having a sale.

There was a woman in front of Vega taking a while to order a cake.


The women standing behind Vega were impatient, and one of them was rudely commenting on how long the other woman was taking to order.

When the woman in front of Vega finished her order and left, the woman behind Vega said, "Thank god, now lets hope this fat b**** doesn't buy all the cupcakes."

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Instead of saying something back, Vega did one better.

She was originally only going to order six cupcakes, but instead she purchased all 20 that the store had left, which cost her $54.

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This isn't the first time Vega has had people make snide comments about her weight.

Vega picked up her 20 jumbo cupcakes and asked the judgmental women who'd been standing in line behind her if they could get the door for her, since her hands were a bit full.


I love this level of petty.

Vega shared the cupcakes with her friends and family over Easter weekend.


While some people may not agree with what Vega did, I think most of us can agree that sometimes it's better for those who have nothing nice to say to keep their mouths closed.

Vega shared her story on Facebook, which has since gone viral with over 87 thousand likes and over 27 thousand shares. 

Facebook | Vega Blossom

Just goes to show you that some revenge is sweet, and nothing is better than having your cake and eating it too.

Do you think what Vega did was out of line, or did she have every right to do what she did?

Facebook | Designer Desserts-Valparaiso

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