Be The One With All The Answers Thanks To These 11+ Lifehacks

Who's ready for another round of amazing lifehacks?! I AM! I AM! I AM!

If you love being the person with all the answers, you're going to want to study the list of tips and tricks below. Well, what are you waiting for? Don't let someone else beat you to it!

1. "Use a weekly pill organizer to store small screws, bolts, nails, etc."

Reddit | Ariyverd

Now everything will be neatly organized and easy to access. No more digging through a giant container of odds and ends!

2. I think there should be a rule that requires everyone to have one of these at their desk. 

Reddit | BrothersInGame

Don't you think it would instantly improve your mood every time you saw it?

3. "Get the butter to the middle of your popcorn."

Reddit | SystemsBtich

As someone who loves movie theater popcorn more than life itself, this is a hack I can 100% appreciate and get behind.

4. I've drilled more than my fair share of holes into walls (what can I say? I like decorating and redecorating!), so I can't believe this idea has never crossed my mind.

Inspire52 | Inspire52

I'll never drill without Post-Its by my side ever again.

5. "When you’ve got glass shower doors and a toddler that won’t stay out." 

Reddit | B_Geisler

I don't have kids, so I can't really relate to this problem, but I'm sure there are a lot of parents out there who can!

6. "I just saw the life hack for keeping your toddler out of the shower. This has been keeping ours out of the fridge for a few months now."

Reddit | AviatorDesignCo

Obviously this idea is tried, tested, and true.

7. Gaming hacks for the win!

Reddit | Parisauce

That's one way of ensuring your opponent can't sneak a peek at your screen. You gotta love how creative people will get when winning is at stake!

8. "Use an ice cube tray to separate your paint colors."

Reddit | blacknotekeys

Why bother with an expensive paint tray when you can get a bunch of these at the dollar store for a fraction of the price?

9. "If the end breaks off your ice cream cone. Turn it around and stick it in the end to stop most of it leaking out the bottom."

Reddit | mckiddy10

I take ice cream very seriously, so I give this hack two thumbs way up.

10. "My local ice cream shop puts a mini marshmallow in the bottom of their waffle cones to prevent leakage."

Pinterest | Pinterest

Again, this is a win in my books. A leaky cone is no joke, people!

11. "Need a quick and dirty tracing table? Cutting board and a lamp."

Reddit | Too_Much_Gnar

I made my own tracing table in high school by attaching a clamp lamp to my parent's dining room table (it was a solid piece of glass), so I feel like this Redditor and I share a special bond.

12. "If you worry about your purse getting taken at the store then try clipping it to your cart."

Reddit | murdo1tj

This is a great way to prevent a grab and run while you're shopping.

13. "Cook hash browns in a waffle iron – just like McDonald's – only MUCH better!!"

Apple Pins | Apple Pins

I don't know about you, but I think breakfast just got a whole lot better!

14. Share a bag of Skittles with a friend by moving the candy to the top and bottom of the bag before cutting it in half.

Reddit | Freduccine

My only question is: How many people are actually willing to share their Skittles? I prefer to eat the entire bag all on my own.

15. "Freeze leftover chili or soup in a muffin pan and bag them after. They make perfect portions for defrosting later."

Reddit | Right_Ahn

This is so much better than freezing a large container! The defrosting time would be so much faster, and you'll end up wasting less food, too.

16. Cut a tennis ball in half and use the pieces to open difficult jars. The rubber inside acts as the perfect gripper.

Instructables | fungus amungus

I guess this means I need to get a tennis ball for my kitchen!

17. Have some funky smells in your car? Try adding some wax melts to a plastic cup.

Reddit | iCantBelieveLebron

When the sun heats up the wax, it'll smell beautiful inside of the car! A great temporary fix.

18. I'm always looking for random things in our carpet, so this is genius!

Reddit | ChianEriksen

Add some pantyhose over the nozzle of your vacuum to pick up anything you are worried might get sucked up by accident.

19. Add some newspaper to the bottom of your garbage can to soak up any nasty juices from food.

Reddit | JianWinther

Trust me, this hack is going to save you when it comes to weird kitchen smells. Just give it a try!

20. A couple of tea bags in your shoes will make them smell super fresh.

Reddit | Bishara333

The tea bag will soak up the odor while leaving a fresh tea scent behind! Definitely give it a shot.

21. Want a perfect manicure every single time?

Reddit | TopConcept88

This seems totally silly, but I get nail polish ALL over my hands every time I try to do it myself. Maybe this is worth a try?

22. If you live in a rental unit, breaking something like your blinds can be terrifying.

Reddit | Billybobmaysjack

Which is why this hack is so useful to renters! Reinforce the top of your blinds using a bread tab, then reinstall.

23. No one wants to make more than one trip to bring in groceries.

Reddit | Weird_Tolkienish_Fig

That's what carabiners are for! Use them to hold multiple bags at once. You can clip them to your cart, or use them to hold more bags in your hands.

24. Shoving your hand in a pumpkin to scrape out the guts is never any fun.

Reddit | Daannii

But, if you cut it like this, you might have more luck. Definitely worth trying this Halloween!