13+ Pics Your Eyeballs Have Got To See

January 14, 2021

Confession time: While writing is my fave part of this job, I LOVE searching through the internet to find weird and cool pictures.

And there are so many!

Honestly, I have to be careful or I'll spend way too long tumbling through the web, laughing to myself at photos and bugging the people around me to look at my screen.

1. So, can you spot it?

Reddit | marcviz

And by it, I mean a knife. A sneaky knife that is very well hidden. I would say it's basically invisible at this point, and that's pretty impressive for a piece of cutlery.

2. This is not only slightly confusing to look at but also a total pain in the butt

Reddit | iqbal002

Maybe it's just me, but I've actually thought I lost a lid or two because of the way they blend in SO darn well!

3. Might need to zoom on in for this one

Reddit | luesAyer

But that isn't just your average chimney. It's a teeny tiny version of the house. And that's both incredibly adorable and unique.

So what came first, the chimney or the house?

4. I eat a LOT of apples

Reddit | Triellik

I take the whole "apples keep the doctor away" thing very seriously.

But I have never ever seen an apple that was just as red on the inside as it is on the outside.

5. The worst part of eating outside is — hands down — when the napkins blow away

Reddit | copybookpizza10

BUT HAVE NO FEAR! This joint rocks and has totally solved this problem. With rocks.

6. If I was their neighbor, I would be moving 

Reddit | magnoliasmanor

That scarecrow is straight out of my nightmares. Why does it having to be facing someone else's house?!

7. I'm about to blow your mind because what you're about to gaze at is NOT a little baby hand

Reddit | Karen_the_cat_girl

Heck no, it's not. It's from a sphynx cat.

8. Their mom(s) have some explaining to do...

Imgur | Imgur

These two guys bumped into each other.

And they are total strangers and not related at all, but look eerily similar AND have the same mannerisms. Whaaaaaa?

9. So what's a waffle called that's never been, like...officially waffled?

Reddit | Germizard

Does that just make it a pancake? Is a waffle more than just the squares it's made of? These are serious questions.

10. I always wondered why they even bother putting whatever that silver thing is called on the door 

Reddit | H3ro0fTime

Because clearly no one ever tries to open the door that way.

11. It's not just the wine — there really is a bunch of bubbles shaped like a foot in there

Reddit | RiceUnit

And if that's not the best marketing strategy ever, then I don't know what is.

12. What the actual duck?

Reddit | munozbeto4

Maybe they'll grow out of it and they're just in their ugly duckling phase?

Jk, something fowl is certainly going on here in this bus.

13. This cannot be a serious method of leaving this room

Reddit | aa-aaa-9volt

That door is so skinny, I don't think I could even fit through it sideways or anything. It can't be to code.

14. Who allowed this to ever see the light of day??

Reddit | Viiconov

Because whoever allowed such inconsistency should surely be let go. Or like, yelled at.

A lot. Multiple times. Please.

15. Don't worry, it happens to everyone

Reddit | Reddit

Or like, so they say. I am not sure.

I've never actually had a pen melt in the sun, but I'm assuming it would happen to ANYONE'S pen.

16. Mother Nature is a bizarre thing, but this totally rocks

Reddit | gap343

That perfect line is more perfect than any line I've ever seen. I want it in my life, like right now.