20 Total Legends Who We Definitely Aspire To Be

Having heroes nowadays is hard.

It seems like whenever you find someone who shares your passions and inspires you, it doesn't take long before they say really dumb things and make that inspiration embarrassing.

But maybe there's a way out. Maybe the problem is that being a fan means putting too many eggs in one basket.

Maybe it would be better to like one little thing that, say, 15+ people do, and know literally nothing else about them.

Let's try.

1. Look, kid. If you're too cool to show up to the theater in a super suit, that's your problem.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

But we've been waiting for this movie for about as long as you've been alive. After all that, nobody's stopping us from having our fun.

Now that we've finally stopped trying to eat these things, let's let this guy show us what we should've been doing all along!

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

Not only do you feel like you're in a ball pit wherever you go, but these pants let you do hundreds of loads of laundry.

A hood ornament like this tells people you have class, a deep appreciation for love and life, and a poet's soul all at once.

Reddit | NotRangerRickOrAmI

Plus, anything that hints towards a Shrek/Toy Story crossover is something we seriously need to encourage, as far as I'm concerned.

4. I like how these parents picked a picture of their kid looking kind of unamused just so we get a hint of what the teacher has to go through.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Although, I suppose the size of the bottle is a much bigger hint in that department.

5. I'm not exactly saying I dream of a relationship where we feed each other chicken nuggets, but it would be an encouraging sign. 

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

OK, who am I kidding? Ever since I saw this, I've swiped left on every profile that didn't say "chicken nuggets" anywhere.

If you're in this situation and don't immediately try to make a fort out of the boxes, we won't find much common ground.

Reddit | SeptemberTwentySix

You might wonder why that guy's not in it right now, but it's out of respect.

He's not a pretender to the computer throne.

It may seem like an odd thing to paint, but no other canvas on the street was quite Forceful enough for this awesome tribute.

Reddit | v78

I couldn't tell you why the artist turned Leia's eyes into Pac-Man, but I'm not mad at that part either.

I like the cut of this girl's jib, and that's largely because it took me a solid minute to realize what she had actually done here.

Reddit | huntsbigbuck

Plus, she's got a foolproof method to get past any exam, as long as she can keep her phone hidden.

Pfft, and they said that a real punk would never go for the optional sunroof.

Reddit | sufstevens

OK, I'm not sure who actually said anything like that, but this person has easily proved them wrong.

Apparently, you don't need a convertible to feel the wind rush through your hair.

A lot of people's first instinct is to attack unfamiliar drones that get up in their business, but you'll never catch this lady being that aggressive.

Reddit | totalinfonet

Part of it is natural sweetness, but I figure she's also seen The Terminator and doesn't wanna make any powerful enemies.


Well, this game is definitely risky, but I suppose that makes getting a high score feel like a bigger achievement.

Reddit | LillyReardon

Does it still count if you beat it and get pulled over, though? Or do you have to put an asterisk next to it?

You know, this guy could've played it up and freaked us out, but just showing his mastery of illusion was satisfying enough.

Reddit | Puppies_fart_hope

And you know what? This guys seems so chill that he probably doesn't even care whether you call him a magician or an illusionist.

I, personally, don't recall Homer Simpson's nose being that big, but I also don't remember the sight of him giving me nightmares. 

Reddit | basshead541

I don't even want to know what Marge would look like IRL.

I never thought that anyone would take the saying "You are what you eat!" seriously...until I saw this guy. 

Reddit | Creek_

And that was the moment I completely lost the desire to eat ramen ever again.

Everyone should stretch before doing some exercise, but this is all kinds of extreme.

Reddit | Joltie

I could go to yoga every day for the rest of my life and never master splitting my legs on a tiny tree. This guy is my new hero.

I was not aware that public transportation could be BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair), and now, my commute is going to be a million times comfier. 

Reddit | plasma_node

Will my walk to the bus stop be excruciating? Yes. Yes, it will.

You can't call yourself a bridezilla unless you demand a life-sized version of yourself in cake form. 

Reddit | Fried_Dog

She still does not look impressed, and someone is getting fired.

Next time your mom says, "No Eggos," just hop in the freezer and refuse to come out until she agrees. 

Reddit | BenHeX

Will it be worth catching a cold? Absolutely, because you now you have Eggos.

If you don't shave an entire face into the tops of your heads, can you even call yourselves friends?

Reddit | Lenny9001

The answer is a definite "no," and now, all other friendships are canceled unless you agree to reach this level.

I wasn't too sure exactly why someone would hop into a bathtub full of potatoes, and then I saw the beer. 

Reddit | ILoveRegenHealth

I also think that the hat is a nice touch because otherwise, you're just a guy in a bathtub full of potatoes.

21. Well, yeah. I guess the only thing that could top actually getting this box would be getting it in cake form.

Instagram | @will_ent

Because as great as 20 McNuggets are, the box they come in is honestly pretty tough and flavorless.

So this is a massive improvement.

22. At my last job, I put everything into it right up to the last day, but I really should've just followed this woman's example.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

What are they gonna do? Punish her by making her continue to work there?

Other than wake her up, they're out of options.

23. Well, the point is that everyone in this picture was proud of what they achieved.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

And whether you spend four years convincing a university to give you a reward or spend $15 giving yourself one, that's what counts.

Either way, they'll feel like they survived something.

I'm sure this valiant knight considers this an outrageous indignity, but that cop is having the time of his life.

Reddit | Reddit

Besides, it's not like anyone's messing with them when they get to the holding cell.

One punch is all it takes to make enemy knuckles throb with regret.

I want to know how this woman snuck a giant garbage bag-worth of popcorn and two 2L sodas into the movie theater.

Reddit | @beigecardigan

Talk about a movie theater feast!

I didn't think that people actually did this.

Reddit | dazthecat

I thought it was honestly just done in All Dogs Go To Heaven, TBH.

Judging by the cashier's expression, I can see why it stays in the movies.

Get you friends who act as stand-in parents when your own can't make it to your graduation.

Reddit | Zoomer1997

Doesn't this just bring tears to your eyes? What special friends!

28. This man has zero shame!

Instagram | @beigecardigan

What better way to listen to Smashmouth's "All Star" than to have it wide open on YouTube for virtually the whole car to see?

Love this for him!

29. This kid takes Tyra Banks' "smize" to a whole new level for picture day.

Reddit | WorkFriendlyAcct

If this kid isn't the next model for Gap Kids, I'm going to be mad.

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