12+ Smart Lifehacks That'll Have You Asking, 'Why Didn't I Think Of That?!'

Have you ever wanted to be internet famous? What about going viral for something creative you tried? It seems like everyone is looking for their five seconds of fame, but to get it you definitely need to be doing something innovative, wacky, or dangerous.

Since I'm not down for dangerous (have you seen some of the viral videos online...?!), I'm more likely to try and come up with a rad lifehacks that are going to help out tons of people. I mean, who doesn't like to take a few shortcuts in life?

1. When you're lucky enough to be able to work from home in the summer, don't you want to spend some of that time outside?!

Twitter | @Tommomoney

Obviously, the sun is a huge problem when it comes to working with laptops on a sunny day. But this Twitter user realized an Ikea storage box was the perfect solution.

2. Raise your hand if you can't get enough cookies and milk!

Twitter | @kelcykate

If you are like me, you know cookies are made 100 times better when they're dunked in milk. This is perfect for someone who likes to keep things classy.

3. It's summer, and it's hot. So, I don't blame anyone for trying to stay cool in unconventional ways.

Reddit | lelle_03

And, to be honest, this hack actually works pretty well. I had to do it when my air conditioning was broken for three weeks. It works even better if you put a thing of ice behind the fan, too!

4. I honestly wish I'd thought of this hack because it makes so much sense.

Reddit | 0Brbrr

So many foundation bottles use pumps, so you can easily clean them out and fill them with soap! Perfect if you find yourself in washrooms without soap often.

5. I love peanut butter...a lot. But now I've got another reason to love it!

Twitter | @scottinthe503

According to this Twitter user, the lid of a peanut butter jar perfectly molds a 1/4 lb burger patty.

6. I honestly thought this was always a super popular hack, but it's become really popular in the last month or so.

Reddit | perpetualsearch

You put vinegar and soap in a bowl and fruit flies are attracted to it. The soap sinks them to the bottom so they drown. Bye-bye, fruit flies!

7. So, this next hack might only be brilliant if you're super, super lazy.

Twitter | @Urban96FM

But you can't tell me you aren't kicking yourself for not coming up with it first and then posting it online!

8. If you've ever put the wrong contact in the wrong eye, you know how much it sucks.

Reddit | fortgreene

So, make sure to mark them! You could do it with colors, or you could write "R" and "L" on the respective packages.

9. No, that banana is not magically floating from the cupboard.

Imgur | Imgur

A Command Hook is holding it there! This helps make space on your countertops, which is totally key when you've got zero space like me.

10. No one wants to be caught with their fly down. It's just one big no-no.

Reddit | flatblack79

So, if you're always finding your fly riding low, use a key ring to keep it from falling down.

11. This hack can actually save you next time you need an emergency light.

Reddit | J_A_N_I_T_O_R

All you need is an orange peel and oil to keep a fire going all night.

12. Do you have one of those annoying air conditioners that will only come on when the temperature reaches a certain point?

Reddit | UnleashTheJoe

Trick that sucker into thinking it's mid-summer with a steaming cup of hot water.

13. If you've got an organization addiction, then you might want to stock up on pill organizers.

Reddit | Ariyverd

You can totally store small items in them, like screws and other accessories!

14. Are you using your microwave properly?!

Reddit | asanboo

Did you know that the "power" button helps cook your food evenly? It does also use more energy and can take a bit longer, but we all need to pick our battles.

15. No one, and I mean no one, wants to have a toilet flush unexpectedly while they're still sitting down.

Reddit | usercricket

Avoid this by putting a piece of TP over the automatic sensor.

16. I've never had to take a watch in for repair, but I can only imagine it would not be a cheap trip.

Reddit | statusquosinner

So, if the back comes off your watch, try using a clamp and towel to get it back on.

Have any other useful lifehacks you wish you had come up with?! Let us know!

17. To be honest, I was 26 years old (my current age), when I found this out.

Reddit | Kuzzi5

It totally makes more sense to do this than pile all the bags on top of each other (which is what I currently do).

18. In a pinch? Using an egg carton to make ice cubes is not the worst idea ever. 

Reddit | manishavaswani

I've definitely needed more ice than my one little tray has to offer.

19. Okay, so this is a hack I really need in my life because I've dropped and broken all of my glass lids.

Reddit | Rev_DC

I really don't care how fancy they are, I just need something to cover my pots and pans!

20. I've used this hack pretty much every single time I've moved in my life.

Reddit | randomusefultidbits

I used to do it because I was lazy, but it's actually a smart move.

21. I haven't yet implemented this hack in my kitchen, but I'm definitely thinking about it.

Reddit | Ivitvte

The design lets the sponge drip out, and having a special place for it helps save on counter space.

22. Thinking about opening a key ring makes my nails want to fall right off.

Reddit | vinylapanx

Using a staple remover is such a smart way to do this without causing pain!

23. I know that there is a different kind of groove on the lid for a reason, but it's hard to figure out sometimes.

Reddit | Syd4Reel

Marking it with a Sharpie makes things so much easier! You can visualize it instead of feeling for it with your hands.

24. I'm coming down with a bit of a cold, and this is exactly what I need right now!

Reddit | Redwards2

I love anything with Vick's in it, so I think I should probably give this a try ASAP.

25. Cover your plastic containers with a metal dish rack in the dishwasher.

Reddit | thecatunderthebed

Now you won't have to worry about the containers flying all over the place while they're being washed!

26. I've tried this, and it definitely works to some degree.

Reddit | randomuseoftidbits

The key here is using smaller sticks of butter so the glass doesn't cool down before your butter gets soft.

27. If you think about it, sticky notes can be wasteful since they're one-use items.

Reddit | BizJoe

But you can give them a second life by using them to clean the dust from your keyboard with ease.

28. This might seem silly, but it's perfect if you don't have a lint roller.

Reddit | 100Ways100

Wrap some tape around your hand with the sticky side facing outward, then pick up lint as you pat different parts of your clothing.

29. Need to free up some space in your grocery cart?

Imgur | HopefulSwine

Get creative with your packing skills! You can put bottles over the edge of your cart and save a ton of space inside.

30. Corn is a hard thing to eat when you have little hands.

Imgur | nhmejia

And apples can be, too! As a kid, I thought eating an apple was too hard unless it was cut up. Use these corn handles on apples to make things easier for little ones!

31. Grab an extra pack of shower rings next time you're at the store.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

You can hang them from a clothes hanger, then hang your shirts off the hooks! You'll save a ton of space in your closet.

32. Want to avoid a gross garbage can?

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Add some newspaper to the bottom of your bag so it'll soak up all the nasty juices that accumulate at the bottom. You're gonna wanna do this, trust me!