32 Weird Pictures That Creep The Ever-Loving Heck Out Of Us

There is a spectrum of creepiness. Someone's nightmare could be someone else's fluffy bunny.

Zombies freak me out, but other people seem to find shows like The Walking Dead entertaining. No, thanks! But heights don't bother me at all, allowing me to watch the window washers across the street with complete fascination.

What I'm saying is that even if everything in this list doesn't creep you out, something likely will.

1. People like to imagine what characters from The Simpsons would look like in real life. The answer? Terrifying. 

Reddit | SchindlerTheGrouch

This live-action Mr. Burns was created by makeup artist Nelson Cooper, and no wonder it was made for a horror convention. UGH.

2. The idea of jewelry made from the hair of dead relatives is just plain weird.

Reddit | 4_bit_forever

The Victorians were very strange people. In the same culture where it was "vulgar" to use two hands to keep your skirt out of the mud, it was fashionable to wear or display human hair.

3. The only episode of Goosebumps that ever really scared me was Night of the Living Dummy. 

Reddit | Time_Traveling_Panda

Which is why I look at this ad that keeps referring to the dummy as though it's a living person and shudder. No, thanks!

4. Imagine the look on the maintenance worker's face when they found this.

Reddit | Palifaith

It's definitely creepy and makes you wonder.

Although, it's likely a prank and I kind of want to find a pair of old shoes and some spray paint to do it myself.

5. The weird "half cat" meme may have been debunked, but that hasn't killed its popularity.

Reddit | petitbleuchien

Which resulted in someone making a costume and recreating the image in the creepiest way possible.

6. Look at this loving couple. Don't mind the creepy alien mummy thing.

Reddit | ak51388

Something about it being a vintage black and white pic makes it feel ten times creepier and otherworldly.

7. "I was really worried that my girlfriend wouldn't like the snakes I'm looking after at the moment. Then she sends me this while I'm at work." —Milo_Hackenschmidt

Reddit | Milo_Hackenschmidt

On one hand, I'm glad she's cool with the snakes. On the other hand, nope, nope, nope.

8. Estate sales are a great way to find cool vintage things, but they are also super creepy.

Reddit | silentwail

Besides the morbid taint to looking through a dead person's stuff, you can sometimes come across terrifying items in dim corners, like this wig with added creepiness.

9. At least this person is in on the joke. 

Reddit | Narcosist

Every one of those items is terrifying, and yet I'm kind of into the baby-headed seahorse. The exposed baby brains are a step too far, though.

10. Why do I find this so unnerving?

Reddit | zZzZzZz7zZ

It's actually a cool pic, but the fact that the reflection looks like you're staring into an abyss really tweaks my nerves.

11. Speaking of my zombie problem, this looks like a scene straight from an undead apocalypse. 

Reddit | Reddit

I'm sure it's just a case of someone ditching the truck after stealing it, but that doesn't make it any less creepy.

12. "A terrifying ape-man in a giant cowboy hat was at my grandparents 40th anniversary & no one in my family remembers why/who he was/who sent him." —snazzymustache

Reddit | snazzymustache

How do you not remember the details of something like this?!

13. This is not the ideal way for anyone to go.

Reddit | AtomicDillo

I mean, just because he's not in his body doesn't mean he's not there in spirit. I feel like this is the type of stuff that would make someone haunt you.

14. If you were wondering how to figure out if your shoes were too tight, this is a good example of what to avoid. 

Reddit | flargbiter

If your feet are swelling out of your shoes, they're too tight.

15. Is it just me, or does this clock look like it's made out of raw ground beef?

Imgur | Imgur

Just because it's artistic doesn't make it any less disgusting.

I guess there's a reason why it's in a thrift store.

16. This is not the kind of toy that I would recommend gifting to an innocent child. 

Imgur | RIPHammerMorty

In fact, this terrifying monkey is probably made of cotton, plastic, the tears of small children, and pure nightmare fuel.

17. This may not be a strong handshake, but it is eerily gripping. 

Reddit | Snobyx

For instance, this image will have its grasp on my soul for the entirety of the night. I guess I won't be sleeping much in the near future.

18. As if having to wear dentures wasn't already difficult enough. 

Reddit | Fosta1997

Now people have to worry about toothless gulls snatching up their precious dental work. Is nothing sacred anymore?

I guess we all have to start keeping our lips sealed.

19. So, apparently someone thought it would be funny to hide a creepy doll behind the drywall before they moved.

Reddit | SupremeWizard

Not cool at all. The only way that this could be worse is if the spirit of a little girl inhabited that toy.

20. Call me crazy, but that's not how mirrors are supposed to work, right?

Reddit | ghyit1

The only time a mirror ever works like this is when it's greeting you at the gates of hell.

21. "Bought some Legos on Craigslist. Free human tooth included." —NukaBadger

Reddit | NukaBadger

I'm not sure I could touch those Legos again after finding a tooth in them. Maybe after a long soak in bleach...

23. From the side, this choice of hairstyle seems impractical, but from the front, it's super creepy.

Reddit | Byerslyjoe

It's just a weird floating black void that seems to be staring at you without any visible eyes.

22. This is a glove...apparently.

Reddit | RFB1234

Why did it have to be a pinky-beige glove? That just adds to the illusion of a hand reaching out of the water to grab you. Run away!

24. The weirdest part of this image isn't the naked babies in the shoe, it's that the pic was obviously taken in a shoe store.

Reddit | sensual_onlooker

Like, someone who is paid to design shoes thought this was a thing worth designing and selling. NOPE.

25. Come on, kids! You know you want to play in this SpongeBob bouncy castle!

Reddit | bizcochocho

The bright lights just add to how terrifying this entire display is. Who was in charge of this?!

26. This is why I turn around everything in my room that has a face.

Reddit | Ur-boi-Soggy-cereal

Because at three in the morning when you're mostly asleep, even the most innocuous items can be terrifying.

27. I can hear the culprit now: "Wouldn't it be cute if...?!"

Reddit | Att1cus

No. A rat made of cheese and meat served on the platter with food you want people to enjoy is not cute. It takes a lot to make me rethink cheese, but this does it.

28. I love vintage things and antiques, but something about old wooden wheelchairs is really creepy.

Reddit | medeamoon

I'm not even sure why it would be different from a modern wheelchair, but maybe it's because the wood makes it seem more personal.

29. Once more for those in the back: Stop trying to force cute animals or characters into weird proportions. It's terrifying.

Reddit | alienozi

The penguin's not bad because the shape is similar. The dolphin just looks weird. That elephant is the stuff of nightmares.

30. Case in point: forcing bipedal characters (and Angry Birds) into mall rides.

Reddit | Guitar8907

They're weird enough as it is, so please stick to animals like horses or lions, not oddly pink SpongeBob characters.

31. This ceiling mural is pretty creepy on its own.

Reddit | Gobtholemew

Then you learn that it's staring down at you from the ceiling of a dentist's office and it becomes terrifying. Nope!

32. Why do I hear banjo music when looking at this?

Reddit | queenmother

If you are ever hiking and come across a scene like this, run far away, very quickly. No good can come of this.

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