16+ Cool Pics Worth Straining Your Eyes For

Since I was a kid, I loved illusions, weird perspective shots, even magic eye puzzles that made my head hurt. Thankfully, these days I can get my weird pic fix from all around the internet, so I figured I'd find a bunch of the best and share 'em with you guys!

You can't always trust your eyes. In fact, sometimes you're gonna need to work those socket globes a little harder to make sense of these things — but regardless, they're all pretty cool, and some are even good for a decent laugh! Enjoy!

Check out this goofy lookin' dude.

Reddit | anxious-panda

Yep, at first glance it just sorta seems like Goofy finally started taking casual Friday at Disney World seriously. But no, unfortunately, no one has an actual face like that. Thanks a lot, reality.

Houston, we have lift off.

Instagram | @slayqueenlife

It's true that this cup looks like it's about to send us pics from Mars. But in actuality, it was this li'l pupper just getting its basic 'Bucks fix. Pretty sure it's wearing Uggs, too.

When you got legs like those, you gotta flaunt 'em!


So, actually, I guess we'll come to learn that mirrors are not your friend when it comes to photos. Or, they're your best friend — depending on your perspective, of course.

Good thing we have better cameras now to undermine the advanced camouflage of our doggos. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

I remember drawing pictures like this in middle school, calling it "a polar bear in a snowstorm." I can't be the only one who did that, right?

Hey, lady, it's rude to stare, okay?

Reddit | Reddit

When you've got as much anxiety as I do, this is the last thing you want to have happen to you on a train.

This falcon's selfie game seems to be on point.

Reddit | Luckj

Man, it's like everyone has their own Snapchat story these days, not that I could find it anymore. Thanks a lot, update.

Two tiny legs or simple, striped pants? 

Reddit | Mprovin

Clearly, she doesn't have two tiny legs, but it's a lot more fun looking at it that way — kinda looks like a Tim Burton character or something.

I could honestly watch this gif for hours.

Imgur | MindHacks

Each time it replays, it just blows my mind more and more. Him grabbing the picture at the end really messes me up to this day.

Before you scroll down enough, this lady looks *super* pregnant.

Reddit | verifixe

Then it looks like she's stretched her shirt over the head of another woman, though neither is true.

Had to take some time to reflect on this one.

Reddit | flyingrum

But it's amazing to see how crystal clear a simple puddle can be. It's almost like a surrealist painting or something.

This guy knows that accidents happen and seems to be alright with that.

Reddit | CptSandbag73

Unless, of course, the photo actually just reflects the chairs that are in front of him. Not the most flattering angle.

Okay, this took me way to long to figure out.

Reddit | MotherKokoNutz

It really looks like a giant woman and a man about to dive, but the man is actually her hand holding a spiky sea urchin.

Once you've figured that out, it makes it hard to see the illusion again.

I hope this girl got bonus marks for being able to play two flutes at once.

Reddit | HelpingPhriendlyPhan

Of course, she can't. There's a person behind her playing the other one, but the perspective hides them.

Hey, girl, don't you know that's bad for your health?

Reddit | rubyslipper101

At least, that's what you might think on first glance. But nope, she's not actually puffin' stuff, she's just sippin' her drink!

This image was titled "Double Car" and I still spent far too long wondering why someone would paint their vehicle that way.

Reddit | lajosyext

The perfect alignment and flat lighting really make this look like the convertible is painted on rather than parked in the closer space.

Even old family photos sometimes require a bit of brain rewiring to parse.

Reddit | FinAdvisor92

The shallow depth of field makes it look like the woman has a long, stretchy arm like Elastigirl.

Nananananananana Bat-Cat!

Reddit | SoggyHoneyWaffles

Or is it Catwoman?

I'm so confused now.

I, for one, welcome our new squirrel overlords.

Reddit | swallowingpanic

How this little dude is gonna drive is beyond me — that car actually looks way too small for it to be comfortable!

This makes me way more uncomfortable than is really should.

Reddit | camillo_golgi

I mean, I know it's just the perspective making this elephant have a short, piggy trunk, but it's still unsettling.

Nothing to see here. Bird's just hovering.

Reddit | fugazi-stugotz

I'm going to assume there is actually a wire or something that's blending in with the sky. That, or it's the first act of a Hitchcock movie.

Nothing quite as refreshing as seeing someone living on the edge.

Reddit | MassiveIndependence

I'd get exhausted just taking this pic if it were normal, but pulling yourself up like that for a sideways photo takes a lot of strength. Respect!

The spirit of Harambe will always be with us.

Reddit | menthod

He shows himself in small places, like the shadows of these two friends.

Open wide, here comes the airplane!

Reddit | FPTN

Kinda feel bad for the passengers, though. This crazy cannibal shrinks down her victims and swallows 'em whole! One day, she will devour us all...I mean, probably.

I've never really seen camo work this well before.

Imgur | thereeladam

I just love how each piece flows into the shot so cleanly. This almost makes me miss the snow...but only almost.

And lastly, this one might take a bit more time to see.

Reddit | derpyguy7

But if you're really having trouble, try turning your screen sideways and lookin' for the little nose! Once you see it, you can't unsee it!

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