18+ People Who Did It For Fashion's Sake

What's the worst thing you've ever worn in public? Take that, times it by like 10 (at least) and know that it probably wouldn't have made the cut for the runway that is this list. Unless you are on this list, and then I am sorry, but also... work it?

1. Fashion for those who like to fidget? 


I need to put my foot down with the fidget spinners because I thought we were over that craze and now we're wearing them?! This is not okay! This needs to be burned and never shown in the light of day again.

2. You can't say that the needlework on this dress isn't impressive.

Reddit | Fatwaffleking

It has a lot of detail, certainly a fresh look on the runway. Besides the green color that I'm not a fan of, I think it's totally pine.

3. I never thought I would say that pleather and lace go well together — oh, nope. Still saying that pleather and lace do not go well together.

Reddit | BestYak

Can't tell if this is a bowling bag or a purse, but either way, it's still like a bra in the sense that it should be covered in public at all times.

Takes a bold person to be able to rock such an... intimate-looking bag.

I'm sure there's also a matching wallet because who wouldn't want a full set? I'm sure Victoria would rather keep this one a secret.

4. Now that's what I call high fashion.

Reddit | counttess

I crack myself up. Just like I would certainly crack a bone or two if I were to ever try wearing these out.

5. On first glance, this dress is beautiful and I want it.

Reddit | retrowavve

And then I realized that there is no way to function in this dress if you use your arms.

6. I get wanting to honor your idol, but come on, there's gotta be a way to do it without showing off your toes.

Reddit | fluentinimagery

Not everyone wants to see Tupac chillin' with your toes.

7. There's literally no reason this shirt should look like this except to make me question anyone who would ever wear it.

Reddit | kvnmahan

Fashion is just really super confusing, but can't we keep seams where they're supposed to be?!

8. Surely this must have looked better on the hanger when you couldn't tell where the pattern falls.

Reddit | NoToNope

On the rack? Super cute floral dress. On a human? Really looks like you've made a horrible mistake.

There really is a difference between high fashion and looking like you you just had some sort of accident in your new white dress.

Granted it's a fine line, easily crossed.

9. Bought the super cute dress online, got a super questionable shirt instead.

Reddit | isis1231

It held so much promise that was quickly shattered. My standards are pretty high, but this hemline is higher.


Why can't things just look EXACTLY LIKE THEY DO ONLINE?! Is it really that hard?! I have a dress coming next week and if it ends up like this one I might lose it.

10. And this girl is rocking the sassy pout better than I do at 26.

Reddit | theharper

Lip gloss and a french braid? She was working it in the '90s. I would bet anything she had sparkly eyeshadow and butterfly clips on hand to step up the look.

Slay, girl, slay!

This girl is pulling out the smize, the Blue Steel, the fierce pose that 100% would have landed this on a Myspace page. I wish I had this talent.

11. Truly dedicated to a look that is not a phase.

Reddit | corderoroman

Look at that detail. Sure it's black and white, but you just know they're in all black anyway. Odds they're wearing high top Converse to complete the look?

12. The choker trend has officially gone too far and I'm going to need someone to pull the plug on it. 


I don't know why they thought this look would be anything but shocking.

13. This would have any fashion guru seeing red.

Reddit | u/dilholforever

The frills, the lace, the TIERED FRILLED LACE. There's a lot going on and I'm in awe at her confidence in wearing this and showing it to the world.

Please let it sink in that this girl not only wore this dress, but she wore it out on purpose to have her photo taken.

Tbh, no idea how she got in a car or through any doors with that hoop skirt.

14. Grandma chic meets Looney Tunes?

Reddit | NeutralExpression

Keeping it classic with a little modern tweet of everyone's favorite cartoon tiny bird. The cane just escalates the look to a whole other level.

15. Fashion comes first, no matter where you are.

Instagram | @will_ent

As long as you can keep your loafers from getting sandy it's all Gucci. My sister will be so proud I'm using her lingo, turns out Gucci can mean good.

16. That's one way to add a twinkle to your smile. 

Reddit | Fk_th_system

I'm not going to even pretend that I don't think this is super trashy, but what do I know about accessorizing teeth?

But that would be how you ensure that you're working it from the teeth to the toes, and Tyra would be so proud.

You know, like a grill, but make it fashion.

17. There's loving the color pink, and then there's this.

Reddit | tobasita

Whatever this is. I get wanting a colorful wardrobe, but you have to find balance. Truly enjoy the fuzzy socks though.

18. I get saying yes to the ring, but you really need to say yes to getting that ring fitted.

Twitter | @Haris_Kahloon

And this is coming from a girl who has breakfast sausages for fingers.

19. Oh yes. Just a casual outfit for the evening.

Reddit | Zussow15

If you want to recreate this look, you just need to have someone tightly wrap you in a sheet.

But good luck trying to do anything with your arms. You may need your date to hand feed you your dinner.

20. When your knees are your favorite part of your body and you just really want to show them off.

Reddit | @Whoshabooboo

The designers must have really been running out of ideas in the drawing room, because plain old blue jeans apparently just aren't good enough to sell as is.

21. Okay, I actually loved Serena Williams in this dress. But now I can't unsee it.

Reddit | Arhye

This really takes "looking like a snack" to new levels. Now it's "looking like a whole breakfast scramble."

22. When you want to feel one with your feathered friends.

Reddit | heywhatsyournam

These heels would really freak me out if I saw them in person. Not that they don't already do that.

23. These are some pretty delicious looking earrings, I do have to say.

Reddit | grape-jerky

People will do anything to make a major fashion statement, including fastening massive blueberry muffins to earrings.

Just. Wow.

24. Ugly Christmas sweater party? Challenge accepted.

Reddit | Jfonzy

This man went all out for the ugly Christmas sweater theme, going as far as shaving a Christmas tree out of his chest hair and adding a body glitter star as the topper.

I gotta give massive kudos for this dedication.

25. Wicker is so in right now.

Reddit | AppleAtrocity

I'm surprised I haven't seen more people sporting an entire wicker outfit more often! People really love it.

26. JNCO Jeans.

Instagram | @sil138_

27. This is exactly what I want my next '90s party to look like.

Reddit | PM_Dix

And yes, socks with sandals will be a requirement.

28. If they can make bubble coats, why can't they make bubble dresses?

Reddit | lenawisser

The future is fashion. You just don't understand.

29. There just aren't enough patterns going on in this photo.

Instagram | @doyoulovethe2000s

This photo is so 2000s it hurts.

30. Remember when wearing tablecloths and curtains was cool?

Instagram | @rccweddingsandevents

We're grateful for all the brave souls who shared these photos for the world to see.

31. Pretty jealous of this photo backdrop, tbh.

Reddit | lyricistlibrettist

I definitely want to re-create it, not going to lie!

32. If this doesn't scream the '80s...

Reddit | tomjulio

This is a powerful photo.

33. Would wear this in real life, tbh.

Reddit | Hockeylove

Maybe the backdrop doesn't mesh as well with the outfit, but that vest is killer!