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9+ Designs That Are Just So Darn Clever

Are you like me and love to admire clever and stylish interior decorating ideas? I can spend hours looking at them. So when I stumbled upon @topdezigners Instagram page I was immediately hooked. And I see I'm not alone. They now have 190K devoted followers.

Let's take a look at some of the amazing design ideas they've shared with followers.

1. Wooden Stairs

Sure, you can have a regular, boring stairway taking you up to the upper level of your house, or you can have this amazing and rustic wooden stairway cut straight from the log.

2. Open Roof Concept

Admire the beautiful blue sky for days with this open roof concept idea. Wow, this simple room becomes spectacular with an awesome view like this.

3. Artful Shelving

Making use of your space in a clever way is always a great idea but if it also looks like an artful expression that's something else.

4. Bathroom Goals

Wow, this bathroom makes me want to take a bath that lasts for at least two hours. This is serious bathroom goals here. I'm loving the ambiance.

5. Office Space

Imagine if your office had a space like this to hang out and have your morning or afternoon coffee break? It's both stylish and really modern.

6. Kitty Corner

Ha, ha, ha, I haven't wanted to be a cat more than in this minute. I would love to hang out in this little bubble. So cool.

7. A Great Hangout

Wow, I can only imagine chilling in this super comfy hanging chair. Now, if only I had a view like this to keep me company, too.

8. Cineorama

Wouldn't it be the coolest to have this awesome cinema right in your own backyard? I think you would be the envy of all your neighbors.

9. Table Planter

This is such a genius idea to combine a coffee table and a planter together. What a clever way to display your plants and entertain as well.

10. Helicopter Bed

Imagine being a kid who's dreaming of becoming a pilot? This helicopter bed is what dreams are made of. This is the epitome of cool design.

11. Magic Cave Bathtub

I dunno about you, but to me, this bathtub looks like it belongs in a museum. Not sure if it's practical but it's definitely unique.

12. Stunning Reception

I sure hope that checking in to this hotel is as delightful as this reception desk. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before.

14. Toilet Paper Holder

When you stack your spare rolls in this toilet paper rack, you'll create a cute and fluffy sheep. Awww! I need this in my bathroom!

15. Using Raw Materials

This tree shelving unit makes the space so cozy. You can feel like you're in the tranquility of a cottage even though you're in the city at home on a work night.

16. Skater Turned Architect

If you have any old skateboards lying around from old skater days, you can easily turn them into a fun shelving unit.

Add some old records on top and you have a retro room to die for!

17. Light It Up

This design is so genius. Even when the light is off, it will still look like light is being projected.

Of course, you gotta get Jack Skellington in the photo, like when he's with Sally in front of the moon.

18. Pens and Planters

This is a great easy way to really spruce up your desk and still keep it organized.

This one is for all the Virgos out there.

19. Added Storage

You can never have too much storage in a home!

What's great about these stair drawers is that they're hidden, but offer so much room to put your couch throw collection.

20. Don't Throw The Key Away

When you lock your bike at this bike stand, it locks through a giant key.

So cute! I hope they bring these to my town.

21. Not Very Satisfying Turned Satisfying

I don't know about you, but I hate when the top layer of cardstock tears off.

But this cabinet mimics that effect and is oddly satisfying. The tears work well as handles!

22. Unique Light Fixture

This amazing light fixture is so beautiful to look at but then it gives you such a stunning and unique effect as well. Simply gorgeous.

23. A Functional Sectional

The components of this unique sofa pull apart and can be used to create additional stools or tables. That is some genius designing right there.

Looking at these amazing interior decorating ideas makes me wish to have all the money in the world to implement them in my house.

These would be so much fun.

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