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15+ Times People Responded With Exactly The Right Amount Of Snark

Snark is one of my favorite forms of humor. It's often clever while being just a bit more acidic than regular sarcasm.

There's a sense of a last resort, a deep sigh of resignation in realizing that politeness, logic, or even sarcasm won't get your point across correctly. Sometimes, it's passive aggressive, but it definitely leans toward the aggressive side.

But it's always hilarious.

There's a story here.

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Otherwise, why would someone go out of their way to get a custom sign made when a standard "NO PARKING" would usually be enough?

Well played.

Reddit | clifflampe

Admittedly, I've never been one for coloring books or pages. I've always been more of a doodler when I need to relax and end up giving up before finishing the coloring.

I imagine that this restriction is due to a regulation where food can't be served in the same place as people smoke.

Reddit | CarelesslyCubedCheez

It's a fairly common law these days. I also imagine how many smokers complained about the rule before the snark became earned.

There's always that one tenant that complains about everything.

Reddit | hangryGalactus

Does it suck to have to listen to fire alarms all day? Yep, but wouldn't you rather they work than find out the hard way that they're busted?

Kudos to the grammar nerd for undercutting them.

My response to this image can only be described as a gigglesnort.

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What can I say? I enjoy a good, snarky pun.

This sort of container is actually good to have, because batteries should be disposed of properly, but are the sort of thing that often gets tossed in the trash anyway.

I didn't realize that Siri could be so snarky!

Reddit | ShmurzernameUsername

Like, the person asking the question probably knew she couldn't literally do their homework for them. Why'd she need to make it personal?

I just asked Alexa the same thing, and she just told me not to cheat, but she could help with a few questions. Less fun.

Apparently, snark is simply how Siri was programmed.

Imgur | matroskinn

You know what? I kind of like that the programmers gave her a bit of personality. Alexa is pretty boring.

While Siri's response was probably programmed by someone, this is a bot just doing its job.

Reddit | stupidcasey

Sometimes "smart" features are unintentionally hilarious when they trigger at the wrong time.

Apparently, it would take this person more than 16 days to walk to Hell, Michigan. The more you know...

This sign was displayed at a mechanic's shop.

Reddit | seriouslymytenth

Checks were needed in the days before debit cards, since most people don't carry around the kind of cash needed for car repairs or other large expenses. Nowadays, they're just as antiquated and inconvenient as a cassette tape.

This thrift store is clear about where they think flat-Earther books belong.

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Personally, I think this is an insult to sci-fi, which at least tries to be plausible. I would have shelved it in the fantasy section, right next to Discworld.

Yahoo's fantasy sports app is throwing some shade in the update notes.

Reddit | therealteej

I guess we know where their office's opinions fall on that particular controversy.

This zoo has a great sense of humor.

Reddit | MrBrianWeldon

This definitely falls on the softer end of the snark spectrum, but I'm sure visitors get grumbly when there isn't an animal to see.

The adults anyway. Kids love construction vehicles.

This sort of tiny snark is actually handy.

Reddit | fel1van

Even if you do read the washing instructions for new clothing, it's easy for it to be forgotten. By making this one memorable with a bit of humor, you're more likely to actually follow the advice.

This was the result of someone responding "Nothing, thanks," when the waiter asked what they'd like for dessert.


Personally, I think it's hilarious.

This courthouse door has an electronic lock that you have to press a button to release.

Reddit | vextender

However, the button doesn't actually cause the door to open itself, which apparently many people were unaware of.

At least this Arby's had a sense of humor after someone drove through their windows.

Reddit | TotesOfGoats

I mean, assuming there was no damage or debris near the kitchen, there's no reason they couldn't be open while the issue was sorted out. They'd probably have more customers just for the novelty.

Who knew the Royal Mail could give such a good burn?

Twitter | @royalmail

You can almost heat the rimshot after that joke. The old-school emoticon just adds to it.

This horoscope app is seriously taking daily horoscopes to a new level of snarky sass.

I have never related to a horoscope so much in my life. No beating around the bush. Just telling it like it is.

My kind of style.

There's no real science on how to use chopsticks.

Reddit | ChristianComa

You just hold them between your fingers and go on with them.

And if you're struggling, well, I guess there's always a fork around or your hands?

Ouch. The sass is real.

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Thankfully, I never had to figure out a senior quote for my yearbook. But if I did, this would totally be the vibe I would go for.

This is how you grab the youths' attention and really inspire some change.

Imgur | jmd273

Even though the snark and sass is real on this highway sign, it's for a good cause!

Who hurt this driver?

Reddit | Ralaar

This was how all of us signed off on MSN Messenger back in the day.

I don't understand the purpose of it for a license plate, but it's pretty snippy and sassy for purposes of this article.

Dang, Netlfix! The movie and television streaming website really just did that.

Reddit | CerealDorkVest

I don't care what they label these shows — it's not going to stop me from watching them.

And if you've never watched Laguna Beach, I highly recommend.

CO — STAR horoscope app back at it with another sassy "day at a glance" banner notification.

Twitter | @vm_clark

Can you guess what sign this person might be just from the quote?

Sassy puns are the best puns.

This Twitter user was really asking for it when they added the letter "e" to the end of "pop."

Major points goes out to the Twitter user who replied for how well their clapback worked out.

This person made one typo mistake and the website really came for them.

Reddit | hannahjoy33

What if this person is really from the future? Would they not be allowed to continue to fill out their information?

This sign is giving people who litter and pollute the earth no option here.

Reddit | treslittlebirds99

There is seriously no excuse for littering, but if you were honestly thinking about it and came across this sign, I would hope it would change your life.

Yikes! This facility is really covering all their bases.

Reddit | ReallyCleverName69

They know exactly what kinds of people would mark up their bathrooms.

They must really make those bathroom graffiti punks feel small!

There's nothing like a warm loving card from grandma.

Reddit | adfoe

Hey, someone's gotta tell him!

I hope when I'm older my sass level increases by at least 80 points.

Even Siri knows a thing or two about "Game of Thrones."

Reddit | Frostfallen

What a smart intelligent system Siri is. She's sharp and quick, too!

I wonder what she thought of the Game of Thrones finale?

This instruction manual is clearly sick of dealing with complaints from customers about throwing out their backs.

Reddit | the_desert_fox

They're telling it like it is, and any company that does that same has my business.

If you want a true sassy and snarky comment, you gotta get it from the kids.

Reddit | Rocky9211

I would give this student an A+ just for how they thought outside of the box to write about thinking outside of the box!

There's a lot of good that can come from having medical information accessible to everyone.

Reddit | Screwdge_McDickens

But it can also result in people insisting they have cancer because Google said so.

How long did this beach in Lithuania put up with guys pissing everywhere before putting up this sign.

Reddit | mrthordavis

It's delightfully clear with only one recognizable logo and not other text required. If you piss here the cameras will see, and you will be embarrassed on the internet.