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24 Wild Pictures That Made Us Go 'Yikes'

Do you like making random, uncomfortable sounds while you're scrolling through your phone? Like "Yikes!" or "Hrnnnnnnnnnnn!" or maybe even "Great googly moogly"? Then boy oh boy, do I have the list-based article for you. And the best part is that you're already here! Now all you have to do is scroll.

1. "Oh, hey, that's a nice face you've got there. It'd be a shame if somebody came and stung it." —Some jerk bee, presumably.

Reddit | poor_tom

She's actually just getting into beekeeping. I'm not saying that to set up a joke. That's actually what she said when she shared the image. I'd personally get turned off of a hobby if that happened to me, but all the power to her, I guess.

2. Some pets are lower maintenance than others.

Reddit | Gapehornes

Sure, you may get a little disturbed when your new fish's skin peels off and appears to melt into the water. But don't worry, that's just part of its normal shedding schedule.

3. Okay, yes, this is absolutely good advice to follow when dealing with a kid's bathing suit.

Reddit | sfangela

But then again, don't tell me that you're not a little bit curious to know exactly how much chaos would ensue if you followed the "worst results" option.

4. It's important when first starting a relationship to establish just how deep-seated everyone's daddy issues are.

Reddit | Reddit

Using it as an opening line may seem risky, but at least you've got everything out in the open. You can save the mom talks for at least a few dates.

5. It seems like somebody's got a thing or two they want to get off their chest.

Reddit | albertkoholic

Also, am I the only one who read this as somebody having a "Wife Sale" after their garage cheated on them?

6. Try as you might to protect your phone, there's always some corner of some table that's looking to ruin your plans.

Reddit | Gambion

And thus began my lifelong feud with any furniture that has corners.

7. This sign is a little too meta for me.

Reddit | GiauzarGD

I'm pretty sure the only safe thing to do is to just turn your car around and drive the other way. There's nothing good ahead.

8. As long as there's been social media, there have also been people who come along to make it super awkward for everybody else.

Reddit | JulieWithTheEyes

Normally the people who are doing this are named "Jerry," and their profile picture is usually a selfie they took from below the chin, but I shouldn't stereotype.

9. What would you call this? An avoca-pope? Holy guacamole?

Reddit | papaelonm

Also, I'm not saying that you would get more millennials to go to church if you offered avocado toast for communion, but I'm also NOT not saying it.

10. This is why I prefer my go-to fitness regimen of not doing anything at all.

Honestly, the biggest workout I get is bursting out in laughter when coworkers send me hilarious videos, like this one that Kevin showed me earlier.

11. Believe it or not, this is an orange parfait.

Instagram | @chefbenchurchill

Why somebody would want to make their parfait look like a moldy clementine is beyond me, but there ya go. Actually, maybe it's so that they don't have to share it. In which case, they're honestly brilliant.

12. The important thing to remember about arguing with people online is that there are a lot of people who have a stronger urge to fight than they have facts and knowledge to back them up.

Twitter | @tonestradamus

You know that common expression "physically irresponsible," right?

13. I know we've all been warned to never corner a wild animal, but no one warns you about cornering your pissy little cat. 

Reddit | RipplingSpace

Cats are basically furry death machines, so watch out.

14. Although this setup looks super comfy, it's probably not the best idea to bring your own bedding into a public bathroom. 

Reddit | unsociaI

I guess you could keep this weird little invention within the confines of your own home.

15. Well, this is a freaky little optical illusion if I've ever seen one. 

Reddit | Ttmx

Who knew the beach would become a playground for strangely curated real-life street art? I'm not into it.

16. How does this guy expect to get through a doorway with average dimensions?

The Chive | The Chive

I think he's gonna need to enter through the back of the building where the wide load delivery trucks go.

17. Going green isn't as easy as it looks. 

The Chive | The Chive

Who said making a smoothie would go smoothly? Making a necessary lifestyle change isn't for the faint of heart. Trust me on this one.

18. I don't even know how this would happen, but I can't pretend that I'm not impressed. 

Reddit | duckboi9000

I'm obviously still a little confused, but this is just straight-up magic.

19. Consider this the adult version of a fun house mirror, except for it's less fun and more terrifying.

The Chive | The Chive

Plus, it's probably the only reason you texted your ex last weekend, so it just can't be that good for you.

20. Imagine driving behind this giant Eddy Murphy head on the highway. 

Reddit | iPwnUrPhone

If you couldn't imagine it before, I bet you can imagine it now. And just as you imagined, it's terrifying.

21. No word of a lie, my 6-year-old walked into my bedroom this morning with his underwear on his head. The struggle is real.

Imgur | whatdidyoudoallday

You can ask any parent and they'll all have at least one picture like this on their phone.

22. This is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

Who eats pickles? I still can't wrap my head around it. Cucumbers were fine the way they were before people decided to poison them with vinegar.

23. It's not often that I'm actually disturbed by the weird pictures I find doing this job, but this one's got me nervous to step outside.

Twitter | @OkigboXL

And that's coming from me, a person living in Canada. I have no idea how Arizona folk do it.

24. There are moments in life that come along and make you wonder what direction the rest of your life is going to take.

Twitter | @ashleyreed271

And sometimes those moments get captured and end up going viral.

And here's a bonus happy ending picture.

Twitter | @ashleyreed271

A couple of years later, these two crazy lovebirds decided to get married. Look who's throwing the bouquet now! Hopefully whoever caught it got their own viral photo, that way we can keep this whole party going.