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24 Mistakes No One Will Ever Forget

We all make mistakes. If we're lucky, we get to just sweep them under the rug and never worry about them again. But that's not the case with these mistakes. Oh no, no sir (or ma'am), these are highlights from the blooper reel of life that definitely stuck with people long after the bruises healed.

1. It takes a lot of self-awareness to own your mistakes as much as this person has.

Reddit | ddh85

That being said, getting the custom plate and self-deprecating decal were also financially unwise, so I don't think they've learned their lessons quite as well as they'd like to think.

2. Great, now I just really want a Cinnabon.

Reddit | dagglington

It's honestly a very, very good thing that there aren't any Cinnabon shops within walking distance of my office. Let me tell you, when I worked at the mall, it got to be a serious problem.

3. Clearly, whoever was putting together the yearbook missed out on Mrs. McGillicutty's class on making accurate bar graphs.

Reddit | AlsxDiff

Really, this whole thing is just a mess. I'm starting to think they just used a stock image of a bar graph. That's gotta be what happened.

4. Everybody's always saying that we need to be suspicious of cats, but dogs are the real murderers around here.

Imgur | Subcity

They haven't trusted us since Old Yeller, and frankly, I don't blame them. We're just lucky they haven't figured out how to use guns.

5. First came the pizza. Then came the panini. Now, I present to you...this unfortunate mess.

Imgur | Subcity

Hold on, did this person seriously put the pie tray underneath? Or is the pizza just levitating, David Blaine style?

6. Sometimes, you don't actually need security, you just need to feel like you've done something.

Imgur | Subcity

That's why I never actually fill the moat around my house. That would be way too expensive. But I just like knowing there's a moat there, y'know?

7. I've always heard that "the 3st is real," but until now, I'd never actually seen it.

Imgur | Subcity

And boy, is it truly a sight to behold. The only problem is that nobody wanted to win that competition because everybody wanted this medal instead.

8. I can't be the only one who finds this super endearing.

Imgur | Subcity

Like, she knows her phone well enough to keep what appears to be an extra battery pack in her purse, but then she just stares into the camera lens. You're doing great, Linda. Never change.

9. When your flat screen TV isn't quite flat enough, so you just pound it into the ground a little bit further.

Imgur | lucyposhaheidi

That's not really a thing. I don't know why I said that like it is.

10. When you're doing martial arts, you actually have a great opportunity to work out personal issues.

Just ask the person you're beefing with to hold a board for you and then "accidentally" miss.

11. Do you regret it, Mike? Do you really?

Twitter | @bulletsmikey

Because it looks to me like you accidentally captured the greatest picture of a dog ever taken. That's what it looks like to me.

12. If there's one thing I still continue to struggle with in life, it's pretty much all of it.

Imgur | thequeenoflimbs

But also, more specifically, I absolutely haven't nailed down the proper etiquette for walking past people. It's a nightmare. That's why I've taken to just skulking through the bushes instead to avoid human contact.

13. Sometimes the most memorable mistakes aren't the ones that you make, they're the ones that happen to you.

Imgur | GenerousThief

It's really not the milk mix-up that makes this so unforgettable, it's the lactose-fueled Charmander that really puts the icing on the cake.

14. Well, thanks a lot, sign.

Imgur | 123Erik123

That being said, it's nice to just kind of find your center and get grounded sometimes. Like, it's good to know that you're actually here, and not just astral projecting or something.

15. After months of hearing all this "got yer nose" nonsense, little Jeremiah finally decided to teach his dad what really getting someone's nose looked like.

Imgur | fiirvoen

I feel like I'd be fine with this if it wasn't for the little sprig of mustache. Somehow that's putting me over the edge.

16. You know you've screwed up big when a giant swarm of  hornets only seems like the second biggest problem of the day.

Reddit | [deleted]

Either way, whether they're in China or Brazil, those hornets are still way too close to me.

17. "I can't believe it...I was in a BEAUTY TUTORIAL!"

Imgur | OPSkip

Although, really, if you're going to take eye makeup advice from anyone, it should be a cyclops. They've only got one chance to get it right, so you know that their brow and lash game is on point.

18. Sometimes, you can do everything right and try to help someone in need, but it still comes back to bite you...literally.

Imgur | GermanSuplexingHorses

I mean, in the swan's defense, if you handcrafted me a beak, I'd probably do the same thing. But I'd also be dealing with a lot, like the fact that I now have a beak, for instance.

19. I just showed this to my coworker Kevin. I'll report on his reaction in just a moment.

Twitter | @Wendys

I just heard him snort. This is a good start. And...yep, he just said "Lolol, no effs given." I'd call this a successful mission.

20. Search engines have come a long way since we had to Ask Jeeves about everything. But unfortunately, we're still not quite at the mind-reading stage.

Imgur | OPSkip

Which is probably for the best. Because boy, would my search history ever be dicey.

21. When you find out that Brooklyn Nine-Nine got canceled.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

That's the most relevant TV culture reference I could think of. I'm way too behind on Game of Thrones to know what would make people mad.

22. I've heard of adding insult to injury, but I prefer adding irony to injury.

Just Viral | Just Viral

The only way this could be "better" would be if the 1-800-HURT-NOW guy were driving the car.

23. Is this a new wax design or?

Reddit | Cake-Dealer

I'll tell you thought, peeling this off would be so satisfying!

24. I guess we all read signs differently?

Reddit | imnotsocreative

This confuses the heck out of me!

25. This dog likes to rest its bone under its chin, maybe?

Reddit | YourIkeaTable

Weird flex, but ok.

26. Maybe milk means different thinks to different people?

Reddit | Padroram

I know, I'm just trying to make sense of this design error.

27. This design, though.

Reddit | practicalsargent

Elmo's had enough tickling, I guess!

28. Is this a real life sign from another universe?

Reddit | umkiwi

Where their weeks are 9 days?

Sometimes I really wish there were more days in the week...

29. Oh my...

Reddit | BoomerzDoomerz

I mean, people sure will remember this bus advertisement! So maybe it's genius marketing.

30. This Reddit user was supposed to get Japanese whisky for Christmas.

Reddit | Whippity

Instead, they received 750ml of whisky barrel-aged soy sauce.

It does sound delicious!

31. This mug does not like left-handed people.

Reddit | bradcrc

Talk about a design fail!

32. Oops.

Instagram |

Even though spatulas are made to cook food in frying pans, they're not made to actually be cooked.

33. I'm not sure whether the plumber or the bench builder is the one who needs a talking to at this point, but somebody done goofed up.

Reddit | SecretWhale

Or maybe it's a bench that's supposed to get your butt wet. I don't know how they do things in Europe.

34. I've heard of painting yourself into a corner before, but this is the first time I've ever seen someone have to tip-toe out of a newly poured basement before.

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

Or, again, maybe that's just how they do things in Europe. I don't really get "culture."

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