7 Cartoon Houses That Exist In Real Life

Houses in a suburban neighborhood.
Unsplash | Breno Assis

Fans of cartoons and comics have often dreamed of living in their favorite characters' worlds or even dwellings. But did you know that there are real houses out there that have been inspired by our favorite cartoons? Yes, you heard correctly, some of these cartoon houses actually exist. The Simpson's house? Yep. The Flintstone's house? It exists ya'll!

Check out these real life houses that are quite magical and seem like they're jumping right out of the page of your favorite show.

1. Minnie Mouse’s Cartoon House

Minnie Mouse's house animated.
other | Disney Interactive Studios

This famous cartoon house has been the beloved dwelling of Minnie Mouse. It's so unique because of all the pink and all the fun features.

Minnie Mouse’s House In Real Life

This house has pretty much been recreated down to all the fine details. And if you're planning a trip to California you can visit it in Toontown in Disneyland.

2. Snow White’s Cottage

Snow White's cottage animated.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Disney

This beloved cartoon has enchanted many of our hearts. Most of us remember the unique house Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have lived in.

Snow White’s Cottage In Real Life

This Snow White-inspired home actually exists in Washington State and has no square corners anywhere. It took 30 years to create this masterpiece. Wow, magical.

3. Bruce Wayne’s Manor

Bruce Wayne's manor animated.
Batman | DC Comics

We were all fascinated by Bruce Wayne's Manor in the Batman comics. It was a mysterious place where amazing inventions were hidden away from the world.

Bruce Wayne's Manor In Real Life: Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, England

Bruce Wayne's manor real life Wollaton Hall.
Wikimedia Commons | Harry Mitchell

This real-life Elizabethan country house of the 1580s was actually the inspiration behind the fictional Bruce Wayne's Manor. The Dark Knight was actually taped there, too.

4. The Flintstones’ Cartoon House

The Flintstone's house animated.
The Flintstones | Hanna-Barbera

I remember watching The Flinstones as a kid and really digging their stone age house. It was so much different from other regular houses.

The Flinstones' House In Real Life

Flintstone's house in real life.
Wikimedia Commons | Sergei

This house is a free-form, single-family residence in Hillsborough, California. It was painted completely white inside to stay cool in the summer and it cost roughly $4,000,000. Wowza!

5. The Barbie House

Barbie house toy.
Amazon | Amazon

As a little girl, I definitely dreamed of having a Barbie's dream house even though I didn't even have one for my doll. It was so pretty.

Barbie's House In Real Life

Barbie's house real life pink, cherry.

Now little girls can finally come and visit the 10,000-square-foot pink plastic doll residence in Florida which has been covered in 20 pounds of glitter.

6. The Hobbit Hole Cartoon House

Hobbit hole house animated and real.
The Hobbit | Rankin/Bass

When you're looking to build a real eco-friendly family house that's in harmony with nature look no further than this Hobbit inspired dwelling.

7. SpongeBob’s Pineapple Cartoon House

Spongebob house animated.
SpongBob SquarePants | Nickelodeon

I bet kids get such a kick out of this cute and creative pineapple house where SpongeBob Squarepants lives under the sea. It's so fun.

Nickelodeon and Nick Resort, Punta Cana

No need to search underwater for this creation. You can simply book a flight to the Dominican Republic and stay at this replica villa.

8. The Jetsons' Futuristic Cartoon House

The Jetson's house.
other | Smithsonian

Many of us daydreamed about what it would be like to live in a futuristic house like the one that The Jetsons lived in on the popular 1960s cartoon.

The Jetsons' House In Real Life

Jetson's house in real life.
other | LA Places

While maybe not directly inspired by the show, a man by the name of John Lautner did create a house called the Malin Residence, or Chemosphere, for a family in California.

You can only reach it by funicular!

9. Mr. Spacely's Old Fishing Cabin

Mr. Spacely's old fishing cabin.
other | Smithsonian

Googie architecture was another futuristic design popular in mid-century America. This architecture design was also featured in The Jetsons and was Mr. Spacely's fishing cabin.

Mr. Spacely's Old Fishing Cabin In Real Life

Mr. Spacely's old fishing cabin in real life.
other | Smithsonian

Vandamm ‘s house in Alfred Hitchcock's North By Northwest looks like a replica of The Jetsons' house, although no one inhabits the residence since it lives on a Hollywood set.

10. The Simpsons' Cartoon House

The Simpson's house animated.
Wikipedia | Wikipedia

This cartoon pink home is an iconic image of the adult cartoon show. I think all of us have wanted to live in a house like this!

The Simpsons' House

The Simpson's house in real life.
Wikipedia | Wikipedia

A real life replica of the house was built in Nevada in the late '90s and everything inside is an exact replica of everything depicted in the cartoon house.

You can really try to live like you're Homer and Marge!

11. The 'Up' Cartoon House

The Up house animated and in real life.
instagram | @alysse.c

This movie sure hit us all in the feels, and one thing we really loved was the colorful house that Carl resided in.

It was later built in Herriman, Utah, and a family really lives in it!

I'm really impressed by all the imagination that went into recreating these famous comic and cartoon-inspired houses.

Giphy | Anchor Point

I can see that all the hard work definitely paid off here.