10+ Mistakes On ‘Friends’ That You Definitely Missed

Almost everyone loves the show FRIENDS.

But whether you're a Rachel or a Monica, you can't help but notice these glaring mistakes that the people on the hit sitcom happened to make.

Two Phoebes.


We all love the wacky, charming goofball Phoebe Buffay, but did you know she could teleport? Watch this clip closely and you'll see her dark magic in play.

Oooooo. Spooky.

Monica's Body Double.


In one episode, we find out that Monica is part of the Faceless Men and can change her appearance at will.

Watch this scene recorded by a devoted fan.

Monica Switches Apartments.


Remember when Monica lived in the number 5 apartment in her building?

Well, once the writers realized that would mean she'd have to live on the first floor, they changed it to number 20.

Brad Pitt's Pie.


Will Colbert (the one who hates Rachel and is also Brad Pitt) brings a pie to Thanksgiving.

Later in the scene, his super healthy pie is nowhere to be found.

Rachel's Body Double.


It seems that the FRIENDS and Game Of Thrones crossovers will continue because Rachel is also part of the Faceless Men.

In one scene, she switches from Jennifer Aniston to... this unknown person.

Monica's Evil Boots.


Remember that episode where Monica is wearing those terrible boots that keep hurting her, so she takes them off and leaves them on some street corner?

Well, luckily for her they come back in a Season 9 episode out of nowhere.

Chandler and Rachel meet three times.


That's right, they've met for the first time thrice.

Once in the very first episode, once in "The One with the Flashback" and once in "The One with all the Thanksgivings".

The Moving Mugs.


So in season 2 episode 4, Rachel is clearing mugs from a table. She puts them down on a counter, then gives Ross some advice.

When we cut later, the cups are in a brand new place. Magic!

The Disappearing Table.


In season 1 episode 19, Rachel is supposed to be watching Marcel the monkey when he disappears.

Long story short, they see him hanging outside a terrace and Rachel sees a table in the apartment. Moments later, the table is gone.

Ross knows nothing despite having a PhD.


Wow, there are way more Game Of Thrones references in this article than I thought there would be. “You know nothing, Ross Geller”.

Maybe Rachel would be a good stand-in for Ygritte?



Nevertheless, apparently, Ross is confused about everything.

He doesn’t know his birthday (he celebrates in March, tells Joey it’s in December and then claims it’s in October).



He’s always 29 throughout 3 seasons. Is Ross allergic to shellfish?

Maybe or maybe not, because he eats one and then says he is.

Chandler says 'I love you' twice.


There’s nothing more beautiful than when someone declares their love for another… unless it’s twice.

Chandler does this to Monica, once in front of Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe and again when she has the turkey on her head.

Rolled and unrolled.


Rachel is upset that Paolo made a pass at Pheobe, so she pulls paper towel across the apartment when she asks for one.

However, in the next scene, the paper towels are rolled up once again. Weird.

It's obviously a set.


In one shot in season 2 episode 20, you can obviously see the side of the set.

The place where it ends. Come on guys, you gotta be more attentive than that.

Rachel's Necklace


Gosh, I feel like Comic Book Guy pointing out all these mistakes. Anyways.

In Season 2 Episode 7, Rachel was talking to the gang whilst wearing a necklace. Soon after, it disappeared.

Worst. Episode. Ever.

The Hummus Stain


So Pheobe gets a big ol' Hummus stain on her dress in Season 3 Episode 2.

It's pretty bad and awfully noticeable, but what's even more noticeable is how the stain keeps changing sizes throughout.

Creepy Doors


Apparently, Monica's apartment is haunted. Spooky!

In Season 3 Episode 13 when she and Richard pretend they can just be friends, Monica tries to teach him how to cook. In the background, you see both of her doors are wide open.



Later, when they realize they're in each other's personal space, both the doors are suddenly closed.

Oh my god, Monica, you've got bigger things to worry about than relationships! Namely, ghosts! Woah!

Suit Switch


So in Season 3 Episode 21, Ross has a choice between two suits: one blue and one brown.

He presents them to Joey and Chandler with the blue in the left and the brown on the right.



Before the scene ends, the blue suit is in the right and the brown suit is in the left!

I mean, he could've just switched them off... wait, were they in Monica's apartment? The ghosts are at it again!

Disappearing Bracelets


Okay so, we all know that Erica gives birth to twins, which Monica and Chandler adopt in the series finale. Check out Chandler's left wrist. You see those bracelets hanging around there?



In the next scene, when Monica asks Chandler if he thinks the two can recognize each other outside of the womb, when he replies the bracelets are gone. Poof! Just like that.

But then...


When he finishes his answer, suddenly the bracelets have reappeared! Huh, I guess the magic of childbirth really does involve a lot of magic, doesn't it, Monica and Chandler?

Joey's Suddenly Clean Shirt


Alright folks, let's leave the finale for a bit and travel to Season 10 Episode 8. In this one, Monica and Chandler locked everyone out when they were late for Thanksgiving.

That's when...


Joey gets his head stuck in the door, so the two of them have to open it in order to get him free. He spazzes out, hits the table and gets food all over his shirt. Oh No!

Or is it an Oh No?


Because he goes from being completely covered in food to only having a minor stain once they figure out Monica and Chandler are adopting a baby. Did he clean it? Did he even have time?

The Appearing Toy


Alright, keeping to Season 10 for a moment, let's head over to Episode Five. Rachel has Emma playing with her toys as she talks to her sister Amy. All good so far.

At One Point...


Rachel picks up Emma from the bed. At this point, they are both empty handed. Rachel goes to pick up a toy, but doesn't end up doing it for some reason.

Sure enough...


When Amy tells Rachel she's getting married, Emma suddenly has a toy in her hand. Watch out Rachel, I'd get those toys away from Emma. Clearly, they are haunted in some way.