10+ Marvel Actors You Would Never Recognize On The Street

Who? Really, that's who played that character? There's no freaking way that was them!

Get ready to say that a bunch, because we're talking unrecognizable Marvel actors today, ladies and gentlemen!

Josh Brolin/Thanos.

Marvel, Instagram

I remember the year Infinity War came out, Josh Brolin had such a huge summer.

He also starred in Deadpool 2, which is still one of the best R-Rated superhero movies.

Michael Rosenbaum/Martinex.

Marvel, IMDb

Ah, yes! Who could forget the classic character of Martinex! The ravager from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 who would... ravage things... I presume.

I'm going to shock you here readers, but I forgot this character existed.

Hugo Weaving and Ross Marquand/The Red Skull.

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The cool thing about this job (amongst many other cool things) is that you learn something new every single day.

I, for example, never knew the Red Skull was played by two different people.

Zoe Saldana/Gamora.

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The problem with saying she's "unrecognizable" in this role is that everyone knows Zoe Saldana plays Gamora. I mean, I find it hard to separate the two at times.

Then again, she doesn't have green skin in real life.

Pom Klementieff/Mantis.

Marvel, Instagram

What? She doesn't have antennae, black eyes and yellow skin in real life?

Next, you'll be telling me that she can't actually control your emotions! My whole perception of reality is ruined!

Elizabeth Debicki/Ayesha.

Marvel, Instagram

Oh yeah, I remember this character from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Had no idea her name was "Ayesha" though.

I presume she was hanging out with Martinex when that was revealed.

Chris Sullivan/Taserface.

Marvel, Instagram

Although this character was invented to be the butt of a joke, it was a joke that landed.

However, I'll also agree that the actor is unrecognizable after all those pounds of makeup are removed.

Karen Gillan/Nebula.

Marvel, Instagram

Yes, this gorgeous redhead is completely unrecognizable as the merciless killer Nebula.

And honestly, it's a little offensive. They couldn't get a real blue-skinned person to play the alien? That's textbook prejudice.

Michael Rooker/Yondu Udonta.

Marvel, Instagram

Is it weird that Yondu and Michael Rooker look a lot more similar than most of the other characters on the list?

Sure, Mr. Rooker doesn't have a red implant and blue skin, but still...

Taika Waititi/Korg.

Marvel, IMDb

What?!? No way!!! I had no idea he was Korg!

Oh man, I loved him in What We Do In The Shadows... no wonder that character was so funny!

Lee Pace/Ronan the Accuser.

Marvel, Instagram

You would never recognize the actor who played the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe (yeah, you heard that right, fight me).

But once again, we see some textbook blue-skinned person prejudice. Psh, Hollywood.

James Spader/Ultron.

Marvel, IMDb

Man, Ultron was so cool. It was awesome how they made a machine so darn human and a lot of that was thanks to James Spader's amazing voice work. Kudos, my friend.

I would have no idea you were Ultron, though.

Michael James Shaw/Corvus Glaive.

Marvel, Instagram

Oh yeah, I never would have guessed in 1000 years that Michael James Shaw played Corvus Glaive.

I guess that's a testament to Marvel's amazing computer animation skills.

Dave Bautista/Drax the Destroyer.

Marvel, Instagram

As a huge wrestling fan, I have the same problem with calling Bautista unrecognizable as I do with Zoe Saldana.

In fact, throughout the first movie, I just called the character "Batista".

Paul Bettany/Vision.

Marvel, Instagram

Alright, now you've really got me. You're telling me they didn't actually build a super-advanced android with a super AI controlling it for the movie?

Wow, filmmakers are just fibbers.

Trevor Noah/ Griot

The Mary Sue - Instagram | @trevornoah

This one is kind of obvious, but there's no way you would recognize the voice of Griot, the A.I. system in the Wakandan ship, on the street.

This small, but important role, was played by Trevor Noah.

Vin Diesel/ Groot

Marvel - Instagram | @vindiesel

If I had it my way, Vin Diesel would win the Guiness World Records for fewest lines in a movie to date. But there's no shade in that, because the guy probably still made a lot of money for saying "groot" for an entire movie.

Ryan Reynolds/ Deadpool

IMDB - Instagram | @vancityreynolds

While Wade Wilson certainly looks like the Canadian actor in the movie Deadpool, his mutated self does not.

This disfigurement happens when the healing agent meant to cure his cancer morphs his skin.

Alexis Denisof/ The Other

Fandom - IMDB

Like Trevor Noah, Alexis Denisof plays a small, but critical, role in The Avengers.

He plays The Other, an alien-like being that is Thanos' right hand guy.