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Mother Forces Son To Shop At Goodwill After He Makes Fun Of Classmates Clothes

Parenting is kind of like throwing a baseball into the dark abyss and praying that it lands somewhere— you're never quite sure if you're doing the right thing.

These days, it's hard to tell what is and isn't considered proper wen raising your kids. You think you've got a handle on it all until some mother at the park shames you for feeding your son asparagus and you're like "who makes these rules???"

Raising a teenager includes trying to keep up with all the latest trends.

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Of course parenting isn't about love and respect and nurturing.

It's about the fact that Brad Smith and Joe Johnson in Ms. J's class across the hall both got lime green Jordans for Christmas and if your son doesn't have lime green Jordans yesterday he'll be mocked for the rest of his life and die alone.

One mom noticed that her son was being a bit of a snob.

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"So lately, my 13 year old son had been acting a little... entitled," her Facebook post reads, "Acting like he's too good to shop at Wal-Mart or making snarky comments about kids at school who shop at the goodwill and quite a few other things."

Well his mom wasn't having ANY of that.

"I don't tolerate that," she wrote.

She went on to explain why Goodwill is 1.) Super important to underprivileged families and 2.) Home of some actually sleek as heck styles.

She brought her son to Goodwill and taught him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget.

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"Today, he took his own $20.00 to the goodwill to buy clothes to wear the entire week to school," she explained, "Whatever he found is what he would have to wear."

"I want to teach my kids that money isn't everything."

She revealed that her son "shed a few tears" but she held firm in her convictions.

"I firmly believe in 15 years he will look back and laugh at the day his Mom made him shop at Goodwill."

A lot of people applauded the mom.

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"This is one thing that I have always taught my kids when school shopping comes around," one person commented, "I will ask my son if you wants to go to Goodwill first or go to Walmart and a lot of times he wants to go to Goodwill first."

But some people implied that this behavior should've been nipped in the bud earlier.

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"Should have started before 13," one commenter wrote, "Maybe he wouldn't be acting like that now if he'd learned this lesson beforehand."

Everyone's a critic I guess!

Do you think that she made the right call?

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Was this a valuable lesson or something much crueler?

Personally, I'll still be thrifting my little heart away every chance I get.

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