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10+ Awkward 'Wardrobe Malfunctions' That Celebs Addressed With No Shame In Their Game

Wardrobe malfunctions are just a part of being a celebrity. If you're famous and you haven't yet had a documented wardrobe malfunction, your time is coming.

It's a right of passage, and these celebrities all handled their embarrassing moments like pros.

Sarah Hyland.

Sarah posted a few shots of herself in a cut-out dress on Instagram — with her Spanx making a small appearance around her waistline. But she totally owned it.

She captioned the photo "Kickstarting fall off with a PSL dress and a splash of spanx".

Ashley Tisdale.

After photos of Ashley Tisdale surfaced that displayed her gel pasties through her shirt, she posted it on Instagram alongside a photo of the nipple-covers.

"When you're feelin yourself but your Gel Petals wanna steal the show," she captioned the post.

No shame in the Gel Petal game.

Katherine Heigl.

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While Katherine was on stage accepting an award at ShoWest, the strap of her dress unexpectedly came undone.

She laughed it off and had Billy Bush stand behind her, holding it in place so that she could finish her speech.

Taylor Swift.

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After a fan pointed out that Taylor Swift had a hair tie lodged in her nylons, Taylor didn't even bother denying it. She commented on the photo, admitting that there was a hair tie in her stockings and that she has no idea how it got there.

Dakota Johnson.

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Just after accepting a People's Choice Award, Dakota's top ripped open as she gave Leslie Mann a hug, and her reaction was priceless.

"Leslie just broke my dress. Well, it's not like nobody here hasn't already seen my boobs," she joked.

Rosamund Pike.

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While appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Rosamund realized as she sat down that the back of her dress had split open. Jimmy tried to put her mind at ease by saying “I won’t look,” and “I’m not even wearing pants!”

She was able to laugh the whole thing off and carefully finish the interview.

Mariah Carey.

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Mariah has had her fair share of wardrobe malfunctions, and she always manages to handle it with the utmost grace.

During a performance in 2013 on Good Morning America her dress popped open. Her assistant rushed on stage to fix things, and Mariah continued to sing because as you may know, the show must go on.

Sofía Vergara.

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Sofia had absolutely no shame about her last wardrobe malfunction.

At the 2012 Emmy's, the back of Sofia's dress split open on the red carpet. But instead of letting it embarrass her, she's able to laugh at herself as she shows it off to fans.

Nicki Minaj.

YouTube | hnl2009

While Nicki was performing her hit song "Superbass" on live television, jumping up and down for the better part of the song, she looked down and realized that both of her boobs had completely fallen out of her top.

She laughed at herself, adjusted her top, and carried on like nothing happened.

Chrissy Teigen.

After the slit in Chrissy's dress tore about five inches closer to her crotch than it should have, she was stuck walking around like this for the remainder of the evening — using her clutch to cover herself.

But she made sure to post a photo of it on Instagram to document the occasion.

Margot Robbie.

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While Margot was posing on the red carpet premiere of Tarzan, the back of her dress — held only by one small button, busted open. Luckily for her, her co-star, Alexander Skarsgård, was able to save the day, reinforcing her dress — helping avoid any real damage.

Margot laughed the whole thing off and went right back to posing for photos.

Kanye West.

Getty Images | James Devaney

This is an unusual one.

Back in 2012, after a dinner date with his now-wife, Kim Kardashian, Kanye seemed to have lost his pants — revealing his upper thigh to the paparazzi.

But in typical Kanye-fashion, he didn't seem to care much. He pulled up his pants, stared straight-faced at the photographers and went about his business.