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Bride Doesn’t Want Fiance’s ‘Crotch Goblin’ Toddler At Wedding

A wedding can arguably be the most important moment in someone's life.

In most cases, you are not only uniting two people in marriage, but uniting two entire families as well. With that many people, it is relatively normal and expected that you won't get along with every single member of your significant other's family.

Let's get real— planning a wedding is one big stress fest.

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Even with a wedding planner and supportive wedding party behind you, there are _ a lot_ of things that need to get done.

When you get around to realizing that weddings literally cost tens of thousands of dollars, you start to run into walls regarding a specific issue: the guest list.

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You can't afford to invite everyone and their mom to your wedding.

Even if that's totally what your mom's plan would be.

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Dinner plates are expensive. Thank you gifts are expensive. Seating and venues are expensive.

As difficult as it is, you're going to have to make some tough decisions regarding who is vital in your ideal wedding experience.

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Some people may initially be a little hurt, but it's your wedding, and you need to be happy about its outcome.

One bride-to-be has decided on a "kid-free wedding."

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Oh, you didn't realize that was a option? Apparently brides can make it happen.

This woman took to Facebook to rant about a few issues she's been having with her guest list. Her post was subsequently screenshotted and shared on Reddit .

As she specifically wrote "No Kids" on her wedding invitations before sending them out, she figured that people would get the message.

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She's not alone. A lot of people are opting for kid-free weddings for multiple reasons.

She doesn't want her fiance's 3-year-old daughter there, but he doesn't get the hint.


"How do I tell my fiance I don't want his daughter at our wedding?" she writes, "I don't want her there because she's needy as f**k and makes everything about her and I said NO KIDS."

"I am marrying him, not his crotch goblin."

She explains that she shouldn't have to deal with a toddler at her wedding because "she's his mistake, not mine."

She's also decided that she doesn't want any criticism regarding her decision, writing, "if you don't have anything nice to say or any advice then SCROLL ON!!!"

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Of course, her rant was met with a lot of competing responses from Reddit users.

Understandably, most people went for her jugular.

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"The groom needs to cancel the weeding ASAP," one person commented, "No red flag exist that is bigger and brighter than this one,."

Another person called the post "beyond a red flag":

This is a big, red baseball bat pummeling the groom in the head and he still isn't getting the hint.

But surprisingly, others saw her point of view.

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"What’s wrong with not wanting an annoying kid at your wedding?" someone asked.

Another person went on to explain the woman's perspective in a much clearer way than she did:

Toddlers in general are wonderful but in most cases they are really annoying at adult events. They are unpredictable and messy and make noise and need tending to at random times and it's potentially worse that it's the groom's kid because she could start shouting for daddy if she sees him. A wedding should be as perfect as possible and even one young kid there makes the chances of that drop significantly.

I wonder what the groom thinks of this whole mess.

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The countdown is on to this couple's wedding day, and at some point this woman is going to have to explicitly tell her fiance how she feels, regardless of how much she fears the backlash from the conversation.