17+ Things You've Probably Never Seen Before

If you think you've seen it all, maybe you're not looking hard enough. If you're the adventurous sort and truly are seeking something new, this is a good place to start. You don't even need to get out of your seat.

Wokka wokka wokka.

Reddit | derchrizz

During a long and dreary commute on the subway, any break to the monotony is welcome. On the Stockholm subway, eagle-eyed riders can see that the vents contain a subtle homage to Pac-Man.


Reddit | diablek

If you've ever doubted the athleticism of ballerinas, check out the foot strength on display by professional dancer Kylie Shea. You might recognize her from the season 13 finale of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

An alien landscape.

Reddit | kt0me

It's incredible how much micro and macro landscapes can resemble each other when viewed through a certain lens. This is a small crack in steel, as seen through an electron microscope.



Antarctica's a forboding enough place already, but factor giant squid into the equation and that's a solid no go zone for me. That squid has got to be 10 feet tall, not including limbs.

The quaint side of geopolitics.

Reddit | 9w_lf9

This idyllic countryside footbridge is actually a legit international border crossing — a far cry from what we're used to in North America. The smallest such bridge in the world, this one connects Portugal to Spain.

Waterfalls, reimagined.

Reddit | TheBois24

Hotel lobbies, airports and casinos are full of artificial waterfalls, but this is a pretty unique design. The waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore is truly one of a kind.

Life on Tatooine.

Reddit | ethan_kahn

Not quite, but this home, carved into solid rock, looks like something from a desert planet. It's actually in Iran, and people have been living in it continuously for seven centuries.

Oh thank heaven.

Reddit | dftgvhbj

I've never seen this myself, but apparently some 7-Elevens have analog wall clocks with a fun theme. I'll have to keep an eye out for this on my next Big Gulp mission.

Form and function.

Reddit | BlaxZtar

Besides serving as a handy reference to, well, every element, the periodic table is visually appealing as well. The chemistry building at this Mexican university found an awesome way to display it.

Grinds my gears.

Reddit | kt0me

Interlocking gears would seem like a human invention, but nature's way ahead of us. This insect, Issus coleoptratus, uses these naturally evolved gears — the only known gears in the animal kingdom — to help it jump.

Time goes on.

Reddit | malgoya

Any city above a certain size with a certain amount of history will likely have a downtown of tightly packed buildings. When one building goes down, you can literally see the construction history on the bricks of its neighbors.

Up, up and away!

Reddit | Vegsivir

I can't seem to keep a cactus alive, but whoever tends the plants at this office lobby clearly has a green thumb. This enormous plant is four storeys tall, and counting.


Reddit | dittidot

It might feel silly walking into this building every day if you were an accountant or something, but for the kindergarten-age kids who go to school here, it's just perfect.


Reddit | clostridium_dead

We're looking at a specimen of Argentavis magnificens, which is believed to be the largest bird ever to exist. I'm all for conservation, but I'm also glad it went extinct.

A whole new world.

Reddit | squ1gglyth1ng

It's incredible how nature has found a way to claim a miniscule pothole in the pavement. It almost looks like a forest, with leaves changing color, viewed from above.

Seriously, what?

Reddit | M-Rie

North America's history goes back way further than European colonization. These stones in Lake Michigan were carved and arranged by humans, and are believed to be thousands of years old.

Who needs nests?

Reddit | Automaticdealz

I guess it's technically still a nest, but this robin is clearly a forward thinker. Doing away with trees, this burrow on top of a fence post has tons of shelter.

Wait 'til you see it.

Reddit | Owen41298

There's nothing hidden here, but it might take a moment to notice that this thumb has no joint. That means no movement, no knuckles, and no wrinkles.

Six decades of color.

Reddit | HCSharpe

It's hard to appreciate just how much colors can fade over time because it happens so gradually. Here's what it looks like when a bed is moved for the first time in 60 (!) years.

Makes sense.

Reddit | snarkyfark

No judgment against smokers, but for a non-smoker, that cigarette smell has a way of getting everywhere. This place has a coat check with a cool twist: separate rooms for the coats of smokers and non-smokers.

These window panes make it look like there are four seasons happening at once.

Reddit | pommiegurl130

With a window and nature scene like this, your living room doesn't need any artwork in it.

The ice on this house after a blizzard off a lake makes it look like a delicious icing house.

Reddit | insanezane777

Wow, winter storms are really no joke, but they can sure be pretty beautiful when something like this happens.

But what an absolute pain to wait for all of that to melt!

We're all familiar with others, even ourselves, potentially missing some limbs or digits, whether it be from biological or unnatural causes.

Reddit | evan4765

This person only has four fingers on one hand, and their index finger has replaced their thumb.

It's safe to say this vending machine made some hungry people quite hangry.

Reddit | rbards

A technological error in the machine sent all of its contents flying at once to try and make an escape out.

Modern tomato versus vintage tomato.

Reddit | jambags

The tomato on the right was grown from 150-year-old seeds.

I'm not sure if it's edible — might taste rather dusty and musty.

Isn't it just lovely when your old neighbors move back to the neighborhood?

Reddit | Eulielee

It must be even lovelier when you wake to a thunderous sound of their whole house dropping back to its old foundation.

Talk about a multipurpose door.

Reddit | Jave85

This door in a hotel bathroom can close off the whole bathroom or just the toilet area. I'm not too sure of its purpose or functionality, but it's cool nonetheless.

Good thing whoever created this counterfeit $50 bill isn't a great artist.

Reddit | kisstroyer

I know that when I worked in retail, I always wondered if I would really be able to tell if a bill was counterfeit. This awful watermark makes me feel a bit more confident.

I'm officially s h o o k.

Reddit | g0dzilllla

Do you see it?

I'll give you a second.

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a number 8 in the middle of all the diamonds.

How did I never see this before?

I thought a pot of gold was supposed to be at the end of a rainbow!

Reddit | NuWuX

The joke's been on us all along, and I'm sure leprechauns everywhere are laughing at us.

Clearly, there is a garbage dumpster at the end of rainbows, so let's just settle that right now.

Your eyes don't deceive you. This is a coin floating on top of a drink.

Reddit | chriskokura

Japanese one yen coins are so light they don't sink into foamy drinks.

Try it. That is, obviously, if you casually have a one yen coin lying around.

Wouldn't it be nice for gas to be so cheap? Oh wait...

Reddit | Outrageous_Claims

This person got a full tank of gas for under three dollars because whoever manages the pump's technology missed a decimal place.

This person won the award for most lucky day.

Ever seen a tire with an infection?

Reddit | the300zguy

So maybe it isn't an infection in the human sense of the word, but I'm sure the guy who had to change this tire was confused nonetheless.

"A Qantas plane inadvertently entered a pyrocumulus cloud from the Australian bushfires"

Reddit | potatoinmymouth

This is equal parts mesmerizing and terrifying. My heart go out to all those who are dealing with the impact of the fires in Australia.

Why'd it have to be snakes?

Reddit | hauzan2112

Please be a power line. Please be a power line. Please be a power line.

You aren't alone if you thought that this was a painting of some kind.

Reddit | littlewrenbird

This color gradient moss is pretty much real-life art work!

Something's off here. I just can't put my finger on it.

Reddit | KneeDeep185

Seriously though, how is this guy still able to drive???

And on a similar vein...

Reddit | Pepf

Unless you're this photographer, I can bet that you've never seen an astroturfed car.

The not so itsy bitsy spider

Reddit | Gentleman_Onion

In North America, we call these things tree caterpillars, but here, they're just "horror movie fuel".

"Cockroaches are gathering outside because of flood in Jakarta"

Reddit | mvrofiq

Natural disasters give us eyes on some of the oddest natural occurrences.

Millennial restaurant decor has gone too far.

Reddit | brad__staple721

How many people do you think have know...

"We have the same saucepan as this cookbook"

Reddit | Murraahh

I feel like this is less of a coincidence and more of a magic powers related thing.

If you're an average person like me, then you don't know what the ingredients of toothpaste do to keep our mouths so healthy.

Reddit | TheLonelyCaricature

This toothpaste brand has a detailed ingredient list on the back to help us better understand what toothpaste actually does.

A tiny paw print inside a tiny paw.

Reddit | uwuuwu

Isn't this just the cutest thing you've seen all day?

Good morning to everyone except those who don't agree with me.

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