16+ Surprising Finds That Went Viral Out Of Nowhere

No matter how jaded you may become, the world will never lose its ability to surprise you. Sometimes, these surprises have a way of going viral, thanks to the magic of social media. It always helps to have a pic of said surprise.

The chosen beer.

Reddit | Give_me_grunion

There's no way the image was planned this way, but it's absolutely perfect. The look on the guy's face just completes things. I'll bet that beer tasted especially delicious.

Two legends.

Reddit | Bernie_Sanders_2020

It's always sad to say goodbye to someone you love, even if you've never met them. Both Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat are no longer with us — but here's hoping they're together, wherever they may be.

The ol' switcheroo.

Reddit | amysplat

After I check into hotel, my ritual is to check the bedside table. Every single hotel I've ever stayed at has a bible furnished by the Gideons. This hotel, on the other hand, provides a copy of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights.

They don't make things like they used to.

Reddit | s8nSAX

In the 16th century, many people were living their short lives as serfs, with the occasional witch burning to liven things up. Things might have seemed primitive, but people of the same time period were making rings like this.

Best cast ever.

Reddit | Kmarksman0113

I'm jealous of this kid. When I hurt my arm I was probably around his age, but all I got was an ugly white cast and a stern lecture about getting it wet.

It's a tough bargain.

Reddit | yamumsyadad085

Yes, those are three aircraft-grade screws that cost $136.99 apiece. Yes, they're good quality, but that's not the reason for the price. The high cost allows purchasers to trace exactly where parts came from in case of an accident.

The Uber you want to be in.

Reddit | KitsuneRisu

You never know what could happen in the course of your daily commute. That's why it's reassuring to see that your Uber guy has a samurai sword instead of a gearshift.

They don't want to be a bother.

Reddit | chubbybooger

These lawn service guys didn't want to interrupt a homeowner to make their lunch, so they did this: simply run an extension cord onto the front lawn for an outdoor microwave picnic.

I need it.

Reddit | TahsinTariq

As a hat-wearer who often feels overheated in the summer, this is something I need to try. It's a ball cap with a built-in fan and everything is solar powered.

This is one statue.

Reddit | Ze-skywalker

Imagine the foresight it would take to carve this statue out of a single piece of sycamore wood. It depicts Mephistopheles and Margaretta, and can be found at the Salar Jung Museum in India.

Form and function.

Reddit | something-sensible

We've all seen those stylistic sauce drizzles at restaurants, but in this case, the drizzle serves a real function. As you can see, it stops burger grease from spreading to the other half of the plate.


Reddit | Alextremox

There's nothing particularly deep here, just a photograph with excellent composition, captured at the perfect time. It's the kind of setting you need to capture quickly before it's gone.

Some kinda newfangled shell.


This snail's shell appears to be completely see-through. Putting aside how unusual this is, it totally reminds me of that 90's trend where absolutely everything made of plastic had to be see-through.


Reddit | TheEarthquakeLady

Avocado lovers of the world, how long must we continue slicing into these things before we find a perfect specimen like this one? That's so much extra 'cado!

Caffeinated countryside.

Reddit | asir1991

The fine grounds of coffee usually leave some amount of residue after you've finished a cup. In this case, they've arranged themselves in such a way that they look eerily like a forested landscape.

Don't slam the bar too hard.

Reddit | random_guy5757

This bar is also an aquarium, so there's plenty of visual interest to distract you as you pull up a stool and ponder life's choices. Just try not to break anything.

Real-life pencil art.

Reddit | exoduscv

Wind patterns and light snow have worked together to apply snow to trees in a pretty unique way. The overal effect, combined with lack of color, makes it look like a pencil drawing.

Wipe that smirk off your face.


This guy doesn't have an itty-bitty mouth just below his nose, but it sure looks that way. It's a weird kind of superpower to have, but this guy's putting it to good use.

Door to nowhere found on an empty beach.

Reddit | elastizitat

This photo proved that Redditers are 45% Pixar fans, 45% Stephen King fans, and 10% Welcome to Night Vale fans hailing the Glow Cloud.

Bulb or clove?

Reddit | actuallyalungfish

How about both? This person found this in their home garden and I predict that some seriously garlicky meals are in their future.

These tank treads were found in the woods.

Reddit | Nipso

Because Reddit is awesome, it was almost immediately identified as a T62 track off of a US M4 Sherman tank. Reddit knows everything.

However, Reddit is totally over unopened safes.

Reddit | mmartinez42793

This was found underneath some old tiles and hasn't been opened yet because the locksmiths don't care about Reddit enough to rush the job.

But it's time to stop posting these before they're opened. It's teasing!

Look how perfect this rock is.

Reddit | thesamenull

It's almost perfectly circular and could easily be mistaken for a cork coaster if it wasn't properly labeled.

You know the "What the eff am I reading memes"? The original painting hangs in a Scottish castle.

Reddit | hot_takis

I now imagine the guy asking, "WTF is a meme?" from generations in the past.

There's a tiny crab inside this mussel.

Reddit | emocelerystick

It's actually not that uncommon. Pea crabs live inside the shells of mussels, clams, oysters, etc. It's weird to find, but they're safe to eat.

Instead of a tiny crab, this person found a pearl.

Reddit | aegri_mentis

This is why you should always bite down carefully when eating oysters. Sweetly, this guy gave the pearl to his son, so that it could be given as a gift to his girlfriend.

This snail has a wasp's nest built on its shell.

Reddit | dante7894

It's both totally cool and also unnerving. What if the snails and wasps are now working together to take over the world? What if this is their version of a weaponized tank?

Just a perfectly white peacock chilling in a dude's backyard.

Reddit | CoffeeNPancakes

Apparently it escaped from a wedding venue and has been living in the woods behind the house.

These cans were found while digging in the backyard.

Reddit | EricTheEskimo

Some savvy sleuths matched all the cans with old designs and figured out that if they're all together, they were probably buried right around 1977.

Mama duck and her babies in a car dealership.

Reddit | PresumedPack890

With a brood like that, Mama Duck is going to want to take a look at their fine selection of minivans.

Best orthodontist ever.

Reddit | lexinator0

Healthcare professionals don't usually recommend eating sweets, let alone provide you with them. But this orthodontist knows it's a special day when someone gets their braces removed — and provides some of the previously forbidden treats as celebration.

Hidden shower.

Reddit | tomselleckcruise

Nothing like knocking down a wall to install a new shower, only to find one already there.


Reddit | Absophoto

On the left, a Peruvian guinea pig. On the right, a human being. Wait, maybe it's a guinea pig on the right and a person on the right. Whatever. They're basically the same thing.

Van Gogh?

Reddit | beerlyqualified

This tree's bark has an awesome pattern in it that totally looks like Starry Night. It would make an incredible tabletop, but it would be a shame to cut down the tree.