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10+ People Who Straight Up Missed The Memo

Life can be difficult to navigate sometimes.

When we aren't at our best, we can mess up even the simplest everyday things. We humans need clear instruction, otherwise, we're probably gonna get a little mixed up.

Don't be hard on yourself—we've all been there.

One Pint Mind

Reddit | lonelyloo

Communication can fall short on even the most attentive of ears. In some circumstances, you just aren't going to be able to get your point across, no matter how hard you try.

Eggcellent Cooking Skills

Twitter | @ErinChack

The reaction is fair— this is legit a breakfast emergency.

Like And Subscribe

Twitter | @deifsitassid

Once in a while, you meet someone out in public who is equally as confused about life as you are. Think of it as the universe playing matchmaker.



One word can make a whole lot of difference. An outfit change may be in order for this event.

The Devil's Lettuce

Reddit | 567984

Sometimes, you see things that restore your faith in humanity's intelligence.

Other times, someone on the internet discovers lettuce for the first time.

Office Romance


She should've kept this gag going. Then, when her extended family asks her about her career at Thanksgiving, she can tell them that she's the Assistant Regional Manager. Or Assistant to the Regional Manager. Either one.

Spelling Bee

Reddit | dooratheexploee

She also bought groceries at S E P H O R A and picked up your meds at G U C C I.

Hand Me The Aux Chord

Reddit | handlemedude

Ah yes, that bop on the top 100 charts just below "I'm trying to help you" and "You're an idiot."

It's Raining Men


Does he...does he understand what rain is made of?

Getting 'er double clean never hurt I guess?

You're Doing Amazing Sweetie!


No one is more mixed up than the mom who thinks that all these celebrities her daughter mentions are actual friends of hers. We wish!

When Life Gives You Lemons

Reddit | reposeapose

Hey now, maybe she was trying to display the lemons in a fancy way? Maybe the lemons wanted a bath? Ever thought about what the lemons want???

The Best A Man Can Get

Reddit | youre239

We're about to witness a beard shaving longer than it takes to get from the Shire to Mordor.

All Tied Up


I mean, it is displayed. It's, unique?

Electric Avenue


Now, I'm no psychic, but I'm getting the distinct feeling that this is gonna cause some issues later on.


Reddit | monsterjammmm

Hi yeah can I get an order of one sandwich, but like, without anything in it? No no, not just bread, but like, the essence of sandwichness?

Please Be Seated

Reddit | 2367_339

This is the opposite of optimal.

I'm just, confused? Confused and sad? Nothing new, but I thought I'd mention it.

Eye Guess We're Done Here

Twitter | @lazyduke

When a sign says to "keep your eyes on the flowers" I don't think that this is quite what they mean.

Soy Much To Unpack Here

Reddit | sirfullufington

Sure, I love SOYrup as much as the next guy, but that's violence against french toast.

Merry Menstrationmas!

Reddit | younifer984

Would this be considered the opposite of the gift of life?

Who Needs Headphones?

Reddit | Lasogna

Maybe this man is ahead of the game. Why listen when you can just read the music and imagine the sound?

Instructional Tags

Reddit | smartycat84

Usually a cat's tags say something along the lines of "If lost, please return to X location." This one is just straight up cleaning instructions. Nice!

Please Close Scanner

Reddit | llelundberg

His parents taught him about the flatbed scanner... I guess he intuitively knew that he was destined to scan his butt at some point. Technically that isn't the purpose of the machine... But it is the common man's use.

A For Effort


Nothing like jumping face-first into a lounge chair! Kids are so inspirational — the way they just don't give a single heck.


Reddit | tacocrewman111

Sometimes giving your full strength just isn't necessary. For example, ripping the entire tab off of a soda can will do you no good!

Use In Case Of Flat

Reddit | BigCam22

I mean... the rim might help in some way, but the whole point of the spare is the TIRE portion.

That's One Way To Do It

Reddit | KourRage

Technically this could work, but it's definitely going to ware down the reflector.

Selfie Stick

Reddit | Hemeroholic

That's not really the purpose of a selfie stick... The whole point is to emulate what one already does in the mirror. Sigh.

Garbage Dump

Reddit | horsecranium

Guys, you're supposed to dump the trash there, not leave your trash bins there too!

"Drive" Through

Reddit | jarzbent

She took the word "drive" pretty lightly. But to be fair, drive-throughs are designed for people with long arms. So maybe this is a life hack for her. Who knows?

'Wrong Mouse'

Reddit | AndyWayne

Is anyone gonna let this sweet baby snake know that this mouse ain't what he's looking for?

Mustard Shampoo

Reddit | clapgod_6784

I wouldn't be surprised if lady bags came out of the nozzle. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Um, Sir?

Imgur | ChrisMeilleur

Sir? SIR! That's not how you tow a boat. That's not even how you load a truck... PLEASE PULL OVER!

This Isn't Chuck-E-Cheese

Reddit | danementzer

This 100% a ball bin in a Wal-Mart, but these girls have zero cares in the world. They're living their best life inside this DIY ball pit, and loving it.

What Is You Doin'?

Reddit | TheFadedGrey

If the gas can is back there, what are they pumping gas into? Why is there a round bubbling surface there? WHAT'S GOING ON?!

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