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16+ Things That Came Out Of Nowhere And Can Go Right Back

One of the strongest reactions I've ever had came when I was sleeping one Saturday morning. I heard a loud crash and glass breaking, so I immediately roared "What the hell was that?" in some kind of guttural demon voice that I probably couldn't reproduce if I tried.

This just turned out to be my photo of Tupac Shakur falling off the wall, so my reaction wasn't really warranted. Still, I can only imagine how I would've freaked out if something I couldn't explain or even identify showed up in my bedroom.

The things we're about to see definitely fit that bill for the people who found them, so it might complete the scene to picture them reacting in their best metal voices. At the very least, it's funnier that way.

It's hard to know how to react when you come across a tree with hips that don't lie.

Reddit | Kuffmine

That's not a sentence that usually makes sense, but it's what we're dealing with here. Is it just a coincidence or did somebody insist on making sure it grows this way?

Someone brought this computer in for repairs because it was running hot, but I'm not sure what the geek squad is supposed to do about this.

Reddit | mrpickem1

Apparently, this can happen when people smoke cigarettes near their computers as the dust that can build up inside of one then becomes stained with nicotine.

This makes the dust stickier than normal and leads it to clump up until it grows into the disgusting mess we see here.

Looks like somebody got a little extra surprise with their mail today.

Reddit | M-useless

It might be a little hard to tell, but it seems as though a group of ants decided this was the perfect spot to start a daycare.

Yeah, those patches of yellow are are collections of eggs.

Something tells me we should not be taking foreign policy advice from this man.

Reddit | Rub-a-dub-tubstep

I'm afraid to ask who exactly he wants to drop nukes on, but even he probably would probably agree it's a bad idea once the fallout spreads to him.

This is a pretty big spider, but the real unpleasant surprise came from how the uploader happened to meet it.

Reddit | ProjectProxy

It happened to crawl into their shower while they were using it at 1 am. Yeah, no matter how much I like spiders, those circumstances are the perfect recipe to make me flail uncontrollably.

It's not unusual to see someone's drunken adventures, but it's still hard to picture how this guy got into this mess.

Reddit | Al-Andalusia

Even if I was crazy enough to try and re-create the way he must have fell on this post while horsing around, I'd probably just end up with a lot of testicular pain and a lot more regret.

Police in Brazil apparently raided a cartel hangout, but what they found looks like it belongs at the world's deadliest anime convention.

Reddit | bsimas

Not only am I pretty sure I've seen a character scream dramatically while brandishing that sword, but the bizarrely modified guns definitely seem like they belong to some over-the-top, cackling villain.

Despite how strange this fishing find looks, it took a surprisingly short time for some experienced anglers to explain it.

Reddit | slpmodemke

As far as they could tell, this person retrieved a lure that somebody else lost a long time ago. Apparently, they tend to swell up and form bizarre shapes like when they're left in the water for long enough.

Somebody recently tried to sell this in a local Facebook group.

Reddit | Warphim

According to the uploader, they claimed to have a $200 bid by the time they closed the auction.

On one hand, I can kind of understand that because it's actually pretty well-made. On the other hand, I'm certainly not trying to deal with whatever curse is probably attached to this thing.

This may not be the most comforting sight as you step out the door, but it's not exactly a picnic for the bees either.

Reddit | BitChaser

If you ever come across something like this, it's likely that there's a queen at the center of the swarm.

If you contact a bee-keeper, they'll probably be interested in coming to collect it. Just try not to hurt the bees. We need them.

Well, at least the incredibly creepy doll seems to be enjoying the ride.

Reddit | dingo375

People driving behind heavily decorated cars don't want something to fall off and fly at them at the best of times, but I can see this causing some extra screaming and swerving.

I thought it was bad when some brainiac jams paper towels into a public toilet, but whoever did this was trolling on a whole different level.

Reddit | dingo375

Was making the world's most extreme "dropping a log" pun really worth the effort it took to not only lug this thing around, but sneak it past everybody?

Yeah, a two-headed duckling is fine and all, but it wasn't really turning heads until they added the little skateboard.

Reddit | AceManCometh

I'm simultaneously wondering why somebody thought to create this and weirdly glad they did. Ducks on skateboards is just a concept I can get behind no matter how many heads they have.

I've seen some wild ways people have decked out their cars, but they honestly weren't as impressive as this shrine to Homer Simpson.

Reddit | Roadboy03

Apparently, these are all keyboard keys which is either a reference to that time Homer tried to create an internet start-up or something that has way less meaning than I'm giving it credit for.

Hit the streets early enough, and you're bound to see a bunch of people walking their pets.


The only difference is that you're probably not going to encounter one that can eat both the other pets out that day and their owners.

If this Italian hotel wanted guests to feel suspicious as soon as they entered, then mission accomplished.

Reddit | Thisisnevertheworkin

I wonder how many rooms will be torn apart for hidden cameras before the owners realize this might not be the most comforting choice of decor?

I don't care how friendly this fellow is, he's not getting in this house without identifying himself.

Reddit | clssc

It's not so rare in parts of Florida to have an alligator wander onto your property, but they're not usually polite enough to knock first.

It's creepy enough when a doll head gets mysteriously dropped into the wilderness, but that creepiness is definitely something that improves with age.

Reddit | DawnOfArkham

If there's any good part of this, it's that the hermit crab seems happy enough that it's here. I'm not sure how useful a shelter will be when it has eye holes, though.

I think this photo is going to raise more questions than we can really answer.

Reddit | jophish916

For instance, I wouldn't hold your breath to find out what this is, why somebody made it, or what's going on with its legs.

At the same time, the caution tape makes perfect sense.

There's just something about a man in a suit that feels right.


As for a tree in a suit — well, we're not entirely sure how we feel. This is probably some hipster's art project or something though, so it's alright.

My first thought is that this is a magical, wonderful miracle of a photograph.


But then I remember IT and Pennywise, and realize this is probably a sneaky ploy to kidnap me and take me into his weird cave.

"Gotta hand it to him."


I hate that the caption is so perfect. What is it with internet people and these tiny hands, though? They're so bizarre and so satisfyingly weird.

This tree is taking a pee.

Reddit | RonaldFourgates

We don't know how, why or where this happened. All we know is what's happening — this trunk is whizzing like there's no tomorrow.

Oh you're a die-hard Coca-Cola fan?

Reddit | TheNoksBg69

Bet you didn't know the garlic flavor exists. Bet you haven't tried it. Bet you can't chug it in one gulp...

We LOVE a well rounded, balanced meal.

Reddit | Shirokurohito

And I'm all here for trying new things, but this looks absolutely puke-worthy and I'm actually wondering if this is just chum for fishing, or just a sick joke? Hmm.

"This is my gumball," wrote redditor Mmkay333.

Reddit | Mmkay333

"I've been collecting my chewed gum since 6th grade. (I regularly soak it in rubbing alcohol because ew germs) the gum i was chewing when I had my first kiss is in here as well as the one i was chewing when my papa had a heart attack. I'm going for the record."

Um, to each their own?

Don't you love taking your kids out to the park, letting them slide down slides, and swing on swings?

Reddit | Humor_Com_Tambor

Then, obviously, you all walk down to the community pig sculpture where a large human-like pig with breasts and a tie stands tall, awaiting worship. Classic family time!

So this was growing in a redditor's garden.

Reddit | tpmartins

Apparently the aliens arrived a while ago, but we're too busy to notice.

This animal literally came out of nowhere...

Reddit | Johnnymak0071


"Just found out there's such a thing called a scorpion fly," wrote redditor BillHarris471.

Reddit | BillHarris471

Annnnnnd I just found out I'm never going outside again! Crazy how we as humans learn new things about ourselves daily.

While these's really no good answer for what these are, there are most definitely better options than the reality.

Reddit | PedorFedor

Yes, for some reason, this person's ceiling has been conquered by hundreds and hundreds of wasps.

Hooray, everyone's favorite.

Whatever this guy is being paid for delivering this, it's not nearly enough.

Reddit | fragrantbelief

Apparently, that police sticker on the back of this scooter is fake, so it seems this guy won't have much backup if and when this whole ieoration goes sideways.

Welcome home, you have a surprising new guest to deal with.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

And of course, the best surprises are the ones that can majestically leap from the roof and bite your face off.

And based on that look on its face, I think the lion owns this house now.

There really has to be a better place to put those tanks than right in the path of a welding torch's sparks.

Reddit | Kisizozi

If someone decided to label these as "inflammable" instead of flammable just to be a technically correct "that guy," then they should see the false sense of security they're lulling people into.

I'm not sure where this lobster learned such an aggressive negotiation style, but I guess we're having something else for dinner tonight.

Reddit | katakalist

I can only guess that it heard what other lobsters sound like when you boil them and decided it wasn't going out like that.

Maybe it's part of the troll attempt, but this makeup idea looks weirdly unnerving.

Reddit | Frysken

Whenever I find myself getting nostalgic for the memes of a simpler time, I'll just look at this again and remember that leaving this face in 2009 was the best decision we ever made.

I'm not sure I even want to imagine what this guy ate to make this a necessary precaution.

Reddit | Kisizozi

As someone who knows what it's like to have the kind of food poisoning that sentences you to a three-hour extravaganza of desperate trips to the bathroom and severe burning sensations, I sympathize.

That restaurant's lucky I didn't remember its name.

I'm not how I would feel if I was staying at somebody's house and they put this cup in front of me.

Reddit | MarkoHighlander

On one hand, it's pretty detailed and well-executed. On the other hand, I can't say that anything drank from this would feel clean, just like I wouldn't ever again after using it.

Does anyone remember that part in The Day After Tomorrow when the characters somehow outran cold?

Reddit | Zuggerschnude

Well, after seeing this picture, I would like to formally apologize for laughing at how stupid that part was.

Because it's so cold outside that we're actually seeing it happen in front of us.

I don't know why somebody made this, but they had to put some serious commitment into it for it to ever see the light of day.

Reddit | OKDonReddit

I don't know, maybe we're supposed to see the smirk on the rodent throwing the switch as a commentary on the power trip some people get when they're "allowed" to kill.

I can't find another way to explain this.

This is definitely creative, but I'm also glad that I'm not around to smell it.

Reddit | KayleighBearXO

Hell, the idea of turning its scales into masts is actually kind of cute, but that doesn't mean I'll be able to wipe this pained expression off my face until I get to stop looking at it.

Whoever put this together actually managed to craft a real-life jump scare.

Reddit | wowbobwow

Indeed, the uploader reported actually screaming as they walked by this truck and noticed this.

I'd like to think the driver was just out of sight marking off another victim on a clicker and suppressing an evil laugh.

The robots may have the edge on us in a lot of ways, but our babies are certainly a whole lot cuter.

Reddit | fishbaall

Believe me, I'm doing you all a favor by just showing you a still picture and leaving out its stilted squirms.

I'm not a zoologist, so maybe there's something going on here that only looks like a frog choking out a fish.

Reddit | yungveji

And sure, fish always look like they're in distress because they don't have eyelids, but this one seems full of regret right now.

But since frogs don't have teeth and thus, can't eat something bigger than their mouths, I'm very curious to know what the fish did to provoke such focused rage.

Yikes, I'm not sure I've ever had a night so rough that it put me in this predicament.

Reddit | digdilem

If someone told me they woke up with their face in a urinal, I wouldn't need any further explanation as to why they've decided they're never drinking again.

Not a sight you want to stumble upon after an emotional day.

Reddit | shelblikadoo

"I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I fell asleep while he was packing and he stole my toilet," wrote Reddit user shelblikadoo.

A cable tech had the unenviable job of figuring out whether this foot they encountered was real or not.

Reddit | Aliengrunt

Based on the way the toes stick together and the lack of blood, it doesn't seem to be the genuine article, but I have the benefit of examining it through a computer screen.

The internal panicked debate on whether or not to call the police when this appears up close tends to be a little distracting.

Apparently, this redditor was driving beside a truck that was dripping blood.

Reddit | equallynuts

Casual, right? We're hoping it's not a serial killer's faux ice cream truck. But even if it's a regular old meat truck, that's still pretty disgusting.

"I came home to a honey bee graveyard in my living room."

Reddit | ajay182

Doesn't this guy know the bees are dying? Ugh, poor babies.


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