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15+ People Doing It So Wrong It Hurts

I am no genius, that much has been proven to me. Sure, I guess I'm fairly witty and I know my basic multiplication tables. But I'm also the gal who has a scar across her thumb from slashing at an apple with a butter knife for absolutely no reason.

So I'm kind of an expert in dumb things and dumb people. But these people take it to a whole 'nother level, and it actually hurts.

I feel this girl needs to be supported

reddit | ntheg111

Look, we all need good friends and a solid family to hold us up when we're down. Just like this woman needs to turn that tank top around to feel true support.

Just want to get that authentic bike riding feel

The Chive

You never know when you might hit a bump in the imaginary road you're ridin' on. So why not be safe?!

One day, we won't have all these fancy furnishings like indoor plumbing

reddit | Cynepkokc

Honestly, we're a little more concerned with the color of the water in that bowl... Whoever went number 1 must've had a painful pee.

That's it. Christmas is ruined

reddit | Ziplock189

It's a hard pill to swallow when you realize you've just spent the last few hours fancying up your huge house with lights, only to go for the final plug and fail miserably.

Just a little crab grass. You can cover that up OH GOD NOW WHAT HAVE I DONE

reddit | TgaGuy

This is the result of DIY-ing a job when you should have just called a landscaping professional to get it done properly. SMH.

He's going to be pretty upset when he realizes this doesn't taste like ice cream

reddit | cannonflake

I guess we've all been here as kids — and maybe as adults, too. Honestly, I remember icicles tasting pretty decent. Nothing like an ice cube from the freezer, or icecream from a tub. But still cold and refreshing, albeit a little dirty.

When you're working a steady 9–5 but can't give up your dreams of being a puppet master

reddit | somecallmemike

This guy definitely knows some stuff we don't know. Why in the world would anyone arrange their work space like this unless they held the secrets to the universe, or work-life balance? Or something?

This is the actual face of regret

reddit | BUSEYS

Or maybe he's just so stoked to have a woman on his shoulders that he simply can not retain a neutral face... Hmm.

I have a feeling he'll be sleeping alone for a long long time

reddit | AdamBarnhouse

We're pretty sure he's just being a gentleman and saving the air mattress for his partner, who will need the support more than him. 'Cause he sure isn't sitting on it himself!

This is just cruel


Come on, now. This is so unnecessarily inaccessible. I sometimes wonder if people know the true function of the accessible washroom. It is NOT for privacy.

So, this is my life now

reddit | MasterofNuns

The good news is that this person can probably tell how deep this river is, based on the pencil-looking stick. But the bad news is that they will probably end up soaked in murky river water.

This guy. I hate this guy

reddit | holaq

Not entirely sure what his goal is here, and I really don't have much to say about it. This guy definitely sucks though.

She really only trusts Google Maps to get her around town


Before iPhone apps, people had to do something, I guess. This is taking multitasking to another level.

Just wear it with confidence. You got this


We could say a lot about these lovely ladies... But we don't. These bathing suits though? What the HECK is going on?

He's probably going to learn a lot about Starbucks by chapter 4

reddit | IKrato

This looks like the beginning of a body-switching movie, like Freaky Friday, but with a White Chicks twist. Yassss.

Time for a nice refreshing drink of... wait, what?

Reddit | tacocrewman111

Excuse me, but in what world is that how you open a pop can? How do you even drink from that? Just put your whole mouth around it?! No thank you. Despite all reports to the contrary, I have my dignity.

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin

reddit | wrong_game

There's a lot going on in this photo, and it's making everyone uncomfortable. Let's unpack this, shall we? Angsty girls flexin' on their haters, a lot of flip flops, and a dude in the background making a cameo no one ever asked for. Sheesh.

You never know what'll come in handy one day

Reddit | BigCam22

Now, I might not be the world's foremost car expert, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to have a tire on your spare tire.

If you get hit by this car, at least it'll smell good

Reddit | ForeverTreppenwitz

Again, not the leading voice on all things vehicular, but those air fresheners are supposed to freshen the air inside your car. It won't be too effective masking the smell of burning rubber.

You want some cheese on that?

Reddit | darkandtwistysissy

This poor person is trying to use a potato masher to grate some cheese. In their defense, it's working... a little bit?

A good way to collect rainwater

Reddit | DeliciousRoastBeef5

I try not to be too mean to children, but has this kid never seen anyone use an umbrella before?

It probably took less than a minute

Reddit | ProxiCentauri

When you've got to fix a screen door, you've got to fix the door. No time for "reading how to fix a door" or "using the tools properly" — what if a bug gets in?!

I hope this person doesn't like their bike that much

Reddit | TheFadedGrey

This person has only sort of theoretically locked their bike up. It looks locked up if you don't think about it too hard, so it might dissuade a particularly unobservant thief.

Sure, just take the whole thing with you

Reddit | TheFadedGrey

This would be the most inconvenient cart/basket hybrid ever. Why would you make this choice? It benefits nobody!

C'mon, dude

Reddit | Hemeroholic

This is the worst use of a selfie stick I've seen yet, and I've seen a lot of bad uses of selfie sticks. Pretty much every use of a selfie stick is a bad one, and this guy takes the cake.

If only there was a convenient place you could grab weights by...

Reddit | zombieblackbird

Maybe this guy is doing a secret workout technique I don't know about that improves, like, your grip strength or something. Or maybe he's just doing this very, very wrong.

Oh, honey, what is you doin'?


This is why there's a stereotype that women don't know how to drive. Is it true? Not always. But do we make it easy to prove? Yeah, kinda.

Not your conventional mirror shot selfie

Reddit | lbell912210

It's definitely one way to get around your phone maybe not having the best camera. It's not a good way, but it's one way.

A delicious, healthy snack

Imgur | koutai

Just looking at this picture makes me feel the sudden, intense need to brush my teeth. And drink a gallon of water. And never eat anything else ever again.

How did she button it up?


Maybe backwards shirts is a new fashion thing that I'm just not hip to, but the tag has got to be itchy against your neck, right?

Not an avid reader.

Imgur | epicnesshunter

He seems pretty early on in the book, so maybe he just hasn't gotten to the chapter about not reading while driving yet. No spoilers!

The best day to start a diet is always 'tomorrow.'

Did you know breakfast is called breakfast because we break our overnight fast from when we were sleeping? This guy is probably learning that as he breakfasts at Subway.

It's probably not anybody's first-choice school.

Reddit | helplesshands

Maybe they're just being funny, or maybe you should invest that tuition money somewhere with a little bit better foresight.


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If pool was played like this I might be a little bit better at pool. This might seem like the easiest way to play it, but remember, you have to get up there by yourself.

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