15+ Oblivious People Who Realized Their Mistake A LITTLE Too Late

Sydney Brooman
Reddit | Mousey_124

What seems better to you: knowing you're about to make a mistake but there being nothing you can do to stop it, or being blissfully unaware until it's too late?

Though both have their pros and cons, the latter is definitely more hilarious for spectators.

Let 'Er Rip

Reddit | scaery_hal

Our first example of someone who didn't quite think things through before they made a decision.

Who knew Band aids also make good waxing strips?



These parents are going to have to deal with the aftermath of this situation very, very soon, but in this moment, I would just let the kid be a kid.

Ah, Nuts

Twitter | @3cheers20years

Close, but no cigar. It's the thought that counts, right?

Meat Fever

Reddit | 67983

When a woman asked her husband to bring back a thermometer to check the baby's fever, this is what he returned with. Who needs labels?

Good Boy

Reddit | you1208

This boyfriend decided not to let his girlfriend know that she was not eating Christmas cookies, but was instead chowing down on dog treats. Ah, true love.

Micro[wave goodbye to that shirt]


Pro Tip: putting your T-shirt in the microwave to dry it faster is not a "hack". Well, it's a hack in the sense that his shirt is now all hacked up.

Crying Over Spilled Cookies

Reddit | momok_00t

That's...that's a cooling tray...things like that don't matter at this stage in the game.

How Does The Back Look?

Reddit | 34896

You don't have to get your hair professionally cut at a salon, but please, PLEASSSSSEEEE, let someone else cut it for you.

Street Credit

Instagram | @katiemay450

This girl was so excited to get her first American Express card that she thought it would be a good idea to post a picture of it to Instagram.

Unbeknownst to her, that's how theft happens.

The Great Wall Of Michigan


Oh Peter. Have you ever even been to Michigan? Or heard of any famous walls, for that matter?

It's The 12th

Twitter | @Anjalaaay

Get yourself a boy who knows the day of the week. But make sure to keep a close eye on him, as he likely doesn't know much else.

How RoMEAN Of Him

Twitter | @JayJailyn

Don't let your boyfriend go to the store for you. It never ends well.

Heavy Flow?

Imgur | doedoecapone

This is why you always send your partner to the store with a photo of the exact box they are looking for. Otherwise, you could end up with these instead.

The Croissant


Ah yes, right next to the flaky buttery corsages.


Twitter | @roedown

How many unsuspecting suburban mothers have suffered embarrassment at the hands of clever children? It's becoming an epidemic.

Lots Of Love


Correct me if I'm wrong...but I don't think that's what that emoji is supposed to mean...?

5 Likes = 5 Light-sabers

I love that part of The Book of John where everyone has supper at the Jedi temple. Respect.



App updates don't protect the physical body of your phone? Where are your receipts buddy? I'll believe it when I see it.

Oh Snap

Reddit | 43578_006

RIP Hallway kid. You'll always be remembered for your bravery, if not your planning ability.

No Stupid Questions

Reddit | [deleted]

Apparently, this person's partner asked them what the NO switch does.

Admit it, you've asked dumber questions.

I Think It's Catching

Reddit | Buck_Thunderpumper

Maybe all words should be underlined. You know, like how a lot of products differentiate a 6 and a 9.

Secretly Genius

Imgur | diamondz

While, yes, it's silly to leave the plastic on the notepad, it does turn it into a handy whiteboard-list instead.

Problem Unknown

Reddit | rtmille

It's not a "girl" thing to not know the warning light is an almost-empty tank. My husband once complained that the car kept "randomly beeping" at him for the same reason.

Questionable Advice

I hope he let her know it was a joke before she ran any stop signs, because otherwise this is awful!

Packaging Fail

Reddit | ThavinceGene

Admittedly, I'm pretty impressed that she managed to get that far into that awful packaging at all. Shame about the cable, though.

Mmm, Cookies

Reddit | tigerhunting

In defense of the poor woman, these dog treats do look an awful lot like holiday cookies. The bone-shaped ones are a giveaway, though.

Been There

Twitter | @JillToday

Remember when you couldn't "forget your phone" at home? You had a landline at home and maybe one at the office.

Yeah, I don't either.

Vertically Challenged

Imgur | truthorbust

This woman asked her much taller husband to hang this mirror, with unfortunate results. I feel her pain. Most visitors need to duck to see themselves in my mirrors.

Baking Cookies

Reddit | feelingbuff

Use a baking sheet, not a cooling rack.

I hope that oven has a self-cleaning option, because otherwise it's going to be absolutely awful to try to scrape that burned dough and chocolate from the bottom.

SPF Whatever

It doesn't matter how strong your sunscreen is if you don't apply it correctly. That looks so painful!

The Key To Happiness

Reddit | don'twait_soar

It took this guy way too long to realize that his key ring of choice may have been the worst possible choice.

The Face Of Epiphany

Reddit | Mousey_124

This guy didn't notice that his friends got off the train one station early, and this is the exact moment in which he made eye contact with them.

That right there, is the face of a changed man.

Right Foot, Left Foot

I have done this so often that I had to limit which shoes were available. I'm allowed one pair of each type only, so that at least the fact I'm only lacing one foot can tip me off.

Sports, Eh?

Reddit | jreenfin

The fact that a man asked a gynecologist if they were a fan of the Texas Longhorns would be funnier if it wasn't also so very telling.

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