This Bride Ditched The Flowers And Carried A Bouquet Of Donuts

Emily McWilliams
Instagram | @dessertboxes

There's a lot of tradition and formality that goes into a wedding. However, a lot of brides are choosing to break the molds and start their own traditions.

...and in the best way.

Instagram | @dessertboxes

One bride decided to go for a unique and tasty option when it came to her bouquet. Instead of flowers, she carried a bouquet of donuts, and it might be the most delicious thing I've ever seen.

Take a look at this yummy bouquet!

For her wedding day, Paige Kirk decided to ditch the bouquet and opt for something a little more tasty than traditional.

Instagram | @dessertboxes

She ordered this custom donut bouquet — and yes — she even carried it down the aisle!

Who needs one of these traditional bouquets when you have donuts?!

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There is nothing wrong with traditional flowers, but when you compare edible bouquets to non-edible, there is just no competition.

Paige ordered her bouquet from Australian-based bakery, Dessert Boxes.

Instagram | @dessertboxes

They specialize in unique dessert creations and donut bouquets just happen to be one of their signature items.

Dessert Boxes has no shortage of unique goodies.

Instagram | @dessertboxes

Okay, I'm going to stay here and admire this creation for a minute...

...OK. Back to the story.

Of course, the donuts were decorated with a bridal-chic glaze.

Instagram | @dessertboxes

I'm just wondering how she was able to resist the urge to eat them during the ceremony. I would have been snacking the whole time. Nothing says love like wedding rings covered in powdered sugar.

The bridesmaids also got matching bouquets of their own.

Instagram | @dessertboxes

I think these might go down in history as the best bouquets of all time. These beat roses or lilies any day, if you ask me.

Would YOU go non-traditional for your wedding?


To each their own! A wedding should reflect the couple, so do your thing!