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9+ Times Instagram Influencers Took Us For Fools

A lot of people try to share their best features when they post on social media. We've all been guilty of this, but there are those influencers that take this just a little bit to the extreme.

When your social media picture looks nothing like you do in reality, that's when I draw the line. Check out these ridiculous times people tried to fool us online only to get caught red-handed.

1. Caught In The Rain

Reddit | ashlitty

Oh my, those rainy shots can be so hot! But when you take a closer look, it's pretty unusual that his hair is perfectly dry.

2. When Things Don't Line Up

Reddit | brganger

I get it — we all want that slim waist, don't we? But come on, at least when you Photoshop, make sure it doesn't warp the door behind you.

3. It's All Inflated

Reddit | darkagent909

So this girl wanted to get that perfect cleavage, but she forgot to check how her curvy bod also curved the background. LOL!

4. You've Been Tagged

Reddit | little-pink

This is why I never want anyone to tag me in their photos. That way I can choose which version of myself I can post online.

5. When Working Out Ain't Worth It

Reddit | bananapineapples

Working out is called that for a reason. It's hard work. But not when you resort to Photoshopping that perfectly slim waist.

6. Beach Photoshoot

Reddit | lowkeykathyyyy

Something doesn't seem to add up here. Are these even the same women? It just goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything you see on Instagram.

7. Facetuned Feet

Reddit | u/talldrankofH2O

Why would anyone Facetune their feet is beyond me. Are foot selfies going to become a thing?? I really hope not.

8. Instagram Vs. TV Interview

Reddit | VexedBear1

I really don't understand what the point is in lying about how you look on Instagram when you're going to be interviewed on TV? Really?

9. Insta Feed Vs. Live Stream

Reddit | MokuOwO

This is exactly why I shy away from any sort of live streaming. There's just no hiding when it comes to that.

10. When You Try To Live Up To Perfection

Reddit | kingneeko

We all know that those perfectly touched-up faces are a complete illusion. Every human comes with pores — even Kim K.

11. Even The Sky Isn't Safe

Reddit | super_corndog

How particular do you have to be about what your pictures look like to fake the SKY in the windows of your flight?

12. I Don't Think Hands Bend Like That

Reddit | runescape_girlfriend

We've all wished we could tuck in our waists just a liiiittle bit more, but this girl failed to realize her hand was in the way of the photoshop brush. Oops.

13. Jawline Sharp Enough To Cut Glass... Literally

Reddit | KoolaidKooler

Sharp jawlines are all the rage, but I think this guy went a little too sharp. A ninety degree angle might be pushing the limits of reality.

14. Are You Okay?

Reddit | byehoesssss

I'm not exactly sure who this guy is hoping to fool, or what he's hoping to fool them into, but I know I am definitely not buying it.

15. Happy Birthday

Reddit | Lionoras

The shadow gave away her secret, which probably wasn't a very good birthday surprise. But maybe she'll appreciate the gift of honesty.

16. When You're Missing Vital Organs

Reddit | concernedstudentLOL

Hmm, I think there's something missing here. I dunno, but perhaps she thought her ribs looked too unattractive for this picture. Haha!

17. Video Killed An Instagram Star

Reddit | sarakingart

If you're going to post fake perfection on your Insta feed just make sure your Insta stories match up. This is so silly.

Oh, my word, who do these people think they're trying to fool?

At least if you're going to do this, try to do it right. This clearly isn't working.