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15+ Sneaky Product Designs That Completely Ripped Us Off

You get what you pay for— you would hope.

Ever open a bag of chips to find that you mostly paid for air? Yeah, me too.

Companies may "love" their customers, but they love profit a lot more, which means that our loyalty will sometime be met with the biggest rip offs of all time.

Chocolate Lies

Reddit | babymice

Right off the bat, I'm just angry. That is an illusion that lifts you up just to drag you back down to the depths of disappointment.

Nowhere To Go But Up

Reddit | mamaeyore8907

This IKEA elevator does not go down to the main floor where the checkout stations are, meaning that in order to leave the store, you have to walk through the entire thing.

Clever, but also kind of a crappy move?

Not-So-Super Glue

Reddit | blueyoutuber

When you buy a container of anything, you are expecting it to be at least mostly full.

That right there, is an atrocity.

Far From The Truth

Reddit | rowtheboatjohnny

As it turns out, the real Niagara Falls was about 200 miles away. You can even get cheated on gas.

His Picture Online Vs. Him In Real Life


This is no accident. That is not only purposeful packaging, but purposeful cooking. What has our world come to?

Penny For Your Thoughts?


This washer only took quarters, and wouldn't start until the last one cent was paid. Be angry.

Old News

Reddit | pro467u

This video game from 1999 required the player to connect to the internet.

Let me repeat: made in 1999.

Drawing Outside The Lines


Ah, the old 'cardboard cube' trick to make a container of something look more full than it actually is.

TRY to not get angry at that. I dare you.

Wheyt A Minute


Is the protein powder container half full, or half empty? Depends on who you ask.

Go Big Or Go Home


How much bigger is that bottle, 3%? 4%? Is it even bigger at all?

Easy On The Eyes

Reddit | pleaseandthanks2348

If you wanted to learn about different shapes, you'll be happy with this sandwich. If you wanted to, you know, eat it, you've come to the wrong place.

Headphones Not Included

Reddit | youremine09

This person bought a box of headphones under the assumption that there would be a pair of them.

She assumed wrong.


Reddit | wrongdoor

Feast your eyes upon the "same" box of chocolates, bought a week apart.

Someone hired a new sneaky package designer.

I'm Sorry, You Wanted To USE This Item?

Reddit | gogetem

If I'm buying a calculator, I very likely want to use all the buttons on the calculator. Why is that asking too much?

Not Suitable For Buying

Reddit | forest58890

False advertising at its finest.

Next up, the bed that's not suitable for sleeping.

The Long Con

Reddit | busybee56

How many times do you think this person has tried to use the fake eraser on the back of that pencil? How much turmoil do you think it has caused?

Life Imitates Art

Reddit | 89056

If I'd wanted an optical illusion instead of a toy, I'd buy a ticket to Chris Angel's house.

Double Trouble

Reddit | goop345u89

This person bought a fruit cup, only to find that most of it was an empty plastic inside the cup.

I give up on capitalism. If you need me, I'll be in the forest.

Two Extra Hotdogs!

Reddit | ilushkin

No, actually they just added the extra packaging and then took two wieners from the main package and put them in the "free" section. Either way, same number of wieners.

Twelve? Three?

Reddit | bortina-badboy

If you have to cut each into 4 pieces first, then there aren't 12 "ready to eat" mini sausage rolls in there, is there?

Please Don't Do This

Reddit | TestZero

Yes, a lot of people buying gluten-free or organic are just part of the fad, but if someone with celiac disease ate these, it could do serious damage.

Then again, those people probably read the ingredients for everything.

Why I Have Trust Issues

Reddit | TheSoulOfTheRose

Besides faking "jumbo" shrimp, cutting them in half probably shortens the shelf life and adds more risk of contamination. Not cool.

Not Quite A Foot

Oh, were you expecting a footlong hotdog in the footlong foil package? Too bad. You just get a regular hotdog.

64 Shades of Orange?

Reddit | hogwartshonorroll

Orange is one of my favorite colors, but I'd still be furious if I bought a big box of crayons and found this inside.

That's A Wrap

Reddit | Ahmad_nagy

Assuming this isn't machine-made, do you think the person tasked with cutting these in half dies a little inside with every slice?

Lawsuit Waiting To Happen

Reddit | freakame

Imagine you're working in the garage, tuning up your car and enjoying a cold beer. What could go wrong?

Stationery Woes

Imgur | thektulu7

As a fan of pens and pencils, I know that you often pay extra for the novelty sets. That's bad enough, so don't pull this crap, please.

Wasting Packaging

Reddit | RoyHobbs3

In a time when a lot of us are trying to cut down on the amount of packaging we throw away, this just infuriates me.

This Is So Common

Stop wasting plastic! Besides that, bottles like this just take up a ton of unnecessary space in medicine cabinets and on store shelves.

Oh Come On!

Reddit | freakame

If someone isn't tech savvy enough to go buy and download software online, why would you trick them like this? This is why millennials are stuck as constant tech support for their parents.

Unless these are priced exactly the same, that second one is a total rip-off.

Reddit | CommunistJames

The deceptive wording of the package might make it sound like you're getting twice as much of the active ingredient, but the difference in directions make it clear that both boxes contain the exact same product.

Ah yes, I'm sure it's purely a coincidence that this package was designed to make it look like you get more than you do.

Reddit | 93arkhanov93

After all, it's not like they could've just left the white plastic part as a connector between the lid and the tub.

No, that weird bubble thing is a totally necessary part of the design. Totally.

This sandwich didn't start as just one half, but the uploader needed to take half away to show what's wrong with this picture.

Reddit | FreshLifeSmile

Although you can see most of the sandwich through the lid, it's much harder to spot the fact that this little raised platform is leaving you with less to eat than it may seem.

Sadly, this sandwich isn't quite the absolute unit we may have hoped for.

By now, we've come to expect that our food won't look anywhere near as pretty as it is in the ads.

Reddit | Wolfer7098

But comparing the filling we see on this box of mini-wheats to what the customer actually end up makes it seem like they put a completely different product in the ads just to spite us.

By a similar token, we know that any chip company that doesn't put their snacks in a tube will leave some air in the bag.

Reddit | morbote

But there's a huge difference between that practice and filling the bag with just enough chips to make it seem like there's any above that window.

I mean, this is just barely a step above inserting a picture of chips to cover that window and leaving the bag empty.

Yup, that's a totally necessary piece of solid plastic at the bottom of this soap bottle.

Reddit | Pacific22

If the bottle were made of glass, then I could say that without sarcasm because this design would legitimately make the bottle sturdier.

As it stands, though, it's just there to make sure you don't get as much soap. Sorry.

This person sees a lot of reason not to be impressed by the pair of Adidas shoes they recently bought.

Reddit | jburskie

Not only did these apparently new shoes basically fall apart, but they nearly broke the wearer's foot in the process.

And it's not like they're an Olympic sprinter or anything. They mostly used them to get to and from school.

No matter how much it looks like juice, nobody should drink this.

Reddit | osteo-path

Sure, the fact that it's made with baking soda is kind of a clue that this is a cleaner, but let's not pretend that this isn't designed and marketed almost exactly like a container of fruit punch.

I guess this isn't the biggest deal in the world, but there's a certain expectation that comes from naming your product "8 in 1."

Reddit | X2ytUniverse

I mean, you would expect that it contains eight dog snacks in one container, right?

Well, nope. Just seven for some reason.

This is likely more the result of incompetence than malice, but that parking spot isn't as accessible as it seems.

Reddit | GiantNinja42

Another view of the parking lot shows that it's tucked away in a little boxed-in area.

So if a vehicle is in the spot across from it like that blue SUV is, nobody who needs this parking space can actually use it.

If you get a loaf that seemed like it cut at random, this machine might have had something to do with it.

Reddit | 808Dredd

From the looks of it, it starts off with one slice that's way too big, then makes a few that are fairly normal, and then pounds together a few crumbled bread-letts.

Bon appétit!

Yeah, if you ever run into any social media pages advertising this service, it helps to try something first.

Reddit | TimeToLoseIt16

What you do is take whatever photo you want painted and then run it through a "watercolor" filter on Instagram.

If it looks exactly like the sample the company is showing you, then congratulations! You've just done exactly what they would've charged you for on your own for free.

Just Like Mama Used To Make

Reddit | juiceyfreet

Don't you just love that good old homemade factory science lab created in a hole in the ground taste? Ah, smells like home.

Bad Business

Reddit | ink-a-doodle

I don't know how things like this are sustainable. That pizza could be the greatest quarter of a pepperoni pizza ever, but customers will never buy your product a second time.

Panda? Pan-don't

Reddit | boarqing

While I'm not against removing artificial colors from foods, this is just mean. Setting a kid up for a tantrum.

The Price Isn't Right

Reddit | boyohboyhobboy

A student shared a photo of the pharmacy at his college to show just how sneaky they are.

If you look a little closer, you can see that they've blacked out the prices with permanent marker so that students can't see the price of what they're buying.

Forget false advertising, this is shopping blind.