15+ Unfortunate Fails That'll Make You Say 'Well, That Sucks'

Amy Pilkington
Reddit | ourbelfastboys

Sometimes we have a serious accident or we're laid off or something of similar impact happens. In those instances, we curse and cry and probably need some time to recover.

But most bad days are just a series of small or strange annoyances that throw off our whole day and leave us only able to say "Well, that sucks," and try to deal with the fallout.

They're so common and relatable that we just laugh in solidarity.

This is why women want pockets.

Reddit | smolls_j

If this girl had any, she could have slipped her phone into one instead of setting it on top of her car. Then maybe it wouldn't have been left there, slipped off, and then gotten driven over twice before she realized what happened.

Pockets save phones.

Now, this is just plain infuriating.

Reddit | hpech

Like, it always sucks when your snack doesn't drop successfully, but a lot of the time, you can give it a shake, or worst case, buy a second to push it out of the rings.

This requires you to find and talk to the person with the keys to the machine. And talking to someone is the worst.

A mantel seems like a great place for a TV, but you might want to check first.

Reddit | Aurora_Olympus

Maybe put some weight on it that didn't cost hundreds of dollars and make sure it's not held on with just plaster. As someone with multiple plaster walls in her home, I can attest to the fact that they are not very load-bearing.

This is some serious mail theft.

Reddit | amItheLoon

They didn't just take a package, they took the entire mailbox!

Like, what did they think was in there that's worth going to all that trouble?

I hate every single one of those people getting on the elevator.

Reddit | SkepticalSpaghetti

If there are stairs or escalators available, then able-bodied people should be stepping aside to let people who actually need the elevator use it. I can see the argument if there's heavy baggage involved, but these people are clearly just lazy.

I don't think the tool is supposed to work that way.

Reddit | Devas69

At least this happened on a build site where other tools are probably readily available. Imagine it happening when you're trying to change a flat tire on an empty highway at midnight. Now, that would suck.

When you travel specifically for the view, but end up with this.

Reddit | cb-bones

If you're lucky enough to have a flexible schedule, then maybe you could avoid it and take a rain check, but in a case like this, which was a science class field trip, you get what Mother Nature gives.

When you make a typo, maybe a few dozen people will see it.

Reddit | Its_the_Fuzz

When the Australian government makes a typo, they print it on 46 million $50 bills. Did no one turn the spellcheck on? That's clearly a typo spellcheck could catch, unlike my tendency to just write the entirely wrong wood.

No one was hurt in this accident.

Reddit | tok3r72

This is why I hate driving in the winter. Even with snow tires and slowing down, I always feel like I'm one skid away from an insurance claim.

But does it at least still work right?

Reddit | SirFintan

If so, I'd just put a sticker over it to prevent confusion.

It appears to be a German keyboard (which use QWERTZ, instead of QWERTY, and have other differences) but the Genius Bar used an 8 from an American set.

When you just want to sing in the rain, but local infrastructure isn't what it used to be.

Reddit | Pottiland9

To be fair, it's probably safer for those signs to come loose if/when cars hit them. It'll lessen the impact to the driver and car. Just don't pole dance on them.

Keys wear out eventually, but it always sucks when they do.

Reddit | ourbelfastboys

Assuming you have a quality lock, the key is going to take a little wear and tear every time it has to force those pins. But it's going to take a locksmith to get in there now.

Speaking of keys, we've all done this at least once.

Reddit | Weevin

I once did it with the keys still in the ignition and the engine running. Luckily, my father had the spare and lived only a minute away from the mall I was parked at.

My next car is going to be one of those ones that screams at you if you leave the fob inside.

A little help from your friends.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

The Kansas City Fire Department responded to the call when their brothers in the Police Department got trapped in an elevator. This is why I never take an elevator without a phone.

Well, this is a worst case scenario, isn't it?

Reddit | ThePoopingSparrow

Now, I question the amount of actual chocolate in those things, so it's unlikely that they need to worry about poison, but I'd probably still take him to the emergency vet. If only so that they can help keep him hydrated through the whole messy process.

And it'll save your home from the mess.

Celebrities ARE just like us. Well, kind of.

Twitter | @tonyhawk

Tony Hawk just can't catch a break when it comes to people recognizing him or his name in public, but this one definitely stings.

Unfortunate wristband labeling can get the best of all of us.

Reddit | MomanTy

If someone told me at the hospital their wristband that said "NUTS" was referring to a nut allergy, I'm not so sure I'd believe them.

When you meet a celebrity, it's normal to get nervous.

Reddit | om_is_love

But to get SO nervous that you totally mistake them for a different, similarly named celebrity? Eesh. On the bright side, this person never has to worry about running into him again after this embarrassment.

Aw, hail no.

Reddit | ShoreSWBF

This is what hail damage can do to a sunroof. How do you even start to fix this problem? Or do you just wait for it to finish itself off?

Makeup and dark sheets is a dangerous combination.

Reddit | Zwan_

This girl's foundation left an unfortunate imprint on her sheets. Either that, or there's an evil spirit in there, trying to get out. I'd take the makeup, honestly.

I know you're thinking, "What's so bad about peanut butter in a vaccuum seal?"

Reddit | zinoviesvsk

Unfortunately, this is not peanut butter. This is the extra buns a Reddit user thought he could keep fresher longer by vacuum-sealing them. Not quite.

It had to be on a day you were wearing white jeans.

Reddit | god_azzip

This picture tells a story, and that story is "most of the itch was on the bottom but you got the top just to be safe."

A sad story in four pictures.

Reddit | Articfire17

This poor pup is going to have trust issues when it comes to any clear surfaces from now on. Me too, little guy. Me too.

Even if it fades into a tan, you're not better off.

Reddit | EnderCl

This is the worst combination of suburn: pain and silly. No sympathy from your friends here, just jokes at your expense. Can't even escape it on the Internet!

Always ask a local first.

Reddit | weebtrash93

The Reddit user who shared this one captioned it, "Tourists didn’t realise that the beach submerges when tide rises... see ya in 4 hours!" That'll hopefully be enough time to think about what they did.

Ah, cats...

Reddit | Bizzaarmageddon

This person had just completed a 1,000 piece puzzle and was just turning around to get the glue to glue it down when... the rest is hiss-tory.

A pain we all have felt.

Reddit | DryWay

Hey, at least some of it landed toppings side up, right? RIGHT?

There's never a bright side when dropped pizza is at hand.

This makes me very glad that I never needed braces.

Reddit | roasthrowawayyy

This delightful cage keeps the tongue away from the front teeth so that they can straighten correctly while the tongue is trained to not press against them in the future.

This kid is never going to have a fun game of Spin the Bottle.

Food pain hits different.

Reddit | javi2603

All of this food... so much of it wasted... I don't know how the guy sitting there looks so calm and accepting of what's happening next to him. I'd be trying not to cry.

I guess they were too ripe.

Reddit | tehPOD

I hope you want a nice snack of five bananas all at once, 'cause that's what you're eating.

Not a bad little snack.

Reddit | LeChefromitaly

Unless it's a meal that cost you $160 and this is all you're getting. Sometimes, things that are expensive are worse.

A horror story in six words.

Reddit | czmax

"Their flight left two hours ago." This is why when I get to the airport, I check my pockets and my bag every ten seconds.

This toilet froze and busted the porcelain.

Reddit | SomeoneStopMePlease

There's no feeling quite like the helplessness and vulnerability of your toilet breaking, and this has got to be one of the worst ways for your toilet to break that I've ever seen.

And this is why you need to clean your kettle more often.

Reddit | AltVentures

That is one seriously hard-boiled slug. When I bought a new kettle, I made sure to buy a clear one simply because I was paranoid about what was getting inside that I couldn't see.

You tell me, Matt.

Reddit | theloneaztek

Until they make a way to control the weather, every rainy/foggy day for us is someone else's once-in-a-lifetime trip ruined.

After that fall, I'm sure he's feeling a little thor.

Twitter | @GiveMeInternet

Nothing like working incredibly hard on a sculpture of the god of thunder just to turn yourself into the god of blunder by dropping him on the floor. Sorry, please don't strike me down!

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