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15+ Hilarious Senior Quotes That Somehow Made It In The Yearbook

If my school even did senior quotes, I obviously graduated so long ago that I don't remember what I wrote. And honestly, it's hard to even imagine what I would've gone with.

I was nerdy enough to actually share wise words from someone I respected, but I was also silly enough to go with something "totally random" that I would find equal parts embarrassing and confusing now. It's also entirely possible that I just quoted a rapper, but used their birth name to make it look more official.

In any case, the way I summed up my graduation may remain a mystery, but it's unlikely that it beat the freshly impish thoughts these new graduates came up with.

1. Sadly, I don't think this young man will get a lot of takers.

Twitter | @tatumallen97

For those who aren't aware, A&P stands for anatomy and physiology. So now we know where Max's area of expertise definitely isn't.

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2. Well, it's nice to see a student finally appreciate their gifts, no matter how hungry they got on the way.

Reddit | Mjfml

Wherever Luis is, I hope he finally found his snacks. I'm sure they'll be delicious.

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3. This guy's yearbook hasn't been out for long, but he's already spawned some imitators with this one.

Instagram | @sooooawkward

Sadly, it seems like his name his cropped out so now his sandwich philosophy will need to be credited to "unknown."

The greatest minds aren't always appreciated in their time.

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4. We have no idea what to call this person, but we can never call them a liar.

Reddit | Big__Chad

This quote sounds like their original thought, but they're so committed to their vow that they may actually have invented undersharing.

Even a prisoner of war will give their name, rank and serial number.

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5. Sadly, jealousy clouded this young woman from realizing that just because Harry could talk to snakes, that doesn't mean he wanted to.

Instagram | @runbusymomrun

Anastasia clearly needs to find her Gryffindor, or at least hang out with some Hufflepuffs. They won't plot against her, that actually takes ambition.

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6. This is actually a pretty touching quote and it's pretty good advice when it becomes tempting to get too lost in our own worlds.

Instagram | @rexstro

So why is it here? Well, I think it's just funny on a cosmic level that one of the most effective senior quotes I've seen came from an anime character.

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7. This student apparently got this quote from a K-pop star, but she couldn't have picked a more perfectly sassy photo to go with it.

Twitter | @Queen_V_13

For all we know, her younger self was just thinking, "boy, I sure like what's happening in this cartoon" at the time, but let's not spoil the magic.

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8. Some words of wisdom or a celebration of your accomplishments are usually best, but I guess throwing shade at everyone else works too.

Twitter | @_nat_avi_

After all, what better way to sum up your graduation from school than to express why you're so glad to finally leave it?

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9. Sometimes, senior quotes take some team effort and that's where having a sibling comes in handy.

Instagram | @succ_chungles

It almost makes all those drives to school where brothers and sisters do their best to annoy each other worth it.

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10. Sometimes, the most meaningful quotes aren't from a TV show or some dead thinker, but from the ones we hold the closest in our hearts.

Instagram | @motherchickensaurus

Granted, I didn't say we had to be inspired by a moment when they're actually happy with our decisions.

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11. Haiden here asked "who let me make that my senior quote," but it seems like good advice to me.

Twitter | @haidenhh

After all, most of us generally don't scream the worst thing we can think of when we see ourselves in the mirror and Twitter could certainly benefit from a lot less of that.

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12. Well, this is about as appropriate of a senior quote as a drama student could ask for.

Instagram | @krisbway

And keeping our minds centered on the reason we're doing this helps a lot when the director has us repeat the same line 30 times in a row.

At least, that's been my experience.

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13. Someone saw their senior quote as an opportunity to drop an uncomfortable truth.

Instagram | @void_of_static

On one hand, it's sad to see that Caillou's constant whining spiraled down to a defeated sigh before he was old enough to drive.

On the other hand, Charlie Brown is a lot easier to watch and especially easier to listen to.

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14. Hunter here found a pretty clever way to discuss what sounds like a big moment in his life.

Reddit | HDBeats

And he's definitely right that if there's anyone whose mistakes we should learn from, it's horror movie protagonists.

For example, you'd never catch me at an isolated cabin in the woods, especially if a mysterious old man told me not to go there.

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15. Well, graduation can feel like an emotional roller coaster and it seems nobody could express that as clearly as Vince Staples.

Twitter | @edwin_lentz

Edwin here tried to get a response out of the rapper after tweeting this quote out, but it seems that life wasn't quite that crazy for him.

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16. Even if you'd like to quote someone in particular, it can be hard to find something they said that fits the occasion.

Twitter | @audsquatch

There's no telling how long it took to find a Panic! at the Disco reference that made sense, but I'm sure her mom is proud all the same.

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17. This time, it's pretty clear why the originator of this quote went unknown. This guy ain't no snitch.

Reddit | bboyrockss

Besides, the real "study tool" that made it possible for kids throughout the country to graduate deserves as least a little credit, right?

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18. If only there were more people in our lives who could teach us to apple.

Reddit | SaiyanYoshi50

It certainly sounds like we could get a lot out of it, but sadly, it's hard to reach that kind of enlightenment when we don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

That drum must hold a lot of secrets.

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19. I think this is a statement that a lot of us can relate to.

Instagram | @thebabyd0llx3tm

Sure, most of us weren't able to ride our obnoxiousness to rock mega-stardom, but let's not allow that to diminish our own accomplishments.

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20. This guy makes a pretty bold statement, but there might be something to do it.

So wherever you end up in life, just make sure that Soulja Boy doesn't crank you. I assume that's not something we want, anyway.

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21. This girl's love for makeup is really no joke.

I wonder what her intentions are for wanting that done?

I didn't know senior quotes could work as unofficial wills, but here we are.

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22. I'm not going to lie, but I also barely remember cracking open a high school textbook.

Quite frankly, I don't remember opening one up until fourth year of college.

At least she made use of it.

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23. Big lessons were learned for this student during her high school years.

Twitter | @alex_norberg

They say you miss 100 of the shots you don't take, and in this case, you miss at least four delicious Wendy's meal deals if you don't go out and grab them.

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24. One thing they teach you in high school is critical thinking. This student has put all that knowledge to use.

Reddit | FelixFilms

But really — what if? I hope she finds out in college.

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25. We're familiar with high school stereotypes. You've got the popular girls, the jocks, the geeks, and the rebellious ones.

Reddit | wiggs88

Not wanting a quote under her picture became her quote in the end. That's too bad.

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26. This senior student hit us with some truth.

Reddit | Beamerballer_VT_

You can't flip past this picture while going through the yearbook and not think out loud, "true."

This one should definitely resonate with many students as they move through life.

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27. You have to really know where your photos are going to be placed in the yearbook to be able to get away with something like this.

Reddit | hce692

But if you don't know who your yearbook neighbor is or aren't friends with them, you might be left with an unfinished quote.

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28. This guy really did this to all his classmates.

Reddit | Serenaded

Whether it's true or not, we all need to move through life with this level of confidence. His quote has definitely proven to be inspirational in that regard.

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29. Unlike many youngsters, this high school senior really appreciated his education.

But he seems to appreciate his health and vanity more, and not so much all those years of grammar lessons.

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