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31 Clever People Who Are On A Whole Other Level

There's normal, everyday cleverness, and then there's the kind of cleverness that exceeds all expectations.

We're here chilling in 2019 while these folks are hanging out in 2055.

Who needs a bowl?

Reddit | best_guy23

This does imply that you're going to eat the entire box of cereal in one go, but honestly, go big or go home.

Minus The Mice.


He's technically correct, though I'm sure the people driving behind him are bound to do a double-take.

Germs Are Cancelled.


We know that you wash your hands after you use the bathroom, but we can't trust that everyone does. This touch-free handle allows me to live my best, poop-free life.

Where's Waldo?

Reddit | instagangster

This dentist attached a Where's Waldo? mural to his ceiling to distract his patients while he works on their teeth.

It still doesn't make me want to make an appointment, but the effort doesn't go unnoticed.

Hydration Station.

This woman understands the true pace at which the average adult drinks their wine. Gotta stay hydrated folks!


Reddit | Among_Them456

That's one way to stop yourself from hitting the snooze button. I didn't think that alarm clocks could get any more threatening.

Suit & Tie.


This kid understands that taking the perfect picture is all about perception. Why invest in a suit jacket when you have a perfectly good pair of pants?

Triple Dog Dare.

Tumblr | v3nice

While you're at it, I dare you to drive me to Disney World. I double dare you to buy me a house. I double dog dare you to give me the Iron Throne.

Snack Innovation.

Twitter | @apf

Chip-shaped ice cream cones would be dangerously convenient. Now all we need are cone shaped chips filled with cheese and salsa.

The Future Is Now.

Twitter | @JustinHillister

With this level of technology reliance, you'll never need to leave your bed ever again. Until what you want is ready, anyway.

Trick Shot.


You don't want to hold your phone while it charges, but you don't want it dangling over a chasm of death either. This person came up with a clever solution.

Dunkaroos 2.0.

Reddit | Mrs_d_d_d

I'm legitimately never using an ice tray for ice ever again. They are forever known as nugget holes.

Four Eyes.


Forget sleeping behind a book—try sleeping behind a fake set of eyes.

Added bonus: never lose a staring contest.

Points For Originality.

Reddit | mogleyguy

Even though I know it's fake, I feel like the pure creativity of the idea would convince me to give a few dollars.

Double Agent.


This is similar to making your password 'password' or your WiFi name 'dlink'. So simple, yet so dang clever.


She gives 'pregnant with a food baby' a whole new meaning. You could fit a whole roast chicken in there.

An Honorable Mention.


It may be a cheap joke, but he'll get a good laugh out of it every time he goes out to start the car.

LEGO My Eggo.

Reddit | sourceeee

I've always thought that propane tanks looked like Lego man heads. I'm glad that someone agrees.

End Of Sentence.


Were you expecting something else here? I've been carrying this book for nine months.

The Honesty We All Need.

Reddit | Nobodysbuisness

This man sure knows his strengths and weaknesses. Some advertising company needs to scoop him up before he uncovers too many eternal truths.

Stay in school, kids.

Because you might end up formulaically asking someone on a date when you're too nervous to do it spontaneously!

I'll have to give this a try lol.

Ah yes, I see what they did there.

Reddit | CarlyBean11

A real clever way to see if anyone catches the typos.

Except imagine these were real typos, then the joke would really be on them.

Very clever and punny to say the least, but also a little concerning.

Reddit | jraychris

Maybe this Wi-Fi surfer should make sure their neighbor is okay???

And maybe send over some cranberry juice as a housewarming gift.

Omg get it?!

Reddit | OliverCarrol

This person must be a major Toy Story fan!

I wonder if they bought the car specifically to do something like this? Definitely worth it.

Well, they do say that you don't truly know what the weather is going to be like until it actually happens.

Reddit | DRTsorak

This is probably the most accurate weather reporting anyone has ever seen!

This kid definitely deserves an A.

This is the kind of intelligence you can't really test for. In a follow up tweet, the teacher said the student did ace the test while (ironically) listening to college dropout.

A relaxing concert experience.

Reddit | dutchy4233

Music festivals are exhausting, but this guy figured out a way to enjoy the live show without having to stand the whole time. I'll probably stick to watching live streams at home, but this is one way to do it.

How much do YOU hate vacuuming?

This person's brother found the smartest way to get out of doing the worst chore. That's something you can only really get away with one time, but that one time will be SO worth it.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Reddit | MarineTrack

Don't you hate leaving your phone lying on the ground when you're trying to charge it? So does this Reddit user, who found an extremely clever way around it.

Definitely stealing this one.

If you've ever wished for a super specific product that doesn't exist (like a hanger to put your dog in to trim his nails) sometimes the solution is just to make it yourself.

Where do I buy this?

Hiding in plain sight.

You have to make the most out of what you've got. They're obeying the letter of the law, not the spirit — and that letter is a big B.