After Being Called An 'Exhibitionist' Breastfeeding Mom Admits She Does It For 'Attention'

Emily McWilliams
Instagram | @jennifer.mancuso

Many moms still report feeling embarrassed for choosing to breastfeed their child, and some have even been publicly shamed by strangers simply for feeding their babies.

One mom has made it her mission to end the stigma against breastfeeding through social media and her blog.

Jennifer Mancuso's photos of her breastfeeding her daughters have been the target of some online trolls, but she had the perfect response to those who said she posts them "to get attention."

Jennifer Mancuso is a photographer, blogger, and mom of seven.

She is a step-mom to daughters Copeland, Vegah, and Adriana, and also has four daughters named Parker, Piper, Aria, and Asher.

That's one busy mama!

Like a lot of mom-focused bloggers, Jennifer has opened up about accepting her postpartum body in raw and honest posts.

These posts are incredibly encouraging for other moms who might also find themselves having a hard time seeing their bodies in a positive light.

Since the birth of her twins, Aria and Asher, Jennifer has been sharing updates of her journey breastfeeding them.

She often posts these photos on Instagram and blogs about them. Jennifer hopes that by doing so, she can remove the stigma from breastfeeding once and for all.

She's posted updates that are relatable to any breastfeeding mom.

After sustaining a breastfeeding injury (yes, they happen) on her right breast, Jennifer posted this funny update when she was finally healed.

And, like a lot of breastfeeding moms, Jennifer has been shamed for nursing in public.

Instagram | @jennifer.mancuso

Jennifer's story of being asked to breastfeed in an employee break room at her daughter's daycare led to viral fame.

When she attempted to nurse her daughters in their classroom, Jennifer was asked by the daycare director to relocate to an employee break room instead.

According to Jennifer, the room was, "no bigger than a closet," and she felt she was being shamed for feeding her daughters at a daycare of all places.

Jennifer, who's never afraid to speak her mind, posted about the experience online.

She got a ton of support from other breastfeeding moms and ultimately, the daycare apologized to her and she was able to continue breastfeeding her daughters anywhere in the school.

However, Jennifer still receives backlash online from people who call her an "exhibitionist" and an "attention-seeker."

She had the perfect response to these trolls who think she's posting these photos to show off her body.

"A breast feeding her child is no longer considered a “private” part. There is never a sex act taking place," she wrote in an Instagram post.

When it comes to posting her photos for attention, Jennifer had a surprising response.

"Yes, I am sharing my images for attention. There I said it. No, seriously, I am! I do it for attention!" she said.

She went on to explain that she's hoping to get the attention of other moms by sharing her pictures.

" I want the attention of other mamas so they can read my stories and see my portraits and hopefully find courage, comfort, inspiration, and empowerment in their own lives," she said.

By generating discussion, Jennifer's photos and stories are helping to normalize breastfeeding.

Many moms commented with their messages of support for Jennifer's revelation.

Instagram | @jennifer.mancuso

Many women are still shamed in public for simply feeding their child. With moms like Jennifer speaking out, we can put an end to breastfeeding shame.

A lot of people are on board with Jennifer's mission to normalize breastfeeding.

Instagram | @jennifer.mancuso

It's true. We'll all watch Game of Thrones without batting an eye, but when a mom goes to feed her baby, people will jump at the chance to shame her.

For some, Jennifer's posts have helped them gain the confidence to breastfeed in public.

Instagram | @jennifer.mancusco

I'm going to tell you from experience, a baby's feeding schedule can be very unpredictable and it's actually really difficult to nurse with a blanket or cover.

That's why breastfeeding in public is often a necessity and why we need to support nursing moms.

It looks like Jennifer plans to continue sharing her breastfeeding journey as long as it continues to help other moms.

Thank you, Jennifer, for all the attention you've brought to this important issue. Moms like you and the power of social media will end the stigma against breastfeeding once and for all.