There's A New Theory About Why Monica Couldn't Get Pregnant In 'Friends', And Wow

When it comes to fan theories, I'm typically pretty skeptical.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate them, but I always find myself picking them apart and doing everything I can to prove them wrong.

And then I came across this Friends fan theory, and wow. I think this is one of the very few that I'm having a really hard time finding flaws with!

There are 10 seasons and 236 episodes of "Friends".

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And out of all of the storylines, the one about Chandler and Monica trying to get pregnant definitely ranks under most memorable.

As you recall, the couple had some trouble conceiving and ultimately ended up choosing adoption.


They were selected by Erika, who ended up giving birth to twins, an event which casually made for one of the greatest plot twists in a series finale ever.

And now, years later, a theory has emerged regarding precisely why Monica was unable to conceive.

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Buckle up, kids.

Of course, we know that it was both Chandler and Monica who had fertility issues.

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According to their doctor, Chandler's sperm had "low motility," while Monica's uterus was an "inhospitable environment."

It was a big blow to Monica, who was the perfect host, thank you very much!

Despite both characters being unable to have children, our theory today focuses on the "why" of Monica's infertility.


So, don't even think about coming for me in the comments about Monica's inhospitable uterus, because we know.

Let's jump right into it.


This theory comes from Reddit user cheeky_and_geeky, who suggests that we can link Monica's inability to have children to one fateful episode: "The One with the List."

To refresh your memory, it's the one where Chandler and Joey help Ross make a list of pros and cons to decide between Rachel and Julie.

Fanpop suck, my dude.

It also happens to be the one where Monica gets a job making desserts with a synthetic chocolate substitute.

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Remember Mockolate, guys?

It was that crumbly chocolate alternative that not only tasted awful, but was also potentially dangerous.

Despite it tasting horrible — Monica ate a piece during her initial interview — she took the job and began creating Mockolate-based desserts.


Monica's new employer, Mr. Rastatter, even had the gusto to drop this line on us.

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Better than chocolate? Okay, this should've been a red flag immediately — a total sleezy salesman pitch.

And we found out quickly that it was the worst-tasting thing imaginable!

That's because it wasn't an FDA-approved substance, apparently due to "something about laboratory rats."


During the testing process, Monica baked an assortment of Mockolate goods.

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A pumpkin pie with a Mockolate cookie crumb crust, Mockolate cranberry cake, and Mockolate chip cookies.

Phoebe actually said it best herself in that scene:


It honestly looked like she would have been happier eating that napkin.

It's not unreasonable to assume that Monica ingested even more Mockolate when testing her creations during this time.


And notice how Rachel and Phoebe spit the chocolate out?

And according to the theory, the unsafe ingredients in the faux chocolate may have affected Monica's fertility.

Having tested and tasted the mockolate multiple times makes sense. Monica is nothing if not a perfectionist, a neat freak, and someone who would sacrifice her taste buds for a job like this.


I mean, if she could stomach Rachel's trifle, who's to say?

At this point, you're likely thinking that it's a bit extreme to assume a few ounces of Mockolate could hinder Monica's ability to procreate.


Because science, of course.

Well, during Monica's exit interview, Mr. Rastatter, a Mockolate executive, asked her some disconcerting questions.

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"Uh, listen, you didn't eat a lot of it while you were cooking, did you?" pried Mr. Rastatter.

"Well, uh, I ate some," answered Monica.

"Oh, some? Some is fine. Some is not 'a lot,'" says Mr. Rastatter, laughing nervously.


Just before Monica left the room, Mr. Rastatter went in for one last query: "So, it doesn't burn when you pee, does it?"

You know, the job with their new product called Fish-tachios.

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"They taste exactly like pistachios but are made primarily of reconstituted fish bits," explained Mr. Rastatter.

Just before Monica tries one, Mr. Rastatter asks whether she's allergic to anything.


When she replies "cat hair," he takes back the Fish-tachios, saying, "Never mind."

Suffice to say, this Mockolate stuff was bad news.

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Whether it could affect a woman's fertility is another matter.

Still, we can't help but feel relieved that Monica didn't take that second opportunity with the same company.

Again, we wish she had seen the red flags around this creep. When she first arrived, Rastatter thanks her for coming in, and she jokes:

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To which he replies, "It's like I'm looking in a mirror."

Yes, clearly.

Ultimately, do we think Mockolate was responsible for Monica's infertility in "Friends"?

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It's an interesting theory, but a wild one.

And as much as we love a wild theory, we know the difference between a plausible argument and an interesting idea.