Confusing 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzle Has Left Fans Of The Show Stumped

Lynne Versluys
Twitter | @twitersgoodboy

Twitter had some amazing guesses for this Wheel Of Fortune question.

'Wheel Of Fortune' Reigns Supreme

Giphy | Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune, a favorite of daytime TV enthusiasts and kids stuck home sick from school, occasionally manages to make its way onto the internet and perplex people on social media.

Ultimate Guessing Game

Giphy | Wheel of Fortune

Even if you've never watched an episode, there's a pretty good chance that you've tried to crack their code at least once.

An Odd Arrangement

Twitter | @twitersgoodboy

A question from 2017 was making the rounds on Twitter again, leading to increasingly ridiculous guesses.

Um...I'm not even going to try.

Twitter Had Some Guesses


While there is a childish hilarity in "SUCK IT DORK," "LICK IT FORK" brings a strange menace to the situation.

Truly Relatable

Twitter | @starlitup

Honestly, who hasn't been sick at work? Or tried to make themselves sick at work so they could go home to watch Wheel of Fortune?

This may not be the funniest guess, but it is certainly the most relatable.

Borderline Obscene

Twitter | @CarlyGroff

"LICK IT DORK" sounds like something the bully from A Christmas Story would say. Approved.

Increasingly Absurd

Twitter | @MrMunk00

I'm trying to think of a situation when "DUCK AT WORK" would make any kind of sense, and really only zookeepers and park rangers could find the relevance in this one.

Or Maybe It's Not So Absurd?


I mean, this gif of an adorable ducking falling asleep on a desk had to come from somewhere, right?

Throw Back

Twitter | @TheOrchidShow

No real English words were harmed in the making of this tweet.

Internet Bonding


For those too young to remember, Zork was a text-based adventure game released in the late '70s.

See? This weird Wheel of Fortune puzzle is bringing people together.

More Info Needed


People like @PelicansPel began to demand additional information.

Reasonable Request

Giphy | Wheel of Fortune

What's the category? What are we playing for? What are the stakes???

LOL, like this show ever has much in the way of stakes.

Not Even Close

Twitter | @tionawiley

Those aren't even the correct letters! Try again!

Kind Of Meta Though

Giphy | Nightcap

That's like when I've run out of vowels in a Scrabble game and I start making up new rules.

The Internet Guesses Were Better

Twitter | @aloysiuscc

Unfortunately for the weirdos online, the real answer was decidedly square: "BACK AT WORK."



Damn the man. Bring the ducks and dorks to work. At least they'll make the day entertaining.