This Pool Float Has A Space So That Big Boobs No Longer Have To Be Squashed

The world is really weird about boobs.

If you pay attention to media and pop culture, then you'd probably think that bigger is better, but if you actually paid attention to the real world, you'd quickly realize that nothing is actually designed for them.

Ever try to put on a life jacket with a J-cup? Yeah, good luck with that.

I can see unisex stuff maybe not being perfect, but even women's clothing doesn't fit. If you buy a women's cut t-shirt and are bigger than a C-cup, that shirt will be a crop top.

Even many bras aren't well-designed for bigger boobs. Two hooks and spaghetti straps just aren't going to support these babies.

And it gets even worse in the summer.


If you're lucky enough to find a swimsuit that fits over your boobs, it probably won't support them. The "built-in" bras are laughable.

Lingerie company Bravissimo knows our pain enough that they were inspired to have a bit of fun with it for April Fool's.

While the idea was a joke, people loved it and begged for it to be real.


If you have big boobs, then you know how uncomfortable it is to lie on your stomach with them crushed beneath you, but how else are you going to get an even tan?

So they made it real, just in time for summer.


The "cup holders" text is particularly inspired.

After trying out a bunch of sizes to make sure most girls would fit, they got them manufactured.

For about $32 USD, you can relax and no longer worry about squashed boobs.


Some of the commenters even talked about other uses, like as an air mattress for stomach sleepers or taking it to their next massage appointment.

What do you think? Genius or just silly?

If you want one, you can order it on Bravissimo's website.

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