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38 Things You May Have Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life

We all appreciate those tips and tricks that can save us copious amounts of time and money every day. But did you also know there are tasks most of us have been doing a certain way just because we got used to doing it, even though it's wrong?

Well, today I want to change the way you look at things because you're going to start doing them a whole lot better from now on.

1. Use That Tab


I dunno why it's so hard to remember that the soda can comes with its own straw handle. No more bopping for straws. Get it?

2. The Last Ketchup Drop


Are you always struggling to get the last little bit out of that glass ketchup bottle? Just tap the embossed "57" below the neck and voilà.

3. Don't Squeeze It


Juice boxes can definitely make a whole lot of mess if you squeeze them too hard, but if you use the provided handles, you're golden.

4. Peel An Orange In A Flash


Oranges are so refreshing, but they're a pain to peel. I wish I knew about this trick to save me so much time.

5. Cold As Ice

Imgur | nomnomnetwork

Wrap a wet paper towel around your beer and store in the fridge for 15 minutes to make it cool down when in a hurry.

6. I Scream For Ice Cream

Reddit | CorbinMontego

Is your ice cream always super hard when you get a craving for it? Use a Ziplock bag to store it for more softness.

7. Dustpan To The Rescue

Reddit | mrfitzy

OMG is this trick genius or what? If you can't fit a bucket under your sink, the dustpan will act as a funnel. Mind blown!

8. Burger Technique

YouTube | Foodbeast

Who knew there was a proper way to eat a burger? As long as your fingers can stretch, you can do this too. I gotta try this.

9. Stick A Fork In It

Instagram | @twelve_point

Isn't it annoying when you always end up with milk all over your hands when dunking your Oreos? Not anymore. Amazeballs!

10. A Meaty Bite

Reddit | LauraJesson

Wow, talk about maximizing that bologna sandwich coverage in the right way. I'm never going to eat my sandwich any other way. I'm sold! Are you?

11. Sushi Lover

Ginger King

If you're eating ginger on top of your sushi, you've got it all wrong. Ginger is meant to be eaten between pieces as a palette cleanser. Interesting!

12. Cheetos Lover

Reddit | enobyte

Ah Cheetos, my favorite movie time snack. But don't you hate it when you end up with yellow fingers afterwards? Well, that's what chopsticks are for, apparently!

13. Monkey Business


Take a lesson from the experts — chimps —when it comes to peeling a banana. They peel it from the bottom and not the top!

14. Cupcake Sandwich


Did somebody say cupcakes? LOL. I absolutely love eating them but I hate getting icing on my nose. This way, I'll always get a perfect bite.

15. Perfect Bowl Of Pasta

Facebook | My Smoko Break

That funky pasta spoon with a hole inside does have a special purpose. It's actually a measuring tool so you get the perfect serving size.

16. A Perfect Pin


I never know exactly how to use bobby pins. I just jam it in my hair and hope that it sticks. Well, mystery solved.

17. A Full Cup


I'm always running to get more ketchup at my favorite burger joint. If only I rolled out that top, it would save me a trip.

18. Heat Distribution

Reddit | Omgpolly

Is your food cold or hot when you heat it up in the microwave? Make a hole in the middle of the food for even heat distribution.

19. Secret Message

Reddit | yourmom46

Hide that message you wrote to your secret sweetheart by writing a bunch of letters and numbers over it instead of straight lines. Nobody will decipher it.

20. A Perfect Slice


If you want a perfect slice of bread every time, just flip over the bread and cut it with the flat side up. It works amazing.

21. A Hole In One


If suction is getting in the way of you emptying that garbage can, just drill a few holes on the side of the can.

22. I'm A Fan

Delmar Fans

Who knew that fans come with built-in settings? I certainly didn't. But apparently, you should switch the air direction every season from 'winter' to 'summer.'

23. Instant Coaster

Imgur | Lopefrisava

Never spill your favorite beverage on that wooden table again. Did you know you can just use the lid to create an instant coaster? Why, yes!

24. Vacuum Your Vacuum... ?

Reddit | thrashmash666

Why didn't I ever think of this? You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the head of your sweeper attachment or any other accessories. It was right in front of me the whole time!

25. Need A Rest?

Reddit | Fixedsit

Wheelbarrows: They work hard and they play hard. Just ask this guy. He knows what's up.

26. You're Clearing The Driveway All Wrong

Reddit | Uncle-Sam-i-am

Don't break your back with a shovel. Build one of these plows instead.

"Driveway plow: $5 for conduit, $3 for bolts, 3x increased efficiency: priceless," said this Reddit user.

27. No Pockets? No Problem!

Reddit | wildlifesoup

If you need to store your lock's key for the gym, just tie it to your shoelace. Smart!

28. DIY Table

Reddit | jcslater

Who really uses that hotel ironing board for ironing? No one, that's who. It does, however, make a great laptop stand.

29. Picture Perfect

Reddit | justaspeck

After hanging up framed pictures, be sure to put a bit of poster tack behind the corners to prevent the frames from tilting over time. Genius!

30. Nutella Hot Chocolate, Anyone?

Reddit | Fickleswimmer

If you have a little bit of Nutella left in the jar, pour in warm milk for instant hot chocolate. Yummy!

31. Save That Lint

Imgur | austriker27

"Collect lint from your dryer, put it into egg cartons and sprinkle candle wax on it for [a] longish burning, lightweight fire starter," said this Reddit user.

32. Instant Phone Stand

Reddit | i-love-big-birds

A pair of glasses can work as a phone stand in a pinch. That's actually pretty genius if you ask me.

33. Hangers To The Rescue

Reddit | fittydeuce52

Again, no one uses those hotel hangers, but they do work well at ensuring the curtains stay shut. No more early wake-up calls from the morning light shining through the crack.

34. Pin It, Pin It Good

Reddit | apacheattaccspaniard

Despite their names, fitted sheets aren't always so... fitted. Secure them in place with a safety pin.

35. This Salad Hack Is A Game-Changer

Reddit | your_ruca

They say you don't make friends with salad, but I bet this hack will change your mind.

Don't cut the top off the bag entirely. Leave a small piece attached and you have a DIY self-tying bag.

36. This Is A Life-Saver

Reddit | astronplays

Instead of placing your drink lid on the table (yuck!), grab a stir stick. Place it in your drink for a quick lid stand. A straw will work, too!

37. Hoodies Are More Than Just A Fashion Statement

Reddit | chizEboi

If you're traveling and need a place to put your glasses, just tie them to your hoodie drawstrings. They'll be safe and secure.

38. The oven drawer isn't for storage!


That's right, the drawer under your old isn't meant to hold your stacks of muffin tins. According to the companies who manufacture stoves, it's actually designed to keep hot foods at serving temperature!

How many of these surprised you?

I know I learned a thing or two. I can't wait to make that perfect bologna sandwich and eat it too. Yum! Yum!