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18+ Magical Makeovers That Prove Women Are Wizards

I seriously struggle when it comes to makeup. I mean, I really do. So when I see what some women can do with makeup I'm totally amazed.

These makeup wizards really have a gift and let's give them much deserved props for what they do. Check out these amazing makeup transformations that will blow your skills right out of the water.

When You Just Need That Extra "Umph" Before You Leave The House

Instagram | @colorhoarder

This makeup is right on point here. Isn't it? Imperfections? Not when you've got chops like these.

This Girl Is True Perfection When It Comes To Eye Makeup

Instagram | @nikkietutorials

And I struggle to blend regular eyeshadow perfectly while she pulls off stuff like this.

When Halloween Is Your Jam

Instagram | @dressyourface

If only this girl was my bestie, I would always rock every one of my Halloween costumes and probably win all the contests.

When Your Artistry Is Outta This World

Instagram | @artbeautychaos

OMG, this girl is not only a makeup wizard but a true beauty Picasso. These looks are totally amazing and mind-blowing.

When You Morph Into Another

Instagram | @lucia_pittalis

Seriously, I still can't believe people can do this stuff. I want to walk in someone else's shoes for a day like Lucia Pittalis.

When You're So Sly

Reddit | BoyBillion

Ha, ha, ha, speaking of morphing yourself into another. I really thought this was Stallone for a moment. And that facial hair is makeup? What?

When A Little Drag Is In Order

Reddit | johnwayneblack

I dunno how many guys would be masculine enough to let their girlfriend transform them into a drag queen but this rocks!

Children Can Be Scary

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I dunno about you, but transforming my kid into something resembling Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist is not my kind of fun but... okay.

From Young To Old

Instagram | @multiplesocks

Speaking of scary children, how about this aging transformation? As long as it doesn't give her mother nightmares. Yikes, the wrinkles look so real.

When Truth Hurts

Instagram | @angelica_tosi

This is pretty much me on a daily basis. And then the weekend comes and I'm complaining I've got some real work to do.

When You Dream Of Unicorns

Instagram | @danimaracreative

I have a friend who's obsessed with anything unicorns. I think if someone transformed her into looking like this she would totally lose it.

Get Animated

Instagram | @fancyflutie

And here's a truly talented artist at work. Not only she made this skeleton come to life but she also totally animated it. This is super cool!

Get Pixelatin'

Instagram | @ekilateral

This girl is a self-made MUA who's not only really talented at what she does but she can also rock a pixelated version of an old selfie.

Markle Magic

Youtube | dope2111

Promise Phan is a well-known makeup artist in the beauty community so I'm not surprised that she was able to turn herself into Meghan Markle so flawlessly.

When You Got The Magic In You

Instagram | @hartyyy

This is what happens if Elsa and a unicorn had a kid. It's all magic baby, magic. I think I'm in love.

Release Your Inner Goddess

Instagram | @makeuptiffanyj

Every girl has that inner goddess who's waiting to get out, right? If only we had a makeup artist to let it shine.

From Every Day To Wow In 60 Seconds

Instagram | @anniecherrymakeup

Okay, maybe not in 60 seconds lol but it really doesn't matter how long it takes when it looks this good.

Glow Baby Glow!

Instagram | @amara_cosmetics_

If this stunning cotton candy skies makeup is not giving you some serious envy, I think you've died and gone to heaven already. So beautiful!

Cute As A Boop

Youtube | Jbunzie

Life would be so much more fun if you can go through it as our beloved cartoon character Betty Boop. This is beyond cute.

Mrs. Robot

Youtube | Jaclyn Forbes

Jaclyn Forbes is seriously kicking butt with this half-machine, half-human transformation. I wouldn't want to run into her in a dark alleyway in this makeup. Heart attack!

When It's All In The Eyes

They say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' but in this case beauty is in this lady's hands. What a difference.

When You Need That Glow

If you're that kind of girl looking for some glow in her life, Laura Ellis has got your back, girl. Just look at this transformation.

This Transformation Queen

If I didn't see this picture of Lucia Pittalis transforming herself into Danny Trejo I wouldn't have believed it. That is some makeup wizardry here.

This Wedding Look

I think this girl is channeling her inner Madonna from the "Like A Virgin" era with this outfit, but her makeup is on point here for sure.

This Organized Chaos

This lady's skills are something else. Whether you want a nice Halloween face or just want to stand out of the crowd she's got you. Boo!

When You're Being Catty

I've always wanted cool cat makeup for Halloween but this woman takes that concept to the next level. This is a showstopping look indeed.

This Queen Of Hearts

If you're sassy in real life you may want to channel your inner Queen of Hearts just like this talented lady did here.

This Goddess

If gold is your color you're in the right place. This makeup look is fit for a real-life goddess. And this lady does it really well.

When You Can Do This With Makeup You're A True Sorceress

Reddit | breakno

I seriously wanna hire this girl to do my makeup for those special occasions. Without a doubt.

Wow, these ladies take their makeup wizardry to the next level.

Giphy |

While I'm struggling to put on my mascara, they transform themselves into works of art in a mere flash.

You Know You're A Makeup Wizard When You Can Pull This Off

Instagram | @will_ent

And in only one hour? That's impressive if you ask me. You show them, girlfriend!