11+ Inspiring Makeovers That Gave These Women A New Start

Kasia Mikolajczak
Unsplash | Oli Dale

Every woman wants to look beautiful and feel confident. Sometimes that can be easy to achieve and other times life circumstances may interfere.

So a Russian makeover TV show called Perezagruzka (which translates to "Restart") has given women from all walks of life a chance to be transformed into the beauty that they truly are.

Check out these amazing and inspiring transformations.

1. From Simplicity To Glam

In this case, all that was needed was to elevate the look from plain to glam. From a beautiful dye job to gorgeous makeup.

2. The Right Look

And here's a similar situation. It's quite amazing how the right haircut, color, and style, as well as clean makeup, really do make a huge difference.

3. Fresh Face

Having the right skin care regimen can really elevate your entire look. Here we see an example of how to go from tired-looking to fresh-faced.

4. Staying Young

In this case, even a younger woman can end up looking much older. With a stylish haircut, clear skin and flawless makeup, she gets her confidence back.

5. Let Your Beauty Shine

How gorgeous is this updated look? This makeup looks so young, fresh and bright it instantly transforms this lady to show her true beautiful self.

6. Renewed Look

Wow, it's hard to believe this is the same person, isn't it? With all the redness gone her skin can glow and now she can really shine.

7. From Ordinary To Bombshell

Here's a truly amazing transformation. And you can see a world of difference in this lady's confidence level. Just look at that pretty smile.

8. A Complete Look

Some looks might've taken much more to be completed. This one is a perfect example. No more glasses, a brand new mane, and what a difference!

9. Incredible Result

This is another jaw-dropping makeover. Again, hard to believe this is the same person. Whatever procedures were done here are proving to be truly life-changing.

10. Bright Future

I still can't believe this is the same person. I keep taking a second look. It's amazing to see the difference in the before and after pictures.

11. From Drab To Fab

This is what happens when your look becomes so drab that your outer beauty gets lost. Now, this lady is both stunning inside and out.

12. Gorgeous Locks

Sometimes that long mane can age you and make you look sad. How fabulous is this makeover look that's both flawless and age appropriate? Va va voom!

13. A New Lease On Life

And what about this transformation? This is pretty shocking but surely amazing. This shows that dental work can really bring back that missing smile.

I'm such a lover of these makeover shows.

Giphy | Shalita Grant

It just makes me feel so good to see deserving people get a break in life. Now they can conquer the world.