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7+ Weird Home Hacks That Work

We all want our lives to be just a little more efficient on a daily basis. And what better way to do so than with clever little hacks you can do in your own home?

Here are some interesting household hacks that may seem weird at first, but totally work wonders in the end.

Banana Hanger


We all got suckered into buying that bulky and awkward-looking banana hanger, but who knew that it had such a better and more fabulous use?

Wine Racks

Wrapped In Rust

At first glance, this trick may seem a little unconventional, but if you're running out of space, store your rolled up towels in wine racks.

Duct Tape


Duct tape can have so many great uses. I never imagined it can help you open that pesky jar that never seems to want to budge.

Pull Tab

Family Handyman

Hanging up pictures can be such a pain. But who knew you could do it so much easier using the pull tab from a soda can?

DIY Air Conditioner

Can't afford an expensive air conditioner? No problem. Just get a fan, some plastic bottles, pliers, a paper cutter, and ice cubes and you're ready to rock!

Lazy Susan


Are you always looking for those lost condiment bottles in your fridge? Well, just install a lazy susan and watch that thing spin away. Voila!

Wax Paper

Creekline House

I really don't like seeing those watermarks on all my faucets. Apparently, if you rub wax paper over them, those marks just won't stick.

Paint Brushes

Ugly Duckling House

That paint job around the house is taking you a while, so keep those paint brushes from drying by putting them in a plastic bag and popping them in the fridge.

Tissue Box

Easy Going Organizer

OMG, why haven't I thought of this trick? I've been throwing away my tissue boxes all for nothing. I could've used them for this genius purpose instead!

Aluminum Foil

This Old House

How do you prevent your shower rod from rusting, you ask? Well, you can rub aluminum foil on it and watch the rust come off easily.

Dryer Sheets

YouTube | 4b1g

Did you know that soaking dryer sheets in hot water and letting it sit for one hour in the burned pan will help to remove the grease?

Dish Soap

Simple Details

Attach your kitchen's soap pump directly to an industrial-sized jug of soap. You'll only have to replace it about once a year!

Baking Soda

What's Up Fagans

Baking soda mixed with water is great at removing crayon marks from walls. Who knew?

Apple Container

Organizing Made Fun

Store delicate ornaments in those plastic apple containers you can find at stores like Costco. Genius idea!

Binder Clips

Reddit | Arpeggi42

Binder clips and thumbtacks easily help you hang up posters without damaging the art. A great tip for dorm rooms, too!

Binder Clips Again

Reddit | 00Glitch

You can also use these nifty clips to help you secure your garbage bags to the can. This way, the bag won't fall in.


Reddit | Tron_Lives

Remember to make a "Happy Cyclops" in the seal of your anti-freeze before you pour it. The smaller hole will allow air to flow through for a smoother pour.


Reddit | oscorn

Use a blender to help make cupcake batter and pour it in the baking pans. It will be a lot less messy this way.

Wire Grid

Wrapped In Rust

Tame those pesky entertainment cables that are all over the place with clever use of a wire grid. Just mount it and hide stuff away.

Laundry Baskets

Reddit | mighty-kites

These baskets can pull double-duty when you use them to help you carry in the groceries. Now, you're a one-trip wonder.

Condiment Cap

Reddit | Faucht

Place a condiment cap on your vacuum hose so you can do tight spots like your computer keyboard. That's one way to bust dust.

Pool Noodle

Family Handyman

Don't you hate it when your socks always end up falling in that crack between your washing machine and the wall? Well, no more with the help of a pool noodle!

Clothing Folding

YouTube | Guy in a Mountain

If you always find it hard to find space for all your clothes, don't worry. This folding hack will help you out. Instead of laying them flat just stack them like this instead and voila.

Overhead Bed Closet


Speaking of space-saving here's another really cool idea. Why not create an overhead bed closet so you can really maximize all your room space. This works especially great for a small bedroom that's space-challenged already.

Dishrack Hack


Do you hate all the racket your dishes make when they're in the dishwasher? I hear you. That's so annoying. But there's a quick fix for that. Just lay a dishrack upside down to hold them down.

Bottle Cap

Reddit | u/GallowBoob

How do you open a bottle that doesn't come with a screw cap? Easy. Just use a cap from another bottle to force against it with your thumb. I had no idea this actually works.

Cutting Board Fix

Reddit | u/cracka_azz_cracka

If you've ever run out of space in your small kitchen to put a cutting board on no worries. As long as you have a drawer you're good to go. Turns out they go hand-in-hand.

Leftovers Tip


If you're like me and always make more food so you can have leftovers you'll love this idea. Just freeze leftover chili or soup in a muffin pan and bag them after. They make perfect portions for defrosting later.

Binder Clips Fridge Hack


If you often find yourself running low on space in your freezer I've got a handy solution for you. You can use some heavy-duty paper clips to organize your freezer and stop the frozen peas avalanche.

Corkscrew Helper

Have you ever made a mistake and put a nail in the wall where you didn't need it? And now you're stuck with it. Did you know you can actually use a corkscrew to remove it? Wow.

Masking Tape Rescue

Reddit | u/[deleted]

When hanging something with two hooks use painters tape to get the exact markings and a level on the wall. Then hammer in your nails and peel away the tape! It's that easy if you can believe it.

So now that your house is all organized and squeaky clean, what are you going to do with all that newfound freedom?

Come on, spill it to me.