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23 Designs That Are So Bad They're Genius

Some designs are just absolutely brilliant and it's easy to see why. But on the other hand, don't you just love those ideas that may seem crazy only to end up working out really well?

Here are a few of those ideas that may surprise you and give you something to think about.

1. What is this can of lube trying to tell me?

Reddit | tiny_Herbie

They say sex sells, but I don't think that will work for every product. I laughed at this but the longer I stare at it, the creepier it gets.

2. This is what happens when you're easily confused and you clearly can't decide whether you want a car or a motorcycle.

Reddit | Randomassusername28

So why not just have both? Yes, Audi!

3. I dunno why anyone would use this type of font for a napkin holder rather than a title for a scary movie.

Reddit | deedodle

But somehow I still dig this design.

4. This bathroom looks so convenient.

Reddit | u/frogone

Why waste any time when you can shower, go to the bathroom, and shave at the same time? No? Personally, I think this can take off.

5. Everyone seems obsessed with taking selfies these days.

Twitter | @Joshedxd

So I can't say I'm really surprised that this farmer came up with a clever idea to do his.

6. Skateboarders take their craft really seriously, don't they?


So this would be the perfect fan for that skateboarder in your family. I think this is fun and functional.

7. Doing the laundry can be a pain but it would be much better if you can have some fun while doing so.


It might take you longer, though. LOL!

8. This is such a cute design.

Reddit | u/ridiculam-nomen-eius

Even though that sideways pocket might not be so practical, it looks just too fun to worry about that. I'd buy this for my kid.

9. Am I the only one that finds this onesie cute and funny?

Reddit | u/katterfucks

Why not make fathers feel like they're included when it comes to breastfeeding? No?

10. I love my Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Reddit | Ernest-Barnstormer

But I'm not quite sure if I find this awkwardly placed bunny all that appetizing. Ah, what the heck, I'll still eat it!

11. Women's tights have so many awesome colors, patterns, and designs these days.

Reddit | misterbrista

So what do you think of these ones? Are they totally awesome or a total fail?

12. What makes these socks so adorable is that they seem like the result of asking a little kid what NASA stands for.

Reddit | Haggether

It's very easy to picture them earnestly trying to remember the word "aeronautics" and just coming up with "aeronsmith" before excitedly adding, "and space!"

13. It may not have seemed like a big idea at the time, but there were consequences for coloring that U differently.

Reddit | MetaEgo

I wonder how long it takes for an employee to stop correcting customers when they come in giggling about the name.

After all, it's when they stop laughing that it's time to worry.

14. Even if it makes the page look a little wonky in the binder, there had to be a better place to put the hole punch here.

Reddit | PAKbeast907

Oh well, I'm not going to pretend like it wasn't always a treat when I had a legitimate reason to skip a homework question.

15. Oh boy, my eonahc is coming soon? Now I just seed to figure out what this is!

Reddit | Thatgamer11

Based on the fact that this is a gym, I'm sure they meant "change," but your guess is as good as mine as to why this is written backwards.

16. I'm sure the design scheme was handed down by the boss, so I can't really fault someone for trying to fit "ground" into it.

Reddit | Go_On_Volt

And at least if you ever come here, you'll know what people mean by the "gind" floor now. At least, I'm guessing that's how someone would try to pronounce this.

17. I'm sure the idea of "energy points" makes more sense when you have this card, but that doesn't mean this scene suddenly does.

Reddit | kodicraft4

No matter how good of a deal this is, I can't imagine too many people racking up energy points if they have to risk getting run over for them.

18. It may not quite capture what Cookie Monster is supposed to look like, but I kind of love this anyway.

Reddit | CromchyChipDip

He may look a little goofy compared to the official version, but that almost makes him seem even more excited about cookies.

Is that even possible?

19. Well, at least they spelled "fashion" and "Shoe" correctly.

Reddit | situbusitgooddog

That may not be much, but we're kind of grading on a curve after the way they massacred the word skateboard.

That wasn't very "proefssional" of them.

20. If a person somehow never heard of the Marvel or DC Universes, I guess I can see how they'd make this mistake.

Reddit | Vitired

"Well, this guy can make a bunch of lightning bolts when he's not throwing that hammer around, I bet his name is Flash!"

I'd be interested to know what they'd call The Flash, though.

21. Apparently, 40 isn't the only thing this lady is defying.

Reddit | hakdawg

Besides, there aren't enough people who will tell you about one of the best ways to fight signs of ageing: mitosis. You know, just like anybody can do.

22. Is it just me or does this seem like a perfect space for those people who really don't like to have company when eating out?

Reddit | friskyrisky__

What's the problem? This is perfect for introverts!

23. This giant head has no place being on the side of a boat.

Facebook | Eski┼čehir Hanimlar─▒

Despite how stupid this is, I guess I do have to give them some credit for this design. Fine, it's clever! Is that what you wanted to hear?

I think these designs prove that we can all find some cleverness in practically anything, even fails.

And why not? If it looks good, works well then who are we to judge.