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23 Genius Lifehacks To Help Us With All The Things

I've been writing about lifehacks for quite some time now, and there are SO MANY hacks out there. Seriously, sometimes it's hard to filter through the really bad ones and the somewhat okay ones. But, it's pretty easy to spot the terrible ones, tbh.

Because there are so many hacks out there, there's literally a hack for anything. A problem in the kitchen? There's a hack. Got sweaty feet? There's a hack!

1. I've seen over-the-door organizers used for many things, but this is the first time I've seen it in the pantry!

Pinterest | Pinterest

This is the perfect way to organize fruits and veg that don't have to go in the fridge. But, tbh, I thought all of them did...

2. This might be the cutest way to display and store your knives that I've ever seen.

The Owner Builder Network | The Owner Builder Network

I thought I was fancy AF when I got my first knife block, but I think I'd rather have this if I'm totally honest.

3. Guys, I could totally use this after all the carbs and snacks I've eaten today.

Pinterest | Pinterest

This is such a smart way to keep your fly from falling down all day long!

4. Putting a wine or cocktail glass filled with dip in a bowl and then surrounding it with chips is actually genius.

Diana Rambles | Diana Rambles

This way there is plenty of room for both of these tasty snacks. Yum!

5. Did you know that baby wipes can help tame flyaway hairs?

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Neither did I, but there's actually a ton of great things you can do with them other than clean a baby's bottom!

6. Are you embarrassed when guests come over and your glasses are clean, but don't look like it?

WIC Project | WIC Project

My boyfriend hates this with a vengeance, but hasn't figured out how to clean them yet. Vinegar (his favorite thing ever!) is apparently the trick.

7. For a Twitter user, this saved a call to the electrician!

Twitter | @BeverlyBurrey

When the light bulb in their home burst, this clever hack came in handy! Use a potato to twist that sucker out of its socket.

8. To be completely honest, at first I thought this hack was pretty obvious.

Reddit | AlexanderLEE27

But then I realized I literally just pile all of my slices on top of each other and definitely don't do this.

I am not a genius.

9. This is a hack I'm definitely going to try the next time I'm on vacation!

Genie In The Garden | Genie In The Garden

Use ropes and a bucket of water so you can have peace of mind that your plant babies are going to be fine while you are gone!

11. My sink is situated on an island in our kitchen, and I'm constantly knocking the sponge off the sink and onto the floor.

Reddit | Itilvte

Using a milk jug container to create a sponge holder is a genius idea!

12. I didn't realize how handy having a funnel was until I added one to my kitchen!

The Boat Galley | The Boat Galley

But if you don't have one on hand, you can easily turn a water bottle into the perfect funnel.

13. There is nothing worse than the residue on remotes after sticky little hands get all over them.

wiltony | wiltony

Use shrink wrap to keep them clean, especially when you have kids around.

14. Use a clip-on air freshener for the car to make your home smell amazing!

Reddit | ThisIsParadise

Just clip it onto your vent and you'll have that fresh car smell all through your house.

15. Did you know the lids from Starbucks cups fit perfectly on red solo cups?

Reddit | bfly21

This is pretty great if you want to take your drink on the road, or you're worried about getting a little too tipsy and spilling it everywhere!

16. It might seem totally gross, but Coke can actually help clean your toilet.

WikiHow | WikiHow

It makes you think twice about drinking that sickly sweet stuff, doesn't it? I'd avoid reading the ingredients on the can next time.

17. Paint your keys with nail polish so you can tell them apart.

Jewel Pie | Jewel Pie

Before I worked at Diply, I worked in an old leather tannery building that needed like four different keys to get into the place. I did this and it worked like a charm!

18. Don't break a nail trying to open a stubborn key ring.

Motoring About | Motoring About

All you need is a staple remover to get that thing open! Mind you, most people don't have these readily on hand, but when you find one, you'll thank me!

19. If you're absolutely in a bind and have forgotten your contact solution case, this hack should work for you.

Twitter | @Radrabbits

You can keep a bag of solution in your purse for the next time you forget it after spending the night away from home!

20. I had no idea that packing tape guns had a hole at the bottom that perfectly fits a marker.

Reddit | ClaudioCfi86

This makes packing so easy! You won't lose the marker every time you put it down!

21. No, this isn't a recipe for delicious mixed snacks. This is a great way to refresh stale baked goods!

Reddit | sad_cereal

If you add some moist cornbread (or any type of bread/pastry, as long as it's moist) to the container of stale cookies/treats overnight, the moisture from the bread will spread to the cookies and they'll be good as new again!

22. You can make a larger ziplock bag by using two ziplock bags, but flipping one inside out.

Reddit | Vega_128

The inside-out one will be able to connect to the seal on the other one to create one large ziplock bag for whatever you need it for.

23. If there's no natural light in your basement, you can make it look like there is.

Reddit | ZZbrew

Just get some old windows, frost the glass, and put them in front of LED flat panel lights, and it'll look like it's always bright and sunny no matter what time of day it is.

24. If you're moving, this is an easy way to keep all the clothes you hang together.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

All you need are some garbage bags with handles and you can keep all your clothes tidy and still on hangars without worry or struggle.

25. Easy storage for your pot lids!

Reddit | Lars_El

All you have to do is use command hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors, and bam! You have a simple, easy way to store your pot lids that won't get in the way of all your other cookware.

26. It's not just a handle for easy carrying.

Reddit | SuccLady

Turns out there's an easier way to get food off your cutting board into wherever you're putting it — through the holder! This will make it so much less messy.

27. A sneaky way to make sure your kid gets their medicine.

Reddit | goodlyearth

This one almost feels a little mean, but it's a really clever way to get a finicky kid to take their medicine. I wish I could fool myself with this one.

28. No more guess work.

Reddit | Robertokpi

This is a brilliant way to make sure you're not just giving it your best guess when you're drilling holes in the wall. It'll be spaced out perfectly, guaranteed!

29. How to get everyone in the family picture, including the one taking the picture.

Reddit | thatsweetembrace

It might look a little silly, but it'll definitely make for a unique and funny family photo that everyone gets to be in. It's also probably a great way to make sure everyone's smiles are genuine.

30. The best way to dunk your Oreos in milk.

Reddit | Eredhel

No more bumping your knuckles against the glass or getting your fingers all milky. No muss, no fuss, delicious cookies. That's a win-win-win.

31. What doesn't micellar water clean?

Twitter | @jingsyyy

As someone who pretty much only purchases white shoes, I need to invest in some of this.

Squeaky clean!

32. This is multi-tasking if I ever did see it!

Instagram | @kayleehillier

You'd just better hope no one bumps into you, or you bump into something or someone. Then it would be a tragic fry and nugget situation.

33. Are you a middle or end toothpaste squeezer?

Reddit | 291837120

Regardless, if you're frugal like me, then you'll do anything to get the rest of the toothpaste out of the tube!

Bobby pins work swimmingly to really flatten the tube.

34. No more tangled mess of scarves!

Reddit | llamasterl

Putting each scarf on a shower ring will help keep them organized as well as tangle-free.

This way, you don't do what I do and throw the whole knot of them on the ground to fish for the one you want.

35. What did we ever do to bottle caps to deserve them not cooperating with us?

Reddit | RXIXX777

Wrapping the cap with a rubber band should do the trick to open it!

36. Mr. Coffee, more like Mr. Ramen Noodle.

Reddit | HiMyNameIzMatt

Who knew coffee makers could do more than just make coffee? They can be used to quickly make ramen noodles in one go!

37. Candle warmers are really cheese warmers.

Reddit | cjslc1

Just make sure you don't directly touch the glass container!

38. When the dangly part of your zipper breaks, but the zipper still works, grab a key ring.

Reddit | swords_to_exile

Key ring zippers are totally in right now anyways, so it's like an accidental fashion statement.

39. I know this looks absolutely ridiculous, but hear me out.

Reddit | Lolotte2Tahiti

How much of a pain is it to walk around the sand in flip-flops? Instead of losing a hand to holding them while walking, they did this. See, pretty genius!

40. If you need an ice pack in a pinch, it's pretty easy to make one at home.

Rebel Circus | Rebel Circus

All you need is a plastic zipper bag and lube. YUP, you read that right, lube makes a great ice pack when frozen. The more you know!

41. If you've got sweaty feet, this hack is definitely for you!

Musely | Musely

Apply deodorant to your feet and attach the maxi pad to the bottom of your shoe. You'll feel dry and clean all day long! Sweat, be gone!

So, which of these genius hacks will you be giving a go?

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