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23 Real People Who Discovered Genius Little Lifehacks

Love 'em or hate 'em, it's hard to ignore a good hack when you see one. And even though the internet has more than its fair share of useless tips and tricks, if you weed through them, you're bound to discover a gem or two.

1. Movie Theater Popcorn Perfection

Reddit | Reddit

"Get the butter to the middle of your popcorn."

Seriously, why have I never thought to do this? Give this moviegoer an award because this trick is genius!

2. Glasses On Glasses On Glasses

Reddit | Dirtpig

"My wife and I have many pairs of glasses. This is how we organize them. $5 hanger organizer from Ikea."

Is there anything Ikea can't do?

3. The Candle Coaster Co-Op

Reddit | Joshh9ix

"No coaster? Use a Yankee Candle top!"

Pretty much anything can be used as a coaster, but the perfection of this candle lid is pretty impressive.

4. To Catch A Thief

Reddit | murdo1tj

"If you worry about your purse getting taken at the store then try clipping it to your cart."

Who has time for annoying grab and runs? I sure don't!

5. I'm An Open Book

Reddit | jennifer_lori_

"Use pants hangers to hold coloring books open/flat while you work. Also keeps them open so wet media (paint, gel markers, etc) can dry."

Parents? Teachers? How awesome is this?!

6. Ice, Ice Baby

Reddit | GracieChaos

"Ice cube in the cereal really does keep the milk cold and cereal from getting soggy!"

You know what would make this hack even better? An ice cube made of milk instead of water. BOOM!

7. Command Organization

Reddit | Lars_El

"I used Command hooks to hang my pan lids onto the inside of a cabinet door."

Command hooks are definitely one of the most useful and versatile products out there.

8. Happy Little Trees

Reddit | BeaulaGoo

"Instead of buying a new air freshener, add a few drops of essential oil to the old one. Cheaper, lasts longer, and you can customize!"

I smell a genius.

9. Stubborn Sticker Solution

Reddit | brokenchemicalbonds

"To remove strong adhesive labels from plastic containers, simply leave the containers in the freezer for a few hours first. The stickers will peel off with ease!"

10. Mini Watermelons To Go

Reddit | [deleted]

"Cut out the end of your watermelon and use a spoon to eat the insides if you're too lazy to slice it."

Who wouldn't want to try this?

11. Let Me Get This Straight

Reddit | Tatertot-pie

"Use a hair straightener to fix crooked collars."

This idea would definitely come in handy while travelling — it's a lot easier to lug around a hair straightener in your carry-on than an actual iron.

12. Hungry, Hungry Hardware Store

Reddit | bleuzizou

"I see your tile coasters and raise you a hardware store marble charcuterie board ($4.95)."

Well played! Grabs car keys and speeds to closest home improvement store

13. A Hairy Situation

Reddit | wickedlobstah

"Move over Elon there's a new genius in town."

Back hair may not be very pleasant, but you have to give credit where credit is due, and this makeshift razor deserves some.

14. The Toilet Paper Technique

Reddit | kvnmahan

"A coworker more clever than me had a fix for the gaps in the bathroom stall doors."

Don't have something to read in the bathroom? Come up with genius, life-changing ideas instead!

15. The Toilet Paper Technique Part II

Reddit | captinmcmuffin1

"If an automatic toilet keeps flushing while you're sitting on it, cover the sensor with toilet paper to make it stop."

We've all been there.

16. Back Off! Get Your Own Sandwich Tie!

Reddit | BlueBooks7

"Run out of hair ties? No problem, just use a sandwich bag tie!"

Well, I guess that's one way of doing it. The things some people come up with, eh?

17. So Cheesey

Reddit | Civegirl

"Use chopsticks to eat messy snacks like Cheetos to keep your fingers clean."

As someone who absolutely hates getting their hands dirty while eating, this is my kind of hack.

18. Who Wants To Be An Engineer?

Reddit | annnnnnnnulik

"When you ask your husband to help with dinner."

Why bother buying one of those expensive KitchenAid stand mixers when you have a sweet setup like this?

19. Dashboard Rationale

Reddit | huisi

"When your radio's broken and you're struggling to hear your podcast."

I think we can all agree that there's nothing worse than having to sit through an entire car ride all by yourself in absolute silence. Ten points to Gryffindor!

20. The Two-For-One Deal

Reddit | poppinfresh_original

"If you eat a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell you get a second taco."

Two tacos are always better than one. Anything less would be uncivilized.

21. Glove Box Hero

Reddit | arjo_reich

"Organize your glove box by storing items in a pencil box."

"He's a glove box hero, got stars in his eyes! GLOVE BOX HEROOO!" I'll let myself out...

22. The Mayo Master

Reddit | FireFall13

"Are you stuck for getting the last reminders of mayonnaise out of the bottle? Simple lifehack: use a bread knife to cut through the bottle and you get all that creamy goodness with ease!"

23. Button Up!

Twitter | @xobaileyy

"I wanted to wear this romper but it wasn’t staying together at the chest & I didn’t have a cami or clothespin so I took a pair of earrings and made it look like buttons to keep it together."

24. No More Leaks

Reddit | seth005

This hack is actually great for anything that requires a spout!

25. The One With The Broken Laptop Hinge Hack

Reddit | griffinonthego

Simply attach an old backing from a photo to your laptop and it'll stand up just perfectly!

26. No More Freezer Mess

Reddit | [deleted]

When you clip frozen bags of veggies and fruit to the rack, you still have plenty of room for other frozen treats!

27. Super Genius

Reddit | ZZbrew

This Reddit user didn't have windows in their basement, and they wanted some natural light to shine through.

Well, they gathered some old windows, frosted the glass, installed some LED lights behind them, and voila! "Natural" basement lighting.

28. Clean Cut

Reddit | blakeusa25

Tape rolls are hilarious because you can never find where you last cut it.

By sticking a bread clip under the last cut, you'll have no problem tearing off a new piece!

29. I Had No Clue

Reddit | Korleonis

I had no idea that the cap of pill bottles had two sides!

Apparently, the non-child lock side fits right into the bottle for better removal.

30. Attention Frequent Flyers

Reddit | theB00MSLANG

This individual rolled up a magazine, stuck it in the holder, and created a coat rack for their coat.

31. So Simple It Hurts

Reddit | randomusefulbits

There's nothing worse than packing up your whole closet when you're moving.

You can keep your clothes on your hangers and have them ready for your new closet by simply packing them up in some big garbage bags. It will also keep them clean in the van!

32. Let There Be No Light

Reddit | eolszewski

Don't you notice how the curtains in hotel rooms never completely shut?

They always seem to let one little sliver of blinding light into the rooms that could not be more annoying to wake up to.

However, using the clasps on a hanger keeps the curtains tightly shut, not letting a peep of light through.

33. No More Crookedness

Reddit | JustAGuyInTampa

I have to admit, I'm not too patient when it comes to hanging things on the wall, which ends up really not working in my favor.

Using painter's tape to mark the width of the brackets is so easy, I don't have any excuses for my laziness!

Which of these hacks are you most impressed with?

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